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  • Yoga for Digestion + Detoxification + Insomnia!

    yin yoga

    What’s that saying?

    Oh yes.

    "The best things in life come in threes..."

    Sigrid Matthews’ new Focused Flow Yoga class is the ultimate trifecta of online yoga videos offering:

    1. Yoga for digestion.
    2. Yoga for detoxification.
    3. Yoga for insomnia.

    A yin style restorative practice, this beginner-friendly online yoga class is wonderful after a tough workout or after a long day before you hit the hay. Combining deeper, long-held yoga poses with some key self-acupressure points, this short and soothing online yoga sequence will bring greater balance to the lower body meridians (gall bladder, kidney, liver, and spleen) to restore harmony in your mind and body. Explore variations in many of the poses introduced, and also feel free to extend the length of your personal practice by stopping the video and holding the poses even longer. (25 mins.)

    online yoga video

    Move mindfully.

    Surrender to gravity.


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