• Locust Pose (Salabhasana) with Jeanne Heileman

    This week’s Strike a Pose yoga video is brought to you by the lovely Jeanne Heileman of YogaWorks in Los Angeles, California. In this free online yoga video, Jeanne and student will demo how to properly do Locust Pose or Salabhasana – a pose lumped into the group of so-called “baby backbends.” Though Locust is one of the more simple and mild poses of the backbending family, it still presents its unique set of challenges.


    As Jeanne will point out in this asana teardown, most of us don’t like this pose (myself included.) After watching this demo, I now have a better understanding of why this pose tends to get on my nerves.

    The thing is, a lot of people have the wrong idea when they approach Locust. They try to rely on the external muscles when actually, the internal muscles must be accessed. Also, the breath is super important in Locust. You must learn how to breathe into the pose to discover its sweetness.

    First, Jeanne will show you how most of us incorrectly do Salabhasana (the classical version). Sure, it looks okay, but it’s not very expansive in the heart and thoracic region (mid back). You can see that the student is dumping everything into the lumbar region of the spine. This annoys the spine and makes you cranky. No good.

    Next, Jeanne will show you how to correctly set up the pose by first engaging the core, scooping the pelvis off the floor and creating a hallowing in the belly. Learn to get long. Learn to create more space and expansion in the pose. Sure, this will make the pose more difficult. Yet, it will also allow you to work the diaphragm more, so you can breathe more.

    Try it out...

    Locust Pose

    Let this pose be more about receiving an inhale. If approached in this way, this pose will eventually begin to feel good and expansive and you will be able to receive its many delicious benefits.


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