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  • Simple Spring Detox Tips

    The spring season is a natural time to detox. We welcome the shift from heavy, warming foods to more fresh greens, sprouts and berries and start to spend more time in the sunshine! Tap into the momentum of this season with these simple detoxification tips: Hit up your local farmers market for some interesting greens. Instead of getting the same old spinach and kale, try out some spicy mustard greens, colorful chard varieties, mild mache, and more. Take a break from heavy processed foods. Feeling light and energetic isn't necessarily about weight loss. Decreasing the burden on your body to handle those heavy meals will leave you with more energy! Turn your workouts up a notch. Spring is kapha season, which means that there's more stamina available. Fire up your digestive juices with kapalabhati, breath of fire. Keep a tissue handy, especially if you have a runny nose from allergies. Use your Yoga practice to support your bodies' detoxification practice, twists support your liver and digestive tract. Here's a few yoga classes specifically focused on detoxification:

    Spring Detox Flow with Heather Lilleston

    Deep Twist and Hip Detox Flow with Laura Burkhart

    Detox & Flow with Joan Hyman

    Find the rest of our detox focused Yoga classes here.

  • Giveaway Time!!!

    Areté Complete, YogaVibes & Tiny Devotions are hooking you up!

    Starting March 1st, we want to see you (and your yoga compadres) striking crazy nice yoga poses* in crazy nice settings. Whoever shares the MOST UNIQUE YOGA POSE will be crowned the yoga challenge winner.

    Yes, that’s an open-ended request, we know. But consider this your opportunity to think outside the box, get outside your comfort zone, and get it on with your creative self.

    And now for the important stuff...the yoga giveaway goodie bag.

    One of you lucky participants will score a trifecta of yoga delights:

    1. Areté Complete Yoga Towel Confidently practice without sweat getting in the way! Areté Complete leads the yoga towel world in function and design. Luxuriously soft, slip resistant, beautifully, uniquely, and intelligently designed...Needless to say, we're hooked. And Areté Complete is hooking one of you up with your FAVORITE yoga towel!
    2. YogaVibes 1 Year Subscription Yoga might be healing for the body and soul, but it's often hard on the wallet and hard to fit into a busy schedule. YogaVibes, the premium source for streaming online yoga classes and free yoga videos, frees you to take yoga wherever you are, whenever you want so you can get whatever you need. No more worries about making it to class on time and breaking your wallet. Stream online yoga at your desk, in your car, at home, in the’s the limit! One of you will enjoy unlimited, year-long opportunities to sweat, stretch, explore, unwind or bliss out!
    3. Tiny Devotions Intention Bracelet The Laughing Buddha Intention Bracelet is your reminder to not take yourself too seriously; yes, life can get very serious at times but remembering to laugh daily and smile through your challenges will bring you greater satisfaction in your accomplishments. Wear this bracelet for power and courage to conquer. It stimulates your energies to provide motivation and ambition on and off the mat!

    yoga giveaway

    Are you in?

    *If you want asana inspiration for the contest, we suggest you check out our STRIKE A POSE collection complete with lots of free online yoga videos explore!

  • 28 Little Gifts to Give to Yourself

    Quick question for you. . .

    During the holiday hustle n' bustle of shopping and gift-giving, how often do you stop to give YOURSELF a gift?

    And I mean, actually take some time to do something for YOU.

    It's so easy to think about the holidays as a giving time.

    But what about receiving?

    And not just receiving from other people...

    What about gifting yourself and receiving from yourself?

    I know giving to others is fantastic, but many of us are quick to forget about taking care of ourselves. We go, go, go. We push ourselves. We drain our own energy. And then we still expect to be able to continue giving to everyone else except ourselves.

    But when you give away all your energy away like that...

    You end up giving less from a core place – because there's less of you to go around when you're not operating from a place of wellness and rejuvenation.

    Which is why, if you haven't signed up for it yet, you gotta sign up for Alex Jamieson's 28-Day Enlighten Challenge.

    Alex Jamieson's 28-day challenge

    Check it out + get in on the fun here. << It’s totally free to join!

    Alex is a weight loss and holistic nutrition expert + an enthusiastic lover of life. Which means this lady knows a thing or two about taking care of and enjoying yourself.

    She has put together 28 days of simple yet blissfully fun activities (imagine candles, creativity, and happy taste buds) – and she's doing them all, one by one, starting November 29th, with as many people as possible.

    Plus! There are chances to win prizes from companies like Jimmy Bean Wool, Babeland, Naturopathica, and yours truly!

    It's gonna be fun. It's gonna be easy (like 5 minutes a day, easy).

    And it's gonna leave you feeling alive, inspired, and so good in yourself!

    And when you feel like that?

    That's when you're really able to receive what other people give to you.

    And when you're able to receive fully?

    That's when you're able to give fully.

    Can't wait to see the photos everyone posts!

    P.S. The 28-Day Enlighten Challenge starts the day after Thanksgiving – which is a perfect. Thanksgiving is all about being grateful, right? But you can't really receive what other people give unless you feel well enough in yourself to accept it. So I want to challenge you, too: strengthen your receiving muscles by giving to yourself every day. And if you want some guidance + the community and support of thousands of other women doing the same, get in on Alex's challenge:


  • Seeds of Intent: Challenge Your Perceived Limits

    Challenge everything. Do anything.

    challenging yoga poses

    Truth is, most (if not ALL) limits you think you are up against are illusions. Finding release from the bonds of illusion is what yoga is all about. The practice allows you to work through and break down mental habits, thoughts, and behaviors that are not serving you and your higher purpose.

    To begin unveiling your unlimited potential, you gotta throw yourself into the fire. You can’t just sit around and expect great things to unfold. You have to do something. Conquering your perceived limits in the practice and beyond means you must keep challenging yourself in mind, body, and spirit for without challenge, there is no change.

    This month, we’re heading a 30-day yoga challenge to get you conquering your limits on the mat. Interestingly enough, the obstacles that are holding you back on the mat are oftentimes the same obstacles holding you back out there in the “real world.”

    Take a second to think about it:

    What limits are you creating? What destructive thought patterns are getting in your way? How will you get them out of your way?

    First step, as always, is cultivating heightened awareness of your mental ways. Yoga is good for that. Changing those ways isn’t clear-cut. It takes work. It requires you endlessly challenge your perceptions, thoughts, and actions. The path to limitless possibility and liberation is uniquely yours, yet totally within your power.

    Embrace challenge to realize greater possibilities.

    For the details on this month’s 30-day online yoga challenge, click HERE.

  • Strike A Pose: Join Xen Strength’s 30-Day Yoga Challenge

    Starting tomorrow, join one of our awesome partners, Danielle Diamond, on a 30-day yoga journey. Snap a picture of yourself striking a pose each day to enter at a chance to win some awesome prizes from wellness brands including Prana, Kind Bars, Satya Jewelry, Yogi Teas, Artware Fundraising, and yours truly!

    The Rules via Xen Strength’s Blog:

    Strike. Snap. Share.

    Follow @XenStrengthYoga on Instagram HERE, @xenstrengthyoga on Twitter HERE and/or like us HERE on Facebook, where we’ll be posting the picture of the day.

    Each day, starting August 1st, check out the posted pose, and snap a pic of yourself rockin’ it out. Grab a friend and take a picture of each other, take a picture with your yoga class, your kids, or your partner- or use a phone app with a timer to take your own pic.

    No pressure for perfection- show us YOUR version of the pose.

    Tag #xenstrengthyoga and #30dayyogachallenge in your post on any /all social networks, and check out others who are posting too. ( the more places you post the more chance you have of winning!)

    xen strength yoga online

    We’ll be searching our social media networks to find our favorite photos each week and sharing them here on our page. Winners will be chosen based on creativity, scenery, expression of the pose and dedication.

    Participate as much as you can, posting each day of the challenge. One of the 5 winners will be awarded with the biggest prize for the most photos taken, so even if you miss a day, go back and take pics of the poses you missed. They will all be posted here in order daily.

    Yoga is all about being light, and having fun creates lightness.. if you fall over when someone took the pic, show it to us- and let us see that smile of you laughing.

    Make sure that your account isn’t set to private or we won’t be able to see your pictures! We’ll announce a winner each week, and the grand prize winner on September 4th.

    Encourage your friends to play along, yogis. Share the good vibes!

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