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  • Fresh Vibes: Arm Balancing Prep, Wrist Therapy, and More!

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    bakasana Crow Poses via Blissed In, The Bexlife Tumblr

    Nail an arm balance.

    Are you fairly new to arm balances? Join Kiyomi for an online yoga class incorporating various core and upper body strengthening and stabilizing poses, combined with hip opening and twisting poses to set you up perfectly for arm balances such as crow pose (bakasana) and eka pada koundinyasana I and II. Enjoy the process to build your strength and confidence as you move through the less intimidating and slightly easier ways to get into these seemingly challenging poses. Be playful and open-minded as you build the mental stamina and strength as well as physical endurance and stability to have the capacity to welcome challenges in your life with grace and ease. (52 mins.)

    Wrist restoration.

    Take time to focus on the smaller parts of your body - your wrists, hands, forearms and elbows - in this online yoga class with Ashley Turner. Taking care of your peripheral parts and all the nerve endings that lie there, which have a direct effect on you inner organs and other systems of you body. These parts tend to hold a lot of tension due to all of our computer work, texting, and even all of those chaturangas, and they could use some extra attention to help you relax and de-stress. This is a great way to prep your wrists and hands for a forearm balance (pincha mayurasana). (13 mins.)

    Discover the components of Vinyasa. 

    Breath and extension are two of the keys to having a Vinyasa yoga practice. This instructional yoga video with Sean Gray breaks down what vinyasa means, how to use it in your yoga practice, and some of the benefits of practicing this way. By connecting the breath with the movement of the body, you can watch your entire practice expand right in front of your eyes. (19 mins.)

    Hit those 3rd Trimester hot spots.  

    This 15 minute online prenatal yoga class with Olynda Smith is done all standing and at the wall. Hit some of the target areas for this time: the hamstrings, calves, lower back and shoulders. Also, do a few squats at the wall to build up strength. All these poses are great to learn so you can do them on your own whenever you like. Throughout the class you'll focus on getting to know and use the breath effectively. (16 mins.)

    Stretchy, stretchy.

    Enjoy 60 minutes of stretching, flowing, and centering in this challenging online vinyasa yoga class with Goldie Oren! In this well-sequenced practice, you will use every inch of your space, including turning to face the back of the mat, flipping the dog, and the opportunity to deepen your poses when you repeat the entire sequence. There will be many opportunities to open the hamstrings and hips in poses, including Warrior 2, extended side angle, and several pyramid poses (parsvottanasana). The class includes shoulder openers like binding in cow face (gomukasana) arms, wrapping in eagle (garudasana) arms, dolphin pose, and the backbend bow pose. During the last dolphin, you will also have the opportunity to practice headstand, or prep for headstand, by lifting one leg, then the other, to build strength. End the flow by melting into a long pigeon pose before letting go completely into savasana. (62 mins.)

    Lots to love, yogis. Enjoy!


  • Fresh Vids & Vibes: Heart Healers, Heat Builders, Hanumanasana and More!

    What are the latest offerings on YogaVibes?

    Unlock the Locus of Intuition.

    heart openers

    • Heart Opening Flow with Alexa Lane // Focus on stretching the trunk of the body and expanding the chest in this mixed-levels online Vinyasa flow class. Explore intense side stretching poses, triangle, revolved triangle, dancer pose, and camel pose. End with a seated cool down followed by savasana. (29 mins.)
    • Restorative Heart Opening with Gigi Yogini // Enjoy an opportunity to deeply relax and open your heart to expand your lung capacity and increase blood flow in your body. Explore lots of variations to find what works for you in this restorative online yoga practice. (18 mins.)


    Crank UP the Heat.


    • Xen Strength Yoga with Weights Core Balance Challenge with Danielle Diamond // Build heat with a longer warm up, including Sun Salutations with a twist. A creative sequence of standing poses will test your balance. Added upper body work will tack on an extra challenge by forcing you to engage your core while balancing. Finish with a quick cardio shot before melting into pigeon. Have a pair of light hand weights available or do it without! (29 mins.)
    • Get Up & Go! with Sean Gray // Work in a full practice amidst a busy day. Open up some major areas of the body - spine, hips, and shoulders - while activating the core, restoring balance, focusing the mind, and building lots of energy through deep breathing and constant engagement. Get your heart pumping! (45 mins.)


    Slow Your Roll.


    • Vinyasa Slow Flow into Hanumanasana with Cristi Christensen at Exhale Spa // In this online yoga class, you will start reclining. Relax and find your center before moving into core work, reclining hip openers, and twists. Warm up the body with a series of free form movements. Continue to generate heat with slow Sun Salutation variations, twists, and standing balances before having the opportunity to practice hanumanasana and an arm balance. End with a series of seated hip openers before settling into savasana. (88 mins.)

    Delve into the newness, yogis. Unlock hidden potential. Elevate your vibe that much more.

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