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  • A Serious Kick-Butt Yoga Experience

    Have you come across our Xen Strength Yoga classes yet?

    If not, allow me to introduce you.

    For a serious, kick-butt yoga experience you gotta rock some Xen Strength Yoga with Danielle Diamond.

    These online yoga classes strategically incorporate light weights into a lively Vinyasa flow. The Xen Strength Yoga program is designed to sculpt, lengthen, and challenge every muscle group for a total-body, sweat-stimulating workout. So, snatch a pair of light (3-5 pound) hand weights and get your asana to the mat.

    First, warm up with a newly added rigorous upper body and core sequence. In this online yoga class, you will get the intense energetic burn you want without sacrificing precise alignment and missing out on all the benefits of yoga that you love. In this Vinyasa flow, you will be inspired to work toward your edge and to challenge yourself. Yet, you’ll also be encouraged to honor your current skill level – to stay true to where you are at. (23 mins.)

    Xen Strength Yoga with Danielle Diamond

    You can definitely run-through this flow and treat it as a stand-alone practice. If you’re so daring, you can follow it up with another kick-butt Xen Strength Yoga flow to get in a full hour-long experience. Check out Danielle’s Xen Strength Cardio Challenge or Xen Strength Hip Opening class to experience more intensity, flow, and sweat.

    What’s the word on Xen Strength Yoga online?

    Let’s see what people are saying so far…

    "DD, you are my hero! I used to be a bodybuilder, but now that I am 50, I have gotten bored with traditional weightlifting. Not to mention, a slight loss of energy! So, yoga with weights gives me hope that the beauty, strength, and peace of yoga can be paired with some weight training, to hopefully achieve a dynamic result!" John

    "Loved it very much!!!!!!! Thank you, Danielle!"

    "Wow! Quick + sweaty with a good cool-down stretch...that's how I would describe this one…"


    Test drive some Xen Strength Yoga for yourself to see what all the buzz is about! Invite in all the benefits of your yoga practice paired with some weight training to achieve profound, dynamic results.


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  • Yoga for Baseball

    Do you want to take your game to the next level? Do you want to improve your strength and flexibility and dramatically decrease your risk for injury?

    Enter Power Yoga for Baseball.

    Barry Zito in Headstand Pitcher Barry Zito (SF Giants) doing yoga on the field via Sports Illustrated

    After years of training baseball players at every level, Power Yoga for Sports creator Gwen Lawrence realized that the two most overlooked areas of an athlete's development were stretching and mental expansion. And that is where the 5,000-year-old art form of yoga came in.

    To cater to these neglected areas, Gwen created a special baseball-specific yoga workout to improve virtually every aspect of a player's game. Each Power Yoga position corresponds to movements on the field. For example, the spinal twist translates into increased throwing power, while lunge twists add hip rotation for hitting.

    Regular practice of this workout will increase the range of motion in the hips to better swing the bat. The shoulder joints will lengthen and strengthen to improve throwing form. Shortstops, expect to increase agility. First basemen, increase flexibility to better perform the splits. Pitchers, create solid shoulders. Catchers, improve balance and strengthen the legs. Whether you are a first baseman relying on the splits to make the out, or running at top speed in the outfield, this online yoga practice with Gwen Lawrence is a necessity for all baseball players.

    In this online yoga class, focus on opening up the hips for a more powerful swing at the plate; improve ankle strength and stability for a powerful stride; and create open, supple shoulders to protect the vulnerable joints and increase your velocity. Used by professional athletes, NCAA champs, and high school phenoms, this online yoga class covers it all! Do it every day or once a week to watch your performance on the field get better every time. Bonus: This online yoga video features all of the same techniques Gwen uses when teaching members of the NY Yankees, including Alex Rodriguez! (36 mins.)

    Gwen Lawrence Yoga Online

    But the benefits of this practice don’t stop at the physical body. No matter what your game is, yoga benefits the mental body. Practicing yoga will help you stay mentally fit on the field. The emphasis on the breath in the practice will definitely enhance concentration power and awareness. Practicing to breathe on and off the mat will help you be in the present moment. On the field, the breath will keep your head fully immersed in the game.

    Barry Zito in low yogic squat Barry Zito vibing in a low yogic squat via

    Before you step up to home plate, step up to your mat. Get down with some yoga online to take your game to the next level.


  • Weekend Intention: Shift Into Stillness

    If you’ve had a wildly busy week, take an opportunity this weekend to settle down and shift into complete stillness.

    Shoelace Pose

    First, experience some deep, passive stretching to open up your body and help set you up for a comfortable, seated meditation.

    Yin Yoga for Athletes with Ted McDonald

    As an athlete, this is Ted's favorite sequence. Whether you're on the slopes, on the golf course, on the bike, on a run, or on the court, it doesn't matter. Even if you are not an athlete this sequence will benefit you by relieving tension, lengthening connective tissues, and cleansing your energetic system for a healthier body and calmer mind. It is best done in the evening before bed. You won't regret making it a regular part of your routine! Life is really grand, and now you'll feel why! Have blocks and towels or a blanket available to modify the poses. (19 mins.)

    Ted McDonald Yoga Online

    Yin Yoga to Begin Meditation with Gigi Yogini

    Sometimes one of the biggest distractions for our meditation practice is how uncomfortable it is to sit. Even if you're a beginner and want to start with 5 minutes of conscious breathing, it is often a good idea to prepare yourself with some yin yoga to deeply stretch the hips. In this online yoga video, open your body and concentrate on your breath. After some yin yoga poses, you will practice a simple counting technique to stay focused during meditation. Have a blanket available to prop up your hips. (21 mins.)

    Gigi Yogini Yoga Online

    Follow up your yummy yin session with one of two simple online meditation videos with Ashley Turner:

    Meditation to Access Inner Power

    Ashley Turner will talk you through a short pranayama practice and guide you through a short meditation to access your inner power, located at your third (manipura) chakra, in this free online yoga video. 

    Ashley Turner Yoga Online

    Meditation 101

    This free online meditation video is designed to introduce you to the practice of meditation. Ashley Turner talks you through setting up for, and practicing, a short, seated meditation.

    Ashley Turner Yoga Online

    Give your body and brain a period of stillness and silence this weekend to recharge and renew.


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  • Surf Into Yoga

    Feelin’ beat? Noodled? Is your body aching? Dude, check it. We are totally amped to offer two rad yoga videos specifically designed for surfers.


    A yoga practice is an awesome way to improve your action on the waves, promoting fluidity and grace. Yoga will allow you to form a stronger connection to your physical body and enhance body intelligence, while improving flexibility, strength, and balance. Yet, the benefits extend far beyond the physical realm. Even if you initially practice for the physical benefits, you will eventually touch the deeper, more spiritual side of yoga. With a regular practice, yoga will inspire contemplation, calm, and a sense of deep, universal connectedness. All this will help you to feel more in tune with your body, more in tune with the rhythm of the waves, and more mellow and calm in bigger surf.

    First up, enjoy a Surf-Inspired Steady Flow with Hala Khouri filmed at Exhale Spa.

    This online yoga class starts off with a contemplative meditation and a core floor practice before moving into a steady standing Vinyasa flow featuring some surfing-inspired movement. Attention is focused on using sensations in the body as a doorway into deeper presence and moving through difficult or uncomfortable situations. End with backbends and seated hip and hamstring openers. (85 mins.)

    Hala Khouri Yoga Online

    Next, check out a Yoga for Surfers sequence with Ted McDonald.

    This surfer sequence will not only open up your shoulders, but it will also create more optimal spine alignment, allowing you to surf longer and more comfortably. Practice this online yoga class a few times, feel the benefits of melting away tension, take a nice deep breath, and book your next surf trip to Thailand! Have a strap, blankets or towels, and blocks available to make any necessary modifications. (22 mins.)

    Ted McDonald Yoga Online

    Note: You don’t have to be a surfer to benefit from these online yoga sequences. And you don’t have to be a yogi! All that is required is an open mind free of judgment and a body that is ready to sweat and unwind with some fierce Vinyasa flow.



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  • YogaVibes Partners with Power Yoga for Sports Visionary Gwen Lawrence

    We are incredibly excited to partner with Gwen Lawrence!

    Known as a visionary in the world of Power Yoga for Sports, Gwen Lawrence has worked with clients such as Alex Rodriguez, Amani Toomer, and Brian Cashman (to name a few). Additionally, she is the yoga instructor for 5 pro sports teams in New York, including the New York Giants, New York Knicks, New York Red Bulls, and the New York Rangers, in addition to major college teams such as Yale and UNC. Legit.

    Half Moon with Bind

    With her unique combination of dance, massage and yoga training experience, coupled with extensive knowledge of anatomy and nutrition, Gwen is able to provide her students and athletes with overwhelming, transformative benefits. As evidence, June ESPN Magazine featured her as the "Best Innovation in Sports Medicine."

    Why YogaVibes?

    "I chose to partner up with YogaVibes because when I saw what they were doing and how they were enabling Yogis to connect with teachers that they may never have the opportunity to connect with, I knew it was for me,” says Gwen. “As a Yoga teacher, you want to touch many peoples lives all over the world. Moreover, when I met the Founder, Brian, I then knew it was a home run. I immediately felt a part of his family and was super impressed by his integrity. That is so important to me to be associated with people and businesses that still take pride in what they do and how they connect with people. YogaVibes is that company, and I am honored to be a part of it."

    We are deeply honored to welcome Gwen to our growing family and offer her sports-specific yoga classes to a larger audience of yogis and athletes. Check out her latest online yoga videos, featuring 4 sports-specific flows:

    • Power Yoga for Sports – Soccer (36 mins.) In this online yoga class, Gwen will demonstrate techniques that she uses when teaching the NY Red Bulls. Learn to open the entire leg from the quadriceps and hamstrings to the ankles, calves, and toes. Due to the demands on the field, Gwen will provide ways to maintain a flexible and strong back that is able to rotate better, enabling you to see over your shoulder to protect the ball.
    • Power Yoga for Sports – Runners (28 mins.) This online yoga class offers all runners, from the avid runner to the weekend warrior, an amazing complement. Practice opening up the legs and holding stretches longer to really dig in and get faster results. Learn to detect and address imbalances before they lead to injury.
    • Power Yoga for Sports – Golf (32 mins.) In this online yoga class, Gwen will shed light on the techniques she uses when teaching LPGA players. Learn to keep your hips and back flexible and strong, increasing the power required to strike the ball. Gwen will address the importance of keeping a balanced, symmetrical body to maintain health. Work your shoulders and wrists to help perfect form.
    • Power Yoga for Sports - Football for Strength & Stability (22 mins.) Different from speed and agility positions, linemen are known for strength and stability. In this online yoga class, learn how to open the hips and find comfort in a deep squat. Address the shoulder joint to effectively absorb great force when blocking. In addition, Gwen will teach easy ways to protect the wrist joint, making it stronger, more flexible, and giving it greater power to push and also protect itself in the event of a fall on the field. Take advantage of all the same techniques Gwen uses when teaching the New York Giants!

    Gwen will also be offering more sports-specific yoga videos of varying lengths and themes, including classes for skiing, football (speed and agility), tennis, baseball, horseback riding, hockey, basketball, swimming, and more.

    Stay tuned!


    To learn more about Gwen, please visit her website at

    Photo Credit: Gwen Lawrence via

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