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  • Class Review: Journey to the Core with Pete Guinosso

    The deets.

    Style: Vinyasa Length: 46 minutes Intensity: Level 2 = All-Levels Online Yoga Flow Focus: Athlete-Appropriate, Core-Infused, Sweat-Inducing Props: 2 blocks Average Rating: 5/5

    On the teacher.

    Known for his joyful energy, compassionate guidance, and sense of humor, Pete Guinosso creates a spiritual yet light-hearted environment for his students to uncover the deeper benefits of yoga.

    Eka Pada Koundinyasana Pete Guinosso in Eka Pada Koundinyasana

    On the class.

    • Journey deep into the core. Take a ride on this physical and mental journey into your center of being.
    • Focus your efforts. Work your strength and flexibility using awareness, breath, and asana.
    • Sample Forrest Yoga. This online yoga video includes strong abdominal exercises modeled after the Forrest Yoga ab series.

    Pete Guinosso yoga online

    What people are saying.

    • "My core is on fire!!!!! It hurts so good! Great class. The instructor pushes you just enough.....will take this one again."
    • "Really works the core. This was the same class I took at the Evolution Yoga Conference recently in Hong Kong. Love it!"

    From Pete's websitePete’s teaching style is best described as a Forrest Yoga Inspired Vinyasa Flow. If you’re new to yoga and not quite sure what that means, the best way to explain his classes is they are designed to help you journey toward connecting your mind, body and spirit through breath work and awareness. Powerful sequences are designed to create a fluid practice of meditative movement, while also cultivating an awareness of alignment. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry, but no matter what, we always work on building strength and flexibility. And we always sweat! Pete believes that vigorous asanas (poses) are a pathway to helping us overcome our self-imposed limitations; through a challenging yoga practice, we can see our potential to overcome any difficulty.

    Find more online yoga classes with Pete Guinosso HERE.

    Get more on Pete Guinosso at, find him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

  • Strike A Pose: Tadasana with Sage Rountree

    “Tadasana is the first position. If you know how to do Tadasana, you know how to do every posture that follows.” ~Claire Dederer

    This week’s Strike A Pose yoga video is brought to you by Sage Rountree, filming in Chapel Hill/Carrboro, North Carolina at the Carrboro Yoga Studio. In this free online yoga video, Sage will demo Tadasana, also called Samasthiti.


    Tadasana or Mountain Pose is a core posture of the practice. It's a posture of stability and evenness. Every other pose in yoga is built upon this foundational asana.

    In this yoga video, you will build proper alignment and stability in Tadasana from the ground up. After you learn all of the key elements of this pose, you will be more equipped to tackle other asana.


    Every other pose in yoga is simply a variation of Tadasana, by either bending various things or changing its relationship to gravity. For example, Handstand is essentially Tadasana flipped upside down. Tadasana is not only a base for asana, but many athletic positions as well. This makes Tadasana an extremely essential, beneficial pose. It may look like just standing, but I assure you, it’s not. This pose is deceptively active and far more involved than you might initially think.

    Learn it well, yogis. And in all of your poses, "Think Tadasana," as one of my fellow yogis loves to say.

    Want more strike-a-pose fun? Check out Sage's additional free online yoga videos, especially beneficial for athletes and yoga newbies.

  • Fresh Vids & Vibes: Core Crazes, Learning Your Limits, and More!

    Core Infernos. core exercises

    • Core Stability Flow with Alexa Lane // In this Vinyasa flow class, focus on core stability, strength, balance, and stretching the hamstrings. This online yoga class includes Half Moon Pose, Warrior III, Side Plank, Monkey Pose, and Boat Pose. Enjoy a seated cool down followed by savasana. (31 mins.)
    • Core Focused Flow with Gigi Yogini // Strengthen your core with the use of a block (or other creative prop) between your thighs to activate your lower abdominal muscles and pelvic floor. Challenge yourself by using this online yoga class as a regular practice to increase your overall strength. (14 mins.)
    • Xen Strength Yoga with Weights Core Balance Challenge with Danielle Diamond // This yoga with weights class focuses on building core strength while challenging your balance with a creative combination of standing poses and extra hip opening asana. Add upper body strength moves to sculpt your arms, plus cardio bursts to elevate your heart rate, and create core strength and balance like never before! Relax with a long cool down, savasana, and pranayama exercise. Practice with light hand weights or none at all! (72 mins.)


    Prenatal Restoration.

    prenatal yoga online

    • Second Trimester: Hips Open! with Olynda Smith // Focus on poses that are fantastic for the second trimester, but can also work well for anytime during pregnancy. After a prenatal specific warm-up,  focus primarily on hip openers. These grounding poses can help bring calmness and peace during periods of great change. They also prepare the body for the great transformation of the birthing process. Feel grounded, calm, refreshed, and connected to your body and baby. (30 mins.)


    Know Your Bounds.

    Lunge Twist

    • Learn Your Limits with Sage Rountree // In this online yoga for athletes class (and everyone!), work on learning where your limits are, and what might cause them. Along the way, develop the wisdom to discern between what you can control and what you cannot. Start with an innovative belly-down sequence to work the spine, hips, and shoulders. Then, move to a surprisingly tough sit-to-stand-to-sit exercise. Assess the range of motion in your hips in standing balance poses, then release your hips deeply in lunges on the floor. Finally, practice surrender in a resting position appropriate to your body's unique needs. (74 mins.)


  • Unhunch and Unwind: Yoga for Desk Job Relief

    online yoga at your desk

    I’m doing it now. Sitting at my desk. Staring at a computer screen. Hunching over my keyboard. Rounding my lumbar spine. Collapsing my shoulders. Squinting my eyes. Tensing my brow. What a yucky combo, but it’s a pattern that I, and many, fall into naturally.

    Oh, what to do?

    Well, there’s always the obvious. Make a more conscious effort to sit with an erect spine. That conscious effort, however, is incredibly difficult to sustain throughout an 8-5 grind. My advice? Take breaks. In yoga, we call these breaks counter poses. Counter those yucky desk poses with some self-supporting and hunch-reversing actions. Break for some desk yoga!

    • Yoga at Your Desk with Ashley Turner Temporarily escape the stresses of your day in this online yoga video. Practice some simple yoga techniques to loosen up physical tightness and energize your mind. Ashley will take you through yoga exercises you can do right at your desk, leaving you feeling ready to take on the day with less tension and a clearer mind. (21 mins.)Ashley Turner Yoga Online
    • Yoga at Your Desk with Gigi Yogini In this free online yoga video, learn a few ways to relieve tension in your neck, shoulders, wrists and spine while working at your desk. (4 mins.) Gigi Yogini Yoga Online

    And post-work, jump into the perfect online yoga sequence to unhunch and unwind…

    • Unhunch with Sage Rountree Designed for athletes (yet perfectly suitable for all yogis), this online yoga class places emphasis on reversing the hunch that develops when you sit in desk chairs, car seats, or bike saddles too long. Enjoy both passive and active backbends, lunges and squats, and finish with a series of twists intended to wring out any residual tension from your desk job. Also, play with making a little noise on your exhales, in order to release whatever mental and emotional tension remains. (73 mins.)sage rountree yoga for athletes

    Break. Balance. Now get your asana back to work.


  • Summer Solstice Celebrations

    Here comes the sun!

    Extended Side Angle Ashley Turner looking radiant in the sun...

    Summer has officially arrived, yogis. Start it off strong with some fiery, celebratory Sun Salutations:

    • Sun Salutation Preparation with Margaux Permutt This online yoga class is great for beginners, but also those with wrist or shoulder injuries that need modifications for Sun Salutations. The goal is to strengthen and prepare the body for Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation), but it can be practiced on it's own over and over again. This class is great for women looking to build upper body strength and anyone looking to find a strong foundation and ease in their practice. (12 mins.)
    • Basic Sun Salutation with Margaux Permutt This is a slow flow aimed to make the Sun Salutation accessible to beginners, those with injuries, and those needing to build strength. It is also a great reminder for more advanced students to bring their practice back to the source. Get ready to ground your feet, lift your heart, and move forward with stability in this online yoga video. (18 mins.)
    • Surya Namaskara A with Modifications for Beginners and Intermediate Students with Gigi Yogini Learn the simplified elements of Surya Namaskara A (Sun Salutation A) in this online yoga class. Practice different modifications that will work best for you, whether you are a beginner or intermediate student. The Sun Salutation is practiced in most Vinyasa yoga classes. (13 mins.)
    • Slow Sun Salutations with Sage Rountree In this online yoga class for athletes and everyone, we move very slowly through the sun salutations, finding new ways to activate the core and control the movement, leading to greater efficiency in up-tempo practice. Discover the difficulty inherent in this sequence and challenge yourself to take momentum out of the movement. We finish with delicious reclining twists and a sweet savasana. (73 mins.)

    Blessed Summer Solstice!


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