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  • 15 Yoga Practice Tips & Strategies for the Holidays

    Maintaining a yoga practice during the holidays can get tricky. We tend to eat heavy, drink heavy, and play heavy. Mix in kids and travel and it becomes that much more difficult to hit the mat. Yes, difficult...but not impossible.

    Here are some tips and strategies to ensure you maintain a little mat action amidst all the holiday madness:

    1. Get family members, friends, and visitors on board. Commit to a class or practice yoga at home together. You can even include the kids with this practice by Lindsey Valdez!
    2. Keep your mat unrolled on the floor at home as a reminder and invitation to practice a short asana sequence, meditation, pranayama technique, or a brief, yet blissful savasana.
    3. Read a book on Ayurveda and food. I highly recommend The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook. This book will inspire clean eating, a health-conscious lifestyle, and maybe some creativity in the kitchen.
    4. Drink warm water and lemon every morning to keep the system alkalized and promote digestion.
    5. Stay hydrated!
    6. Eat in moderation.
    7. Enjoy plenty of rest so food can digest properly.
    8. Cleanse and detox the body with some sweet, long twisting poses. Enjoy these online yoga classes, focusing on twisting postures:
    9. Inhale deeply, exhale fully. This mantra becomes especially effective if you are dealing with confrontational family members or traveling with rambunctious kids. Repeat as much as needed to remind yourself to breathe. Infuse your experience with some deep Ujjayi breathing, as well.
    10. Take extra long walks.
    11. Leave the holiday parties before things get too wild.
    12. Practice a short meditation every day to soak up the moment and facilitate stillness and calm. Enjoy our abundance of online meditation videos.
    13. Infuse some grounding restorative postures into your home sequence. Check out these short practices (under 15 minutes) for inspiration.
    14. Cut yourself some slack and have a good time with friends and family. Adjust your practice accordingly. It is just a few days out of the year, so no harm done if you break your normal patterns of practice.
    15. Lighten up, enjoy the festivities, have a restful and merry Christmas Day, and live fully in each moment.

    What practice tips and strategies do you suggest for the most wonderful time of the year?


  • 5 Christmas Gifts for the Yogi(s) in Your Life

    You better watch out because...

    Jolly ol’ St. Nick is coming to town...very soon!

    That means ‘tis the season to get down to business.

    yoga christmas tree

    Toiling with what to give your yoga friends?

    Well, toil no more.

    Give your bendy, om-ing buds something worthy of some fa la la la la la la la!

    Note: All mentioned toys and goodies are available in our powered online yoga store.

    1. Deck their practice with...spiritual gangster status.spiritual gangster yoga clothes See picture. ‘Nough said.
    2. The most mat!  No, not the slippery, flimsy kind. Something legit and sturdy. Think Manduka, Jade, prAna, and Hugger Mugger.
    3. Here comes...stocking stuffers!  Suggestions: Yoga straps, yoga mat spray (the good organic stuff, of course), yoga towels, ToeSox, yoga headbands, and yoga eye bags.
    4. Oh holly props!  Ideas: Cork blocks, Hugger Mugger Zafu Meditation Yoga Cushion, foam rollers, and bolsters.
    5. An online yoga wonderland!  Yeah, yeah. We gotta tout up our yoga online, of course! Give your yogi friend(s) access to one month or one year of yoga at home, on-the-go, on the road, wherever! It’s the perfect gift for yoga newbies, yoga teachers, advanced students...anyone that digs yoga! It’s the gift that keeps giving, with newly added online yoga classes coming forth on a daily basis alongside a vast, diverse collection of yoga videos from leading, internationally-recognized yoga teachers.


    And now, go have yourself a merry little Christmas! 

    Fa la la la la la la la…

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  • Class Review: Morning "Quickie" SmartFLOW with Annie Carpenter

    The deets.

    Filming Location: Exhale Spa in Los Angeles, California

    Style: Vinyasa Flow

    Length: 29 minutes

    Intensity: Level 2 = Moderate Intensity

    Focus: Alignment-Based Flow

    Props: 1 Block + 1 Blanket Recommended

    Average Rating: 5/5

    On the teacher.

    Annie Carpenter reflects her love of movement and rigorous discipline in her intelligently sequenced SmartFLOW Vinyasa yoga classes. With her great passion for creativity and metaphor, Annie loves to play with sequencing in order to take her students into a deeper understanding of a pose, and of themselves.


    On the class.

    • Rise and flow. Short and sweet, this is the perfect morning practice.
    • Alignment-focused. Annie’s online yoga classes are safe and provide "points of dharana" or gateways to inner stillness and meditation.
    • Strike a balance. Find harmony between awakening energies and softening or quieting energies.
    • Ease in. Build the intensity slowly. Begin by observing the breath, followed by a seated warm-up and pranayama. From here, move into a challenging series of standing balances.
    • Give in to gravity. End with a reclining hip stretch, twists, and finally savasana.

    vinyasa yoga at home

    What people are saying.

    "This was a great class! Thanks" ~John M

    "Thank you Annie!!! I've been waiting for this shorter class. It's wonderful!! It's so easy to fit this into my morning schedule. Love it!!" ~Lilla R

    From Annie’s website: Known as a “teachers’ teacher,” Annie believes that Yoga practice is a remarkable method for learning to steady the attention on what is actually happening in the moment. From this place, compassion and radical acceptance naturally evolve. Old mindsets of the illusion of separation, of me and them, and self and other, dissolve into the knowledge of wholeness.

    Find more online yoga classes with Annie Carpenter HERE.

    Get more on Annie Carpenter at


  • Dive Deep into the Hips

      yoga for the hips

    Oh, the hips. They are such a notorious region of tension and tightness. Yet, issues of the hips extend beyond the physical realm. The hips are very telling in terms of what’s going on with you emotionally. Hip-opening postures may prompt emotional releases – releases that usually involve shedding some painful piece (or pieces) of your past.

    Working the hips deeply can be emotionally confusing, even alarming. My best advice is just to roll with it. Roll with your emotions. Allow them to bubble up to the surface. This process is basically an emotional detox. You are literally spewing past accumulations of emotional toxicity. Sure, it may not be the result you desired or expected from your yoga practice. Sure, it probably won’t feel comfortable. But rather than fighting it, embrace it. Allow the yoga to work on you.

    To release physical tension and tightness in the hips, dive into these online yoga practices focused on hip-opening asanas. Both of these practices provide an opportunity to observe and assess your emotional health. Are you still clinging to elements of your past? Are you ready to face an unresolved issue? Are you ready to let it go? Are you ready to create more emotional space to realize greater possibility and potential? Go find out.

    Diving into the Hips with Ashley Turner

    Dive into your hips from every angle in this slow flow, Vinyasa yoga class. Enjoy a slow warm-up to bring heat and energy to your hips, and then work to continue opening the hips through standing poses, arm balances, and seated and reclining poses. (89 mins.)

    ashley turner yoga

    Yoga for Happy Hips with Gigi Yogini

    Get in a quick and well-rounded hip-opening practice, complete with a warm-up, standing postures, balancing poses and restorative hip openers. Release tension to receive the numerous physical and energetic benefits of this online yoga practice. (28 mins.)

    gigi yogini yoga

    Happy hips equate to a happier you. Jump into these online yoga practices to really start working on yourself physically and emotionally. Give your hips some TLC to ultimately move through the world with greater lightness, freedom, and ease.


  • Keep Yourself in Check: 10 Summer-Balancing Pointers

    Oh sweet, sweet summer. Beaches. Sun-kissed skin. Warmth. Leisure. Bliss.

    side plank Gigi Yogini in Vasisthasana (Side Plank) with Vrksasana (Tree Pose) variation...

    The sweetness of the summer season is intoxicating. The abundance of sunshine inspires lots of activity and time spent outdoors to soak it all in. By all means, soak it all in, but do so sensibly. Take special caution to remain harmonious in the heat with these summer-stabilizing tips:

    1. Practice yoga at home in the early morning when temperatures are cooler. If you can’t work in a morning practice, the next best option is an evening flow.
    2. Choose loose fitting clothes (linen or cotton) to allow your skin to breathe.
    3. Limit your caffeine and alcohol consumption. I know an ice-cold beer and iced coffee are perceived to be very refreshing during this time. In reality, they are very dehydrating! Yes, summer is the opportunity to sip and enjoy these pleasures. So sip and enjoy, but do so in moderation.
    4. Reduce hot, spicy, fermented, salty, oily, and fried foods. All of these foods are heating and don’t jive too well with the soaring temperatures.
    5. Select cooling, hydrating foods, including peaches, nectarines, plums, pears, and other juicy fruits.
    6. Use cooling oils for self-massage, such as coconut oil. Not only is this awesome for skin hydration, but it is also super purifying!
    7. Before you retreat into savasana, treat yourself to a cooling herbal mist to hydrate and protect your skin. Organic rose water is a wonderful selection!
    8. This is an obvious one: Drink LOTS of water. LOTS. In fact, go down a glass right now.
    9. Meditate. Summer is a very stimulating season. Establish a regular meditation practice to renew and find calm amidst the intensity and excitement.
    10. Reserve time to relax and restore – to pacify the go-go-go. Ease up on all of the activity and try some restorative or yin yoga at home.

    To celebrate summer, jump into this one hour online yoga class with Sarah Starr filmed on the beach! Take time to explore what makes you feel alive as you focus on detoxifying twists, core strength, and the joy of hip openers.

    yoga at home

    May your summer be abundant with happy, harmonious vibes!


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