• How to Build a Safe L Pose by Sigrid Matthews

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    Alignment, alignment, alignment!

    Sometimes, don’t you just wish your teacher would shut up and let you go with the flow, literally? There is nothing like moving on the breath, flowing gracefully from one pose to the next, not staying too long anywhere - almost like dancing to great rock and roll in your bedroom.

    Yes, I’ve been there too and taught many a fun, sweaty, flow yoga class where everyone was grooving to tunes and meditating on their higher self. There is nothing wrong with this, but over the years of repetition and moving your body around unconsciously, you are at a higher risk for injuries, particularly in the shoulders.

    One of the most common complaints and recurring site of injuries in yoga these days is the tearing of the rotator cuff. It’s giving yoga a bad reputation and some are going so far as to say that yoga can wreck your body! Luckily, many of us know how many stories of healing the body are attributed to yoga. However you may want to consider fine tuning your practice to lessen the risk of injury in yoga poses like chaturanga dandasana, plank, vashistasana, handstand, and even, upward facing dog.

    L pose is a fantastic way to get the strengthening benefits of the above poses with a lot less risk.

    One of the main reasons people get hurt flowing from chaturanga to cobra or up dog is that they allow the head of the upper arm bone (humerus) to protract or “drop” forward in the shoulder socket. This protraction can also be accompanied with scapular protraction, but many students simply “pull” their shoulder blades back (retraction) without addressing the real issue of the forward upper arm bone. In fact, the shoulder blades can be somewhat neutral in plank. When you cleanly bend your arms, stopping just before the chest is lower than the elbows and keeping the front of the chest open, the shoulder blades will move towards one another as much as needed (you don’t need to do more). Keep the front of the shoulders open as you transition into upward facing dog.

    Okay, so problem solved. Well, as people do cycle after cycle of vinyasa they tend to get tired and sloppy and that’s when you see the pose beginning to break down. Rather than doing 100s of chaturangas to develop strength and tone, challenge yourself by working L pose for up to a minute at a time.


    To start working your L pose, tune into Sigrid's Focused Flow yoga video. Build confidence and self-esteem and receive all of the benefits of a full handstand as you practice this safe inversion utilizing the wall. This online yoga class is taught progressively for safety with all of the prep poses creating spinal alignment, posture, and deep core integrity. (15 mins.)

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  • Class Review: Exhale Power Yoga with Goldie Oren

    The deets.

    • Filming Location: Exhale Spa, NYC
    • Style: Vinyasa Flow
    • Intensity: Level 2 = A Moderately Intense Yoga Video
    • Focus: Core & Twists
    • Average Rating: 4/5


    On the teacher.

    Goldie Oren is a popular yoga teacher in New York City. She has combined her background as a former professional ballerina with yoga to form her characteristic high-energy, physically challenging Vinyasa flow classes.

    goldie oren handstand

    On the class.

    This 60-minute online yoga class incorporates a little bit of everything. Begin on your back with core work to warm up your center. Then come to stand and flow through a sequence that includes low lunge, twisting lunge, and standing splits. Build heat with 4 Sun Salutation A's, twisting chair, and core work that includes side plank and forearm side plank. Get ready to hold several standing poses and get twisted in extended side angle, revolved extended side angle, triangle, half moon, and revolved half moon. After all of that heat is built, you'll strike three bow poses before closing your practice in a long pigeon pose, a simple twist on your back, and finally, Savasana. End this online yoga experience feeling like you've cleansed and worked every inch of your body!

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    What people are saying.

    • Loved this class. Good sequencing. Great for someone who is looking for a little bit of a challenge.
    • wow! definitely crazy, sweaty flow. loved it! more goldie please!
    • A continuously moving, flowing, breathing practice. Invigorating. Very nice.
    • Challenging, but with a nice flow. Being a runner, I appreciated the long held pigeon poses at the end.
    • Very nice morning workout. I appreciated the warm up, since I'd just rolled out of bed. It's true that you finish feeling like you have worked every part of your body. I'd definitely do this again. Assumes a certain amount of knowledge about poses and form, so may not be great for true beginners.


    For more of Goldie Oren's crowd-pleasing crazy sweaty flows, check out her growing collection of online yoga videos on YogaVibes. Mold a fitter, stronger, and more flexible you! 


  • YogaVibes Presents Yoga Online with the Yoga Tree

    We are super thrilled to offer online yoga videos filmed at the Yoga Tree - the “Bay Area’s Premier Yoga Studio.”

    seated forward fold

    Owned and operated by Tim and Tara Dale, the Yoga Tree presents the highest quality yoga in a welcoming environment. The Yoga Tree provides 9 dedicated centers for a daily yoga practice with gifted, intelligent, and compassionate teachers.

    "The great thing about partnering with YogaVibes is that it makes yoga and Yoga Tree San Francisco teachers accessible worldwide. We are thrilled to help make that happen," says Tim Dale.

    Combining high quality instruction with a lot of compassion, the studio seeks to create a safe, clean, and unique space for people to practice yoga in a way that enriches their lives. The Yoga Tree offers diverse styles of yoga giving everyone access to a practice that fits them accordingly.

    To get a feel for what the studio has to offer, join Yoga Tree teacher, Jason Bowman, for an energizing Alignment and Breath Vinyasa flow.

    This 78-minute online yoga class emphasizes the nuances of alignment and the delicate beauty of breath. The practice of Vinyasa yoga allows the body to become a lens through which the fluidity of life can be experienced. The sensations of breath transport the mind into internal landscapes which ripple outward to form ever-evolving physical expressions. Each pose builds from the last and informs the next, and every moment is a new chance to start the practice with brand new eyes.

    Begin anew now!

    vinyasa yoga online

    Stay tuned for additional Yoga Tree online yoga classes coming soon to YogaVibes, your ever-evolving online yoga realm!

    Image Credit: Jason Bowman via

  • YogaVibes Partners with Black Dog Yoga

    We are incredibly pleased to showcase our growing library of online yoga classes filmed at Black Dog Yoga in Sherman Oaks, CA.

    LA yoga

    About Black Dog Yoga

    Black Dog Yoga was founded in 2002 to provide an inspiring, safe and unpretentious haven for yoga in the San Fernando Valley. Since its inception, Black Dog Yoga has prided itself in offering the highest-quality yoga in a clean, spacious, and inviting environment. Offering an eclectic mix of hatha yoga steered by a large roster of almost 40 extremely gifted and knowledgeable instructors, Black Dog Yoga has become the Valley’s premier yoga center.

    Why YogaVibes?

    "There are three reasons why Black Dog Yoga is partnering with YogaVibes. Our students. Our teachers. And us,” says Peter Barnett, the owner of Black Dog Yoga.  

    “We are in existence to serve our clientele. Our studio is always clean and bright and we have plenty of top quality props on hand. One thing we don't have is a way for our students to continue their practice with their favorite teacher or teachers when they can't get to the studio for any reason. Partnering with YogaVibes solves this problem!

    At Black Dog Yoga we pride ourselves in having great teachers teaching great classes. It seems because we're "over the hill" in the San Fernando Valley, our teachers aren't getting the recognition they deserve. Partnering with YogaVibes is the ideal way to get the great work of our awesome teachers out there for all to see.

    Black Dog Yoga is the largest, independently-owned yoga studio in Los Angeles. Our four airy practice rooms and retail area combined are a spacious 7,000 square feet and we offer more than 90 classes a week for students of all levels, in a variety of styles.

    We have a great reputation in town and now is the time for everybody to get to know what makes us truly one of LA's best yoga studios. We're all very excited to be partnering with YogaVibes and to be reaching out to a whole new audience."


    Get to know the studio and join Peter for his newest online yoga class, an abs and arm-balancing Vinyasa yoga flow. In this 35-minute online yoga sequence, Peter presents exercises that help to build the core strength necessary for arm balances and offers opportunities to practice a number of advanced arm balancing postures.

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    Please stay tuned for more hatha yoga online and good vibes with Peter Barnett and the Black Dog Yoga crew!


  • Yoga for Cardio

    yoga for cardio

    Cardio conditioning has countless benefits. It increases metabolism, improves heart health, detoxifies the body, and leads to greater sustenance in your yoga practice.

    Boost your cardiovascular system with a dose of yoga online!  Here are 3 online yoga videos specifically designed to get your heart rate elevated.

    1. Cardio Quick Flow  with Justin Michael Williams This online yoga class takes the pain out of cardio and brings it to a place you love (or will come to love) - your yoga mat. Be guided through a simple building-block sequence to increase your heart rate and build up your cardiovascular strength. Be ready to sweat and move! (28 mins.)
    2. Cardio Flow with Psalm Isadora Break down the components of the Vinyasa flow, then put them back together. Drilling the vinyasa components creates strength and confidence in your alignment as you build the pace and flow. You will work the core, creating stability and grounding in the vinyasa and preventing typical injuries that can come from weakness and poor habits in this key portion of yoga practice. You will also benefit from greater strength in the arms and legs while warming up the hips and spine. This yoga video is short, sweet, sweaty and to the point! (47 mins.)
    3. Xen Strength Cardio Challenge with Danielle Diamond In this online yoga with weights class with Danielle Diamond, you will be encouraged to work toward your edge and challenge yourself, while still honoring precise alignment and your current skill level. Danielle incorporates light weights into a playful Vinyasa flow and in this online yoga class, you will experience a cardio challenge to sculpt, lengthen, and work every muscle group while burning lots of calories! Have a pair of light weights (3-5 pounds) available. (41 mins.)


    Get movin’, yogis!

     Image Credit: Warrior II via

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