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  • Fresh Vids + Vibes: Recharge the Batteries, Go with the Flow, Stabilize and More!

    What are the latest offerings on YogaVibes?

    Go with the Flow.

    Heart Opener

    • Mix things up a bit! Join Michelle Johnson for a grounding Vinyasa flow class. Move through Sun Salutations, lunges, and standing split variations. Work into a headstand prep and headstand, and end with a few heart openers and hip openers. (60 mins.)


    Recharge the Batteries.

    Seated Meditation

    • Short on time? This online Vinyasa practice, led by Sean Gray, is the perfect lunch break yoga practice. Get in a full, well-rounded class. Invigorate the entire body, pump some freshly oxygenated blood through your veins, and clear your mind. Feel completely refreshed and recharged! (41 mins.)




    • In this slow flow, Vinyasa yoga class with Hala Khouri, you will begin by examining what needs to be witnessed in your own body and mind. Wake up the body slowly with reclining hip and hamstring openers and unique core work before stretching the hips and quadriceps without over-using the glutes. Practice a shoulder equalizer in dolphin pose and several standing sequences, a thigh or quad stretch that is practice three different times to allow you to go deeper each time, Sun Salutation variations, and balancing poses. Finish with opportunities for back bending in camel pose, hip openers, and cooling inversions before settling into savasana. Benefit from Hala's detailed alignment cues and focus on stabilization so that your yoga practice can be a life-long one. (84 mins.)
    • Focus on building strength in the trunk and lower body in this online Vinyasa practice with Alexa Lane. Filmed at Exhale Spa, this online yoga class includes Sun Salutations A and B, Warrior I and II, high lunges, hand-to-big-toe pose, and core strengthening exercises. Enjoy a seated cool down followed by savasana. (31 mins.)


    Surrender & Soften.

    childs pose

    • Join Ashley Turner for an online Vinyasa flow filmed at Exhale Spa. Start this class reclining with a simple pranayama practice to bring attention to your breath and body. This practice is all about trusting your spiritual nature, surrendering and softening. This level 1/2 class will focus on standing balances and work towards the basis of handstand with a strong standing flow that includes Sun Salutation variations, standing splits, Warrior II variations, Warrior III, and lots of opportunities to open the side body. Cool down with hero pose (virasana), a quad stretch, back bending in wheel or bridge pose, and several different seated forward folds. (90 mins.)


  • Feature Friday: What’s New?

    We have some tasty new items on the online yoga menu this week to entice you:

    1. Start by taking the focus inward in Jeanne Heileman’s The Third Eye: A Practice Working with Inner Awareness.

      Join Jeanne and students for a strong workout that opens up a whole new world on the inside. This well-rounded practice moves you in a flow sequence from Sun Salutations into Standing Poses, into Arm Balances and Backbends, cooling down with Reclining Forward Folds. What makes this online yoga class special is the attention to the Sixth Chakra, the inner, Third Eye. It is said that when we close our outer eyes, the inner Third Eye can begin to awaken and see the light that dwells within ourselves. It takes time and practice. This online yoga class will not only show you how to start to access this inner light, but give you tips on the journey. The students in this video reported that they loved the experience and found it amazingly powerful. (78 mins.)

    2. Now this next one is especially geared toward the fellas. There’s no excuse now not to try yoga when you have a practice uniquely designed for you. Joan Hyman’s Yoga for Men class, appropriate for beginners, is an awesome opportunity for you guys to get a taste of some broga.

      Though created for men, anyone can benefit from this basic, slow moving online yoga class. Learn the fundamentals with this instructional-based sequence targeting the hips and shoulders. Gain a better understanding of the language of standing poses. This flow ends with light stretching, creating a well-balanced feeling in the body and mind. (59 mins.)

    3. If you are looking for something short, sweet, yet stimulating, join Annie Carpenter for a "Quickie" SmartFLOW experience, exploring the forearm balance and inversion Pincha Mayurasana.

      inversion Though this online yoga class is short, there is no lack of detail on specific alignment. Annie will help you find optimal alignment while lifting the arms forward and overhead as you work towards one of her very favorite poses, Pincha Mayurasana. (27 mins.)

    4. To top it all off, Join Rolf Gates one of his signature 90-minutes mixed-level Vinyasa flow classes - a Grounding Flow.

      Begin slowly with centering, followed by a slow warm-up. Practice proper standing alignment with a block sequence that will lengthen the side body while helping you ground into the earth. Build heat with a steady, challenging flow that includes Sun Salutation variations, a standing mandala-type flow and standing balance pose sequence. Finish with core work, backbends, and seated hip openers.

    There’s a lot going on here. Third eye awakenings. Broga. Quickies. Centering. Get it while it’s HOT yogis.


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