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  • Strike A Pose: Twists to Detox with Xen Strength Yoga

    Seasonal shifts are always awesome opportunities to detox. The coming season of Fall is a new beginning and a welcome break from the heat and heightened action of summer. If your summer was especially fiery with travel, family festivities, booze, socials, beach and BBQ bashes, and so on, you probably feel physically worn out, mentally heavy, and in need of some post-summer renewal.

    To feel Fall in all of its crisp glory, hit your mat to wring out the undesirable pollutants of summer. One sure way to release any unwanted baggage is to twist it out.

    chair pose twist A beautiful twist via

    Twists are incredibly heating and detoxifying to the body. The action of twisting compresses the organs, which then flushes out blood filled with toxins. Twisting also enhances circulation, stimulates digestion, lengthens and strengthens the spine, strengthens the abdominal muscles, maintains flexibility in the vertebral discs and ligaments, and promotes mental clarity.

    This week’s Strike-A-Pose yoga video is brought to you by Danielle Diamond, creator of Xen Strength Yoga. In this free yoga video, you will detox from the inside out. Practice three twisting poses - the Heisman Twist and lunge twist variations - which will not only cleanse the organs, but will also strengthen the core. Feel free to practice these poses organically or mix in some light hand weights to increase the intensity and to get a dose of the Xen Strength Yoga style.

    xen strength yoga online

    If you dig this online yoga demo with Danielle, you’ll definitely want to check out her growing collection of online yoga classes and free yoga videos.

  • Sow Positive Seeds

    sow positive seeds

    At some point, we’ve all wanted to get back at someone - like really get back at someone. Sometimes the hurt is so overwhelmingly powerful and treacherous that dealing seems impossible. We cry. We do yoga. We read self-help books. We go into the mountains. We blast empowering music annoyingly loud. We gorge on chocolate cake. We drink one too many cocktails. We do everything we can think of to subdue the pain. But then...everything settles into stillness. The noise and distractions fade. In this place of silence, that person unexpectedly pops into your head like a jack-in-the-box, haunting you and laughing at you. And here begins the vindictive fantasies. Scenarios whirl around in your head of how you could right their wrong. Because that person deserves it, right? It only makes sense that they should get a sampling of your suffering, right?

    I feel ya. It's messed up. People are messed up. But just because you are on the receiving end of someone’s messiness, doesn’t give you any right to play with karma. You are not the Karma Comptroller. Unfortunately, you can only receive what the universe handed to you, learn a lesson or two, and ride it out. Planning and executing payback will probably not bring you the pleasure that you’re envisioning anyways.

    Why not?

    Because karma isn’t so straightforward. It’s pretty sneaky. Even if you do go bat sh-t crazy and play out one of your fantasies and even if you royally hurt that person, they still might not receive their lesson. They might be hurt (or just think you're crazy), but it won’t keep them from repeating their messed up behavioral patterns. So, your efforts to teach that person a lesson will undoubtedly be futile. Nice try, though.

    Plus, putting that person aside (because they probably don’t deserve your energy), you are doing your self a HUGE disservice by trying to get back at anyone. 1) You’re wasting your energy and 2) You're polluting the world with more negative energy. Instead of stopping the negative karmic cycle, you are fueling it, now infected by the negative energy of this person. Don’t let them exert that power over you. Don’t let their messiness poison you. And whatever you do, don’t let it spread.

    What you put out in this world matters, even if it’s not always readily apparent. You have a choice: Sow positive seeds or sow negative seeds. Know that in some shape or form, what goes around comes around. It might seem like the universe doesn’t always play fair. It might seem like this person got off scot-free. My advice: Don't worry about it. They will get theirs without you stooping low, sowing negative seeds, and taking karma into your own hands.

    To transform your energy from positive to negative and shed some of that heaviness and resentment you’re clinging to, practice Jeanne Heileman’s online yoga video: Anahata: Finding the Lightness of the Heart. In this yoga video, you will be guided through a specific pranayama called Viloma that moves the breath against the grain of what is comfortable to create expansion and strength in the lungs and heart. Jeanne will then guide you on an online yoga journey deep within the heart, using Tantric techniques she has learned from her master teacher, that can help you find a beauty and deep love that dwells at the darkest cave of the heart. This online yoga class can be a life-changer if practiced for 30 days in a row. It's highly recommended.

    Jeanne Heileman yoga online

    Keep up the positive vibes, yogis. Keep sowing those positive seeds...even when you don't feel like it.

  • Fresh Vibes: Ab Kickin' Flows, Total Body Balance, and More!

    What’s the latest on YogaVibes?

    Lots of awesome yoga video material to explore. That's what.

    Utkatasana Chair Pose via

    Receive a Good Ab + Asana Kickin'

    • Urging for flat, strong abs? Enter Justin Williams’ new online yoga class! Strengthen your core with this quick and effective workout designed to target the upper and lower abs as well as your obliques. Core work also balances your 3rd chakra and builds self-confidence! (18 mins.)
    • Join Cristi Christensen for a dynamic slow flow experience that incorporates core activation, wonderful hip and quadricep stretches, and some playful arm balancing. (91 mins.)
    • In Alexandra DeSiato’s 60-minute online mat Pilates class, students can expect a full-body warm-up and then a focus on core, back, hips, glutes, quads and hamstrings. This class will have less upper-body and arm work, so it's an excellent choice for anyone recovering from a shoulder, wrist, or arm injury. Students will finish class with a deeper sense of core engagement and awakened hip and leg muscles. Nice cool down at the end. No props needed. (60 mins.)

    Achieve Total Body Balance

    • In Sage Rountree’s online yoga video – exploring yoga poses for athletes and everyone – you will establish total balance in the body - both in space and front to back, side-to-side, top to bottom - and along the way we cultivate balance between work and rest. Start with a standing warm-up to loosen shoulders and spine; move to slow-paced Sun Salutations with lunges to work the hips; finish with relaxing reclining stretches and twists and a nice long savasana. (71 mins.)

    Grow Intimate with Your Breath

    • Learn to cultivate the proper breathing technique for the practice of asana (poses) in Andres Salcedo’s all levels vinyasa flow. Travel through the principles of breath and movement, and learn how to develop an intimate and sustainable practice. Total bliss and peace guaranteed! Espanol: Una practica para todos los niveles, cultiva la técnica correcta de respiración para la practica de asana (posees). Viaja por los principios de respiración y movimiento. Aprende como desarrollar una practica intima y sostenible. Total felicidad y paz garantizada. (20 mins.)

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  • Strike A Pose: Plank to Downward Facing Dog with Julie Wiesman

    This week’s Strike-A-Pose yoga video is brought to you by Julie Wiesman, a Core Fusion instructor at Exhale Spa in Miami, Florida.

    In this free online yoga video tutorial, Julie will demo the liquid transition from Plank Pose, a very foundational pose….

    core exercises Plank Pose via

    to Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana), another foundational pose in the Vinyasa practice.

    Adho Mukha Svanasana

    Practicing this commonly introduced transition correctly and fluidly is incredibly strengthening to the core, wrists, arms, spine, and shoulder girdle. Tune in to this beginner yoga video as Julie offers great alignment tips to keep you safe and to keep you deeply connected to your breath!

    Core Fusion yoga online

    If you dig this online yoga experience with Julie, you’ll definitely want to check out her additional online yoga videos on YogaVibes. 

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