21 Day #InversionADay Challenge

Love to take it upside down? Love YogaVibes? Well, you might just want to get in on this 21 day #InversionADay Challenge headed by Lora Hogan of Daily Southern Sunshine.

handstand YogaVibes teacher Joan Hyman piking to Handstand...

Why’s that?

Well, as a challenge it makes sense that there awaits some sort of super awesome prize at the end of the tunnel. And yes, this holds true here.

The super awesome prize that awaits? A year subscription to YogaVibes!! A year of unlimited online yoga classes instructed by internationally recognized, inspiring yogis. A year of yoga abundance and variety. A year of yoga at home, yoga on the go, and yoga anytime, anywhere. Pretty freakin’ awesome, right?

How do you play along?

Simply post a picture of you doing one inversion (of your choice) per day. Handstand, Headstand, Forearm Stand, Shoulderstand, Inversion Swings, Inversion Tables, Legs Up the Wall, etc. Remember, Down Dog is the first inversion, so if you’re timid in the face of taking it upside down, rock out a Down Dog. It’s your practice. It’s your call. Have fun!

Post your pictures to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, tagging your upside down-ness with #inversionaday. Share your successes, falls, tips, or probe your fellow yogis for some advice. This is a wonderful opportunity to share your practice and connect with yogis outside of your immediate environment.

This challenge is coming to an end (June 30), but there is still time to participate! By July 1st the winner will be announced.

So, without further ado, take it upside down, snap a photo, and tag #InversionADay to score a year of unlimited online yoga classes with YogaVibes.

P.S. If you are looking for some extra guidance or inspiration, check out our free online yoga videos instructing a variety of inversions.

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