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  • Weekend Intention: Shift Into Stillness

    If you’ve had a wildly busy week, take an opportunity this weekend to settle down and shift into complete stillness.

    Shoelace Pose

    First, experience some deep, passive stretching to open up your body and help set you up for a comfortable, seated meditation.

    Yin Yoga for Athletes with Ted McDonald

    As an athlete, this is Ted's favorite sequence. Whether you're on the slopes, on the golf course, on the bike, on a run, or on the court, it doesn't matter. Even if you are not an athlete this sequence will benefit you by relieving tension, lengthening connective tissues, and cleansing your energetic system for a healthier body and calmer mind. It is best done in the evening before bed. You won't regret making it a regular part of your routine! Life is really grand, and now you'll feel why! Have blocks and towels or a blanket available to modify the poses. (19 mins.)

    Ted McDonald Yoga Online

    Yin Yoga to Begin Meditation with Gigi Yogini

    Sometimes one of the biggest distractions for our meditation practice is how uncomfortable it is to sit. Even if you're a beginner and want to start with 5 minutes of conscious breathing, it is often a good idea to prepare yourself with some yin yoga to deeply stretch the hips. In this online yoga video, open your body and concentrate on your breath. After some yin yoga poses, you will practice a simple counting technique to stay focused during meditation. Have a blanket available to prop up your hips. (21 mins.)

    Gigi Yogini Yoga Online

    Follow up your yummy yin session with one of two simple online meditation videos with Ashley Turner:

    Meditation to Access Inner Power

    Ashley Turner will talk you through a short pranayama practice and guide you through a short meditation to access your inner power, located at your third (manipura) chakra, in this free online yoga video. 

    Ashley Turner Yoga Online

    Meditation 101

    This free online meditation video is designed to introduce you to the practice of meditation. Ashley Turner talks you through setting up for, and practicing, a short, seated meditation.

    Ashley Turner Yoga Online

    Give your body and brain a period of stillness and silence this weekend to recharge and renew.


    Photo Credit: Shoelace Pose via www.yogaaddict.ie/blog

  • Surf Into Yoga

    Feelin’ beat? Noodled? Is your body aching? Dude, check it. We are totally amped to offer two rad yoga videos specifically designed for surfers.


    A yoga practice is an awesome way to improve your action on the waves, promoting fluidity and grace. Yoga will allow you to form a stronger connection to your physical body and enhance body intelligence, while improving flexibility, strength, and balance. Yet, the benefits extend far beyond the physical realm. Even if you initially practice for the physical benefits, you will eventually touch the deeper, more spiritual side of yoga. With a regular practice, yoga will inspire contemplation, calm, and a sense of deep, universal connectedness. All this will help you to feel more in tune with your body, more in tune with the rhythm of the waves, and more mellow and calm in bigger surf.

    First up, enjoy a Surf-Inspired Steady Flow with Hala Khouri filmed at Exhale Spa.

    This online yoga class starts off with a contemplative meditation and a core floor practice before moving into a steady standing Vinyasa flow featuring some surfing-inspired movement. Attention is focused on using sensations in the body as a doorway into deeper presence and moving through difficult or uncomfortable situations. End with backbends and seated hip and hamstring openers. (85 mins.)

    Hala Khouri Yoga Online

    Next, check out a Yoga for Surfers sequence with Ted McDonald.

    This surfer sequence will not only open up your shoulders, but it will also create more optimal spine alignment, allowing you to surf longer and more comfortably. Practice this online yoga class a few times, feel the benefits of melting away tension, take a nice deep breath, and book your next surf trip to Thailand! Have a strap, blankets or towels, and blocks available to make any necessary modifications. (22 mins.)

    Ted McDonald Yoga Online

    Note: You don’t have to be a surfer to benefit from these online yoga sequences. And you don’t have to be a yogi! All that is required is an open mind free of judgment and a body that is ready to sweat and unwind with some fierce Vinyasa flow.



    Photo Credit: Headstand via www.surfsupbitchez.tumblr.com

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