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  • 3 Unique Arm Asanas

    In most styles of yoga, it is a rare case in which an asana is dedicated to just one piece of the body. This is not so in Universal Yoga. Universal Yoga offers many unique asanas designed to specifically target one region of the body. For example, yoga asanas for the arms are strategically incorporated into each Universal Yoga flow. As a teacher and a student of yoga, I’m very intrigued by these arm asanas and will totally be weaving them into my own sequences.

    arm asanas

    The following arm asanas are instructed by Universal Yoga founder, Andrey Lappa. And guess what? These yoga videos are FREE! Oh yeah.

    1. Lotus: Eka Bhuja Padmasana

    In this online yoga video, Andrey will teach you how to easily practice lotus for the shoulder! Lotus pose for the shoulder? Who knew?! He will guide you through the correct alignment of the pose and target the "don'ts" of this unique arm asana found in every Universal Yoga class.


    2. Eka Bhuja Swastiyasana One

    Andrey will teach all the “dos” and "don'ts" of this fundamental arm asana found in every Universal Yoga class.

    yoga asanas for the arms

    3. Eka Bhuja Swastiyasana Two

    If you liked Eka Bhuja Swastiyasana One, you are going to love the following variation, also found in every Universal Yoga class.

    arm asanas

    Switch things up a bit in your home practice and bring the awareness to your arms. Perform these asanas to create more freedom and harmony in the shoulders, upper back, and chest - typical areas of tightness. What's more, if you're a yoga teacher, learn these arm asanas to treat your students to a taste of something fresh.


  • Feature Friday: What’s New?

    downward facing dog

    There’s a lot on tap this week. You’re bound to find something that resonates.

    1. Slay Away Your Inner Demons.  Invoke Durga, the Goddess of Fierce Compassion, in this slow flow, online Vinyasa yoga class with Cristi Christensen. Durga, a spiritual warrior, rides around on a tiger and uses a sword to slay inner demons and egos. Use your breath and practice to slay away anything that doesn't serve you.
    2. Bliss Out. Join Universal Yoga developer, Andrey Lappa, in a beautifully balanced online yoga sequence designed to create freedom and bliss in the upper and lower body.
    3. Enjoy an Energetic Venture. Join Andrey Lappa again for an online yoga sequence that incorporates turns on the mat while creating diagonal lines of energy in the body (i.e. left hip and right shoulder), transversal openings (i.e. legs and arms wide, then deeply crossed) and longitudinal openings (straight forward and straight back).
    4. Satisfy Your Joints. Sensei Kim McNeil leads you in an online yoga practice that will help you safely improve the mobility of the upper body joints. You will learn how to properly move the neck, shoulders, and spine in a way that will promote happy joints, plus increase muscular strength. All the while you will get in touch with your inner yoga ninja so you can feel confident, stress-free, and calm.
    5. Achieve Total Balance and Tranquility. This mandala (a geometric symbol representing the completeness, balance and harmony of the universe) online yoga class with Andrey Lappa begins with preparatory pranayamas unique to the Universal Yoga System. Enjoy the post effect of total balance for the upper body, the lower body, the spine, and consciousness.
    6. Uncover Your Inner Voice. Explore the use of Mantra with Jeanne Heileman. This online yoga class focuses on aspects of the Fifth Chakra, which are connected to sound and vibration. You will join the students in the class vocalizing the mantra "So Hum" as you move through Sun Salutations and poses. At times, things will get quiet as you silently repeat the mantra, feeling the vibrational quality that the mantra provides, resonate throughout the poses. This well-rounded class leads to Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand) and Matseyasana (Fish Pose). It seems pretty simple on the outside, but the students reported that the experience was very powerful on the inside. Give it a try!
    7. Stop the Thought Wheels from Turning. In this online meditation class with Jeanne Heileman, the mantra "So Hum" is offered, after some Pranayama to help establish a focused environment. "So Hum" is a simple, safe, and extremely powerful mantra that works in alignment with any spiritual/religious perspective you might already follow. It can also help fill the void if no perspective exists at this time in your life. This meditation is a really wonderful option for when your mind is racing around a lot and concentration is difficult. It is also wonderful for those times when you feel lower in self-esteem, lacking any outer support. The effects of the mantra are truly powerful, and come in time, after many, many repetitions. It's worth doing!
    8. Open Your Heart.  Join psychotherapist and yoga instructor Ashley Turner for this online yoga class filmed at Exhale Spa in Venice, CA. Open with heart openers and upper back openers for the thoracic spine. Enjoy a challenging Vinyasa flow class and explore backbends from basic to advanced.

    So many fresh and fabulous options. What will you choose?


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