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  • Class Review: Yoga for Runners with Sage Rountree

    The Deets.

    • Filming Location: Carrboro Yoga Company, Carrboro, NC
    • Style: Vinyasa Yoga
    • Intensity: Level 1 = All-levels Beginner Yoga Video
    • Focus: Yoga for Athletes
    • Average Rating: 5/5

    yoga for athletes

    On the teacher.

    Sage Rountree is an endurance sports coach, a highly experienced teacher, and a continuing student of physiology. Her popular yoga classes and workshops for athletes draw students ranging from recreational athletes to Ironman triathletes, Olympians, NBA and NFL players, and NCAA players and coaches, including UNC men's basketball and football. To learn new ways to sharpen, focus, and relax for peak performance, take her online yoga classes!

    On the class.

    After a tough run, this online yoga sequence is the ultimate cool down.

    Specially designed for runners (but appropriate for athletes and all!), this accessible online yoga class offers a post-workout practice to build balance, core strength, and hip flexibility. Don’t be fooled by its beginner-friendly status. This hour-long practice will present a challenge!

    What people are saying.

    • "100% fantastic!"

    yoga for athletes

    For more of Sage’s athletically-focused yoga flows, check out her growing collection of online yoga videos on YogaVibes.

  • Class Review: I.AM.YOU. 360° Athletic Flow with Lauren Imparato

    The deets.

    • Filming Location: I.AM.YOU Studio, NYC 
    • Style: Vinyasa Flow
    • Intensity: Level 2 = A Moderately Intense Yoga Video 
    • Focus: Hips, Abs, Glutes, & Mind
    • Average Rating: 4/5

                                                                                                                                   On the teacher.

    Lauren Imparato turned to yoga - hesitantly at first - as a way to diversify her Manhattan treadmill workouts. She soon realized that with regular practice, on and off the mat, yoga can change you from the inside, out, as well as from the outside, in. She is now revered as one of New York's Top Yoga and Lifestyle experts.

    I.AM.YOU yoga online

    On the class.

    This online yoga class is a 360-degree sensorial, personal, and exclusive kick-your-ass yoga experience that will rock your mind and body. Link breath with creative and athletic movements that are designed for all levels. This online yoga experience is an athletic Vinyasa that is creative and funky while being strongly rooted in tradition. 

    yoga for athletes

    What people are saying.

    • "Great incorporation of twists into challenging static strength poses and dynamic flow--very unique approach that condenses so much into each movement. I love this class because while it may only be 60 minutes, you feel as though you've done a full 90-minute sequence because of the way she's managed to bundle such multi-dimensional focus into each part of the sequence. What can I say but give us more! In the meantime, this goes great paired with the half-hour ab/back sequence also from"
    • "This is one of my favorite classes. I really like (love) how Lauren teaches; clear instruction and the flow is soooo great, I am a sweaty awesome mess whenI'm done. Thanks Lauren, from Calif."
    • "this class is killer! super good cardio workout plus great twisting"
    • "perfect blend, speed and esprit. More classes by Lauren, please. Lissi, Copenhagen, Denmark"
    • "Obsessed!"

    Find more of Lauren Imparato's popular, butt-kicking I.AM.YOU. yoga videos on YogaVibes. 

  • Fresh Vibes: Awaken & Activate

    What’s fresh on our online yoga menu?

    Awesomeness per usual.


    Got core?

    Join Cristi Christensen for core-activation exercises followed by Sun Salutations with core-engagement in mind. In this online yoga class, you will open the pelvis with a standing sequence with long holds in Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II), side angle pose (parsvakonasana), and half moon pose (ardha chandrasana). Practice dolphin pose or forearm balance (pincha mayurasana) followed by a forearm plank series. Get into the shoulders with a great shoulder opener and some fun variations on wheel pose (urdhva dhanurasana) with blocks. Cool down with reclining twists and savasana. (90 mins.)

    Cyclist or chronic chair sitter?

    Then Sage Rountree’s new online yoga video is for you! In this yoga video for cyclists (and chair sitters), you will work gently to open the front of the body and strengthen the back. Enjoy a focus on hips and shoulders while balancing strength and flexibility. Alternate between spinal extension exercises to work the core and lunges to release the hips. Finish with a deep relaxation. (56 mins.)

    Short on time?

    Join Gigi Yogini for a quick, full body activation sequence to build heat and work in a great stretch! Open your hips and quadriceps as well as your shoulders and heart. Cultivate energy for your day or blow off steam before bed. Feel free to modify or customize as much as you'd like. (24 mins.)

    Awaken your intuition.

    This class is designed to awaken your intuition and make you feel happy! In this online yoga kundalini set, you will work the pituitary gland, which is the center of intuition. When the pituitary gland secretes, the nectar is said to raise your intuition and open the door to the Infinite. This meditation (Smiling Buddha Kriya) is said to have been practiced by both Jesus and the Buddha, and it is a very ancient mudra of peace. Resonate the four primal sounds Sa Ta Na Ma meaning Infinity, Life, Death, and Rebirth to connect with the whole cycle of life. This meditation is also good for connecting with the positive mind and taking care of depression. (88 mins.)

    yoga online

    There ya go, yogis. Fresh opportunities to awaken and activate in mind, body, and spirit!

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  • Fresh Vibes: Get Twisted and Untangle Tightness

    What's in store for your home practice this week? 

    Lots of twisting. Lots of love. Lots of good vibes per usual.

    crazy yoga poses

    First, get ready to...

    Twist it out like whoa.

    • Get twisted in Sean Gray's Twist to Open flow. Twists are a great way to build your core strength, keep your spine healthy, detox your insides, and increase body awareness. This online yoga practice is a mix of basic and advanced twisting postures that will open up your spine and get it moving fluidly. (50 mins.)
    • Move into more twists with Cristi Christensen in her Vinyasa slow flow. Also, take it upside down into Tripod Headstand and fly, fly away into Bakasana (Crow Pose). Enjoy a hamstring-opening and side body lengthening sequence ending in Hanumanasana (full splits) and Eka Pada Koundinyasana II. After that's all said and done, enjoy a long cool down with backbends and seated forward folds. (88 mins.)
    • Hurtin' from too much booze-induced fun? If so, Gigi Yogini's restorative online yoga class is just what the doctor ordered: Yoga for a Hangover. It's a quick and simple twisting class that will activate your kidneys and liver to help you cleanse out all the toxic crap. (18 mins.)


    Treat your upper body.

    • Olynda Smith's prenatal online yoga video is designed for the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Create space in your torso, ease in your upper back, and soften and release any tension in your shoulders. You'll even do a little neck and jaw work. Work to open, align and strengthen these areas while inviting an experience of dwelling in the sanctuary of your heart - a place that is helpful to get more and more in touch with as you step into the mysteriousness unknowns of birth and motherhood. (29 mins.)


    Unwind the tightness.

    • In Sage Rountree's short yoga for athletes (specifically swimmers) class and anyone, you will cultivate flexibility in the areas that can get tight from swimming: shoulders, chest, hips, and ankles. No experience is needed. Simply enjoy the attention to your body and breath as you relax into these longer holds of simple stretches. (26 mins.)

    Intrigued by these fresh yoga videos? Act now. Gather up your yogic devices, press play, and get ready to raise yo' vibe. 

    yoga online

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  • Fresh Vibes: Ab Kickin' Flows, Total Body Balance, and More!

    What’s the latest on YogaVibes?

    Lots of awesome yoga video material to explore. That's what.

    Utkatasana Chair Pose via

    Receive a Good Ab + Asana Kickin'

    • Urging for flat, strong abs? Enter Justin Williams’ new online yoga class! Strengthen your core with this quick and effective workout designed to target the upper and lower abs as well as your obliques. Core work also balances your 3rd chakra and builds self-confidence! (18 mins.)
    • Join Cristi Christensen for a dynamic slow flow experience that incorporates core activation, wonderful hip and quadricep stretches, and some playful arm balancing. (91 mins.)
    • In Alexandra DeSiato’s 60-minute online mat Pilates class, students can expect a full-body warm-up and then a focus on core, back, hips, glutes, quads and hamstrings. This class will have less upper-body and arm work, so it's an excellent choice for anyone recovering from a shoulder, wrist, or arm injury. Students will finish class with a deeper sense of core engagement and awakened hip and leg muscles. Nice cool down at the end. No props needed. (60 mins.)

    Achieve Total Body Balance

    • In Sage Rountree’s online yoga video – exploring yoga poses for athletes and everyone – you will establish total balance in the body - both in space and front to back, side-to-side, top to bottom - and along the way we cultivate balance between work and rest. Start with a standing warm-up to loosen shoulders and spine; move to slow-paced Sun Salutations with lunges to work the hips; finish with relaxing reclining stretches and twists and a nice long savasana. (71 mins.)

    Grow Intimate with Your Breath

    • Learn to cultivate the proper breathing technique for the practice of asana (poses) in Andres Salcedo’s all levels vinyasa flow. Travel through the principles of breath and movement, and learn how to develop an intimate and sustainable practice. Total bliss and peace guaranteed! Espanol: Una practica para todos los niveles, cultiva la técnica correcta de respiración para la practica de asana (posees). Viaja por los principios de respiración y movimiento. Aprende como desarrollar una practica intima y sostenible. Total felicidad y paz garantizada. (20 mins.)

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