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  • Fresh Vibes: Illuminate Your Backbends!



    I feel like either you love ‘em or hate ‘em.

    If you’re a backbending junkie, prepare to get high.

    If you consider backbends your nemeses...well, buckle up. They say there’s a thin line between love and hate. So maybe, just maybe, you’ll cross the line.

    • Don't Back Down with Gwen Lawrence This powerful online yoga flow is designed to build strength and stability in the back and core. In this online yoga class, you will challenge the breath and deepen your focus. Enjoy a deep hip-opener at the end to let go of any low back strain. (67 mins.)
    • Expand from Stability: Bow Shaped Balances with Stacey Rosenberg Filmed live at Yoga Tree Hayes, this alignment-based practice is loaded with stabilizing balancing poses and strengthening asymmetrical backbends. Explore atypical ways to find yourself in Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose) or Vasisthasana (Side Plank) and even Cobra. This practice is challenging and flows through many variations of familiar poses. You will build the stability and focus required for balance and cultivate the strength and opening to create the many variations of bow shaped backbends. Come out with more space to breath and perhaps a little taller. (59 mins.)
    • Open Heart: Yoga for Athletes Short Practice with Sage Rountree In this short, beginner yoga video (designed especially for athletes, but open to all!) you’ll focus on opening the chest and hips. Relax into both supported and active backbends as you address all areas of the chest and shoulders to find greater ease, expansion, and openness through your front body. (30 mins.)
    • Build a Backbend with Stacey Rosenberg Start with simple poses that bring awareness while opening both your back body and the front of your thighs. The sequence progresses by building strength in your middle and upper back and engaging your core to bring you into full wheel pose (urdhva dhanurasana) safely and with integrity. Filmed live at Yoga Tree Hayes, this online yoga video is great for people who already have a backbend practice or for those who want to strengthen their upper back and work toward fuller backbend expressions over time. (59 mins.)


    There's plenty more where that came from! For more backbending madness, head over to the YogaVibes studio.

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  • Presenting Yoga Tree’s Laura Burkhart!

    warrior II pose

    We are thrilled to introduce Yoga Tree’s esteemed teacher, Laura Burkhart, to our online yoga studio.

    Laura Burkhart is the founder of Yoga Reach International, a company that specializes in yoga travel-adventures, classes and workshops with a philanthropic intent: to help the communities that it touches through both hands-on projects and donations. Yoga Reach fosters a platform that brings well-being, adventure-travel and service together to benefit both communities in need and to enrich the lives of those participating in the retreat.

    Her creatively and intelligently sequenced online yoga classes are known for being challenging, with a smooth and rhythmic flow. Extensive studies under Shiva Rea and her primary mentor Jason Crandell, have greatly influenced her intuitive, spontaneous, and eclectic instruction style. Though challenging, her beginner classes are fun for yoga newbies, helping to layout a strong foundation to cultivate a lifelong yoga practice.

    To practice with Laura, check out her freshly launched Vinyasa style yoga videos:

    • Heart, Hips + Core Flow: This all levels, well-balanced online yoga flow features deep backbends, hip openers, and core work. Focus on lengthening the hamstrings, opening the shoulders, and holding balancing postures. Filmed live at Yoga Tree, this online yoga class is designed to provide a well-rounded opening of the entire body. (65 mins.)
    • Birds of a Feather Flock Together: Filmed live at Yoga Tree Hayes in San Francisco, this challenging, yet smooth flow features eagle pose, crane pose, and flying pigeon pose. This online yoga video serves as a great practice for opening the hips, shoulders, chest, and upper back. As an all levels flow, modifications are offered for those of less and more experience. (68 mins.)

     Stay tuned as more online yoga videos with Laura are coming soon to our virtual yoga space!

  • Beginner Yoga Video: End of Day Practice

    end of day yoga

    You’ve made it to the end of another long, busy day.

    OK. Now what?

    Well, before you put on your comfy yoga pants and morph into a couch potato with your de-stressor substance of choice, or before you hit the hay, give your body, brain, and spirit a chance to marinate in all of the bliss and benefits of yoga.

    Join Yoga Tree teacher, Stacey Rosenberg, for the ideal end of the day online yoga practice. In this relaxing yoga sequence, you will reconnect to your breath as you unwind and release all of the tension and madness of your day. Featuring engaged core work and hamstring, hip, and shoulder openers, this online yoga video will help you regroup and reclaim your energy to settle into your evening with ease in preparation for a deep, delicious sleep. (33 mins.)

    end of the day yoga practice

    Relax your energetically-charged body.

    Quiet the winds of your mind.

    Melt stress.

    Sleep sweet.

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  • Fresh Vibes: Backbending Basics, Core Workouts & More!

    We have a new line-up of online yoga videos bound to satisfy just about any yogi.

    Alignment-based? Check.

    Vinyasa? Check?

    On the restorative side? Check.

    Core workouts? Check.

    Awesomeness? Check!

    Delve into the Backbending Basics...


    Transforming the Body and Mind: Yoga Basics Asymmetrical Backbends with Darcy Lyon

    Backbends open the lungs, expand the chest, free the spine and support new patterns of lightness and fullness within. Asymmetrical backbends are particularly informative as they reveal imbalances you may not know you have in your physical structure. In this foundational online yoga video filmed live at Yoga Tree, you’ll balance steadiness with expansion as you journey through progressive asymmetrical backbends. (57 mins.)

    Backbends, Belly Backbends & Nataraja with Sarah Faircloth

    Welcome to the first of three backbend classes in a series that will take you through the basics of the level 2 syllabus of the Anusara Yoga style. In this online yoga class, you will practice backbends, belly backbends and Nataraja arms: mermaids, pigeons and dancers. This class is challenging, yet the accessible teaching style of step-by-step instructions will make the poses approachable and doable. (87 mins.)

    Fire Up Your Navel yoga classes

    The Complete Yoga Core Strength Program with Kino MacGregor

    The integration of deep core strength is a key component in every yoga practice. Developing the muscles that line the interior space of the pelvis will support the torso to help you maintain good posture and a healthy back. No matter how beginner or advanced you are, this online yoga practice offers you a complete yoga program to develop and train your core strength. For regular yoga practitioners, this will be an intense practice aimed at burning away obstacles along the inner body. For new students, this will be an intro into the power of true core strength. (52 mins.)

    Lighting the Flame with Kate Duyn Cariati

    This Divali-inspired Level 2/3 online yoga flow (with Rama references throughout) features Archer Pose and creative bow variations. Twist into revolved standing and arm balancing poses to awaken the fire of your navel center. End in Yoga Dandasana and an asymmetrical scorpion variation. (87 mins.)

    Take it sloooooooow…

    Restore & Balance: Slow Flow with Cristi Christensen

    In this slow moving Vinyasa flow, Cristi will guide you to honor new beginnings and lift barriers so you can connect more fully with the divine essence of yourself. This is a great practice to kickstart your day! Start in a supine, restorative position and warm up with slow Sun Salutations and a standing flow. Finish with a long pigeon pose, seated twists and savasana. (90 mins.)

    Slow Down & Reset with Stacey Rosenberg

    Press your reset button in this deeply grounding online yoga practice filmed live at Yoga Tree. Working literally from the ground up, you will open your hips in an innovatively sequenced practice that utilizes long holds and dynamic engagement in poses. Find ease and freedom by strongly working the foundation of poses. (71 mins.)

    What strikes your fancy? 

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  • YogaVibes Presents Yoga Online with the Yoga Tree

    We are super thrilled to offer online yoga videos filmed at the Yoga Tree - the “Bay Area’s Premier Yoga Studio.”

    seated forward fold

    Owned and operated by Tim and Tara Dale, the Yoga Tree presents the highest quality yoga in a welcoming environment. The Yoga Tree provides 9 dedicated centers for a daily yoga practice with gifted, intelligent, and compassionate teachers.

    "The great thing about partnering with YogaVibes is that it makes yoga and Yoga Tree San Francisco teachers accessible worldwide. We are thrilled to help make that happen," says Tim Dale.

    Combining high quality instruction with a lot of compassion, the studio seeks to create a safe, clean, and unique space for people to practice yoga in a way that enriches their lives. The Yoga Tree offers diverse styles of yoga giving everyone access to a practice that fits them accordingly.

    To get a feel for what the studio has to offer, join Yoga Tree teacher, Jason Bowman, for an energizing Alignment and Breath Vinyasa flow.

    This 78-minute online yoga class emphasizes the nuances of alignment and the delicate beauty of breath. The practice of Vinyasa yoga allows the body to become a lens through which the fluidity of life can be experienced. The sensations of breath transport the mind into internal landscapes which ripple outward to form ever-evolving physical expressions. Each pose builds from the last and informs the next, and every moment is a new chance to start the practice with brand new eyes.

    Begin anew now!

    vinyasa yoga online

    Stay tuned for additional Yoga Tree online yoga classes coming soon to YogaVibes, your ever-evolving online yoga realm!

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