Not sure what to buy? Sage Rountree has a great gift guide!

Sage Rountree is an expert in yoga for athletes and author of seven books. Whether your friends are yoga teachers, yoga newbies, or resistant to yoga, Sage’s books will help them find better balance in sports and in life. Here’s a handy gift guide and a special offer:

For your CrossFit bros: The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga, an overview of how yoga complements training. (Hint: yoga for athletes is not athletic yoga!)

For your friends who run: The Runner’s Guide to Yoga, whose second edition was just released. Also available as an e-book!

For your Type-A friends who never sit still: The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery. Also available in Spanish, German, and Japanese. Teach your friends the importance of downtime!

For your relatives interested in taking up yoga in midlife and beyond (or who are fans of Carolina men’s basketball—Coach Roy Williams wrote the foreword): Lifelong Yoga. Learn how to use yoga for balance, core strength, hip flexibility, and recovery at any age.

For your endurance-addict friends who won’t consider yoga: Racing Wisely. No poses are detailed in this book, but Sage draws on yoga philosophy and her experience as a coach and athlete to give readers tools to perform at their personal best every time.

For your friends who teach yoga or want to, or who love a home practice: Everyday Yoga and The Athlete’s Pocket Guide to Yoga. Both are spiral bound to lie flat on your mat, and both can help you plan a class or hit your own personal needs. Everyday Yoga is also available in Spanish and German, as well as e-book format.

All of these books are available on Amazon, at your favorite local bookseller, or direct from Sage. When you order from Sage, she’ll personally address and sign your copy. Use code VIBES for $5 off your order through December 18, 2017! Shop here

Complement the book with a gift card to YogaVibes, where you’ll find dozens of classes with Sage, and new classes streaming every Monday at 6 p.m. Eastern.

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