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  • Practice an Attitude of Gratitude

    If you’re in the States, Thanksgiving is the designated day to express thanks. Almost all cultures have such a day – a day reserved to realize and acknowledge the positive in life, to celebrate supportive and loving families, friends, and communities, and to embrace all the abundance such as yoga, delicious food, a safe home, and, most importantly, health and happiness. We all have something for which to be grateful. In fact, each breath is a gift – a gift to be fully received and celebrated. You are alive!

    Most of us are fortunate to have our most basic and fundamental needs met. Still though, desires and wants always creep in. There is an endless yearning for more. Sometimes, however, less is really more. Sometimes more means more headaches and pulls us further away from what truly matters: happiness, love, peace, and self-realization.

    In our desire for more, we forget to be grateful. That’s why we have a special day to remind us! Really, though, every day should be a day for giving and receiving thanks. Each day, we should express gratitude for the fact that our needs are met. Each day, we should practice contentment for all that we have in life. To quote Sheryl Crow:

    "It’s not having what you want, it’s wanting what you got."

    Want what ya got.

    Today, take a moment to realize all there is to be grateful for in your life. Acknowledge all the blessings you have received– a loving partner, beautiful children, a true friend, supportive parents, loving siblings, and/or a loyal pet. Be grateful for your body and breath. Be grateful that you can create your world - that you have the free will to change your life as you choose.

    To celebrate this day, here are three online yoga videos featuring practices of gratitude:

    Grateful for Good Postural Awareness with Joanie Flavin (80 mins.)

    This class explores improving the health of your shoulders by strengthening the postural muscles. In the backdrop of our physical practice we will emphasize a practice of gratitude as a means to improve our perspective and perception. Please have two blocks and a strap.

    Alchemy of the Heart: A Backbending Class with Pete Guinosso (75 mins.)

    This online yoga class will guide you in exploring the powerful practice of mindful gratitude, and how such a practice can open you to a life of grace. In this class we will utilize deep hip releases to detoxify the mind and body of negative emotions, experience heart opening backbends to learn where joy and gratitude reside in our bodies, and explore inversions to tap into our spirits' sense of playfulness. Please be sure to watch the free videos entitled - Tucking your Tail and Low Cobra, Revealed - before practicing this all levels online yoga class.

    Strong Roots = Strong Tree with Gigi Yogini (67 mins.)

    This is an invigorating online yoga class with the theme of Grounding with Gratitude. This class will activate your inner power through intention setting, core strengthening, balancing, and a fun (but challenging) tree pose flow.

    Have a beautiful day practicing gratitude! Also, (how could I forget!) enjoy a boundless supply of turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and all other delicious Thanksgiving Day delights.


  • Grow a (Yoga) Spine!

    Is your spinal health something you give much thought? Most often, spinal health takes a back seat. We mind our spines only in the aftermath of something gone wrong. Let’s not, however, allow it to reach that point. Let’s, instead, take our spines to yoga.

    Yoga is a blessing to the spine. Supporting strength, flexibility, mobility, and proper alignment, yoga helps to prevent spinal degeneration and potential injury. Maintaining a diligent, mindful yoga practice will render your spine strong and healthy, and also, enhance your total state of health.

    Spinal health is a solid indicator of overall well-being and vigor. In yoga, the spinal column is referred to as Brahma-danda, which literally translates as “the walking stick of God.” This implies that the spine is pretty darn important. According to master teachers, "A Yogi is one whose spine is full of energy."


    Yogis consider the spine to be a channel through which the power of the universe may manifest. It is through Sushumna Nadi, the central channel within the spinal column, that the potent Kundalini energy rises from its dormant state at the base of the spine to the crown of the head.

    The Sushumna, the most essential Nadi (channel), plays the most important role in the expansion of our intellectual, moral, and spiritual journey. It is the path through which our vital energies travel upward, resulting in self-realization, union with the divine, and enlightenment or nirvana. When your chakras are balanced and aligned, a current of Kundalini energy is free to flow and flourish through this channel.

    Because of this upward movement of energy, it is important to maintain a "yoga spine" during a meditation practice. Remaining vertical and erect is paramount to facilitate this vertical surge of energy. Asanas are intended to support the development of a yoga spine. By strengthening and realigning the spine, an asana practice will help prepare you for a deeper, sustained meditation experience.

    To set up a strong yoga spine, practice this new online meditation with Jeanne Heileman. Grow tall and strong. Realign. Awaken your energy.

    Sushumna: Centering the Energy Along the Spine - This online yoga video is great to practice after the Twisting: Balancing the Nadis class and can also be used after most yoga classes or on its own. Start laying down to transition from mental and physical activity, using a Tantric Technique called 61 Points to shift the mind's focus. Sitting in a straight and aligned position, the pranayama technique of Nadi Sodhana is practiced into a Tantric Technique of Prana Shuddhi, a method of developing concentration that allows for meditation. Play with the energy in the spine. Bring awareness to that energy in a calm, enjoyable process. (34 mins.)

    Jeanne Heileman



  • Yoga for Travel

    yoga travels

    Are you getting ready to travel?

    Whether it's for business or pleasure, traveling is bound to induce a build-up of stress. When we travel, we feel a disconnect from ourselves as our physical/mental bodies become stagnant and stressed due to long hours of sitting, endless lines, delays, screaming babies, pushy people, etc.

    To maintain your cool and calm amidst the chaos of travel, bring yoga along as your travel companion.

    Instead of hitting up the nearest bar to kick back and chill out, whip out your yoga mat at the airport gate, train station, or car rental lot to break out a series of beneficial yoga poses. Have no shame!

    For guidance, tune into Sarah Ezrin’s online yoga class: Planes, Trains and Asana.

    This online yoga video features a strong set of forward bending postures to help you ground your energy and release areas of tension. This online yoga sequence is designed to release tension in the hamstrings and lower back while allowing you to truly land in your body and at your destination. Before you start, check out Sarah's free online yoga video demoing Three-Legged Dog to really get the most out of your Down Dog splits. (40 mins.)

    vinyasa yoga

    To avoid days and weeks of travel recovery, practice yoga online. YogaVibes frees you to take yoga wherever you are, whenever you want so you can get whatever you need. Stream online yoga at the airport, before hopping into your car, in your car, at the train station, and more!

    Do yoga to unwind, bliss out, and take the stress out of travel!

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  • Kick-Start Yoga Giveaway Winners Announced

    yoga prayer

    All good things must end.

    On that note, our yoga giveaway is finito.

    So here comes our virtual closing, congratulatory ceremony.

    We are happy to announce that 5 randomly selected yogis are about to be on the receiving end of some hands down AWESOME yoga-inspired swag including:

    • an eco-conscious yoga mat from Kharma Khare with life-time guarantee
    • a fashion-forward Rise & Shine jacket from
    • a no-muss-no-fuss yoga mat strap from prAna
    • beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry from Satya
    • and one year of unlimited YogaVibes yoga online!

    Nice, right?

    So without further ado, the 5 fortunate winners are...

    Wait for it.


    Here goes!

    • Susannah Wilkins

    • Sarah Fields

    • Christina Bandy

    • Kimberly Grommes

    • Laura Kelley

    Congrats, giveaway winners!

    Revel in your ultimate yoga goody bags.

    Also, we’d like to take this time to extend a BIG thank you to all of the awesome yoga-inspired brands that offered up these fabulous freebies.

    And if you weren’t in the lucky lineup this round, no worries. Many more online yoga challenges and giveaways to come! Just you wait.

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    filming yoga videos

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