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    YogaVibes is excited to partner with Margaux Permutt – a Hatha Yoga teacher based in Los Angeles, CA. Margaux’s online yoga videos combine many aspects of the Hatha Yoga tradition and draw upon a myriad of influences from her teachers and guides. Through mindful flows, restorative postures, breath work, meditation, and small controlled therapeutic movements, Margaux's teaching aims to bring union to the mind and body, body and breath, and breath and spirit. She strives to provide her students with a safe environment in which they can heal, grow, and transform.

    YogaVibes is delighted to offer you a selection of online yoga videos with Margaux, featuring therapeutic flows, chair yoga videos, and some Sun Salutation sweetness.

    Chair Yoga

    Chair Yoga Break (28 minutes)

    This online yoga class is designed for those who spend a lot of time sitting, driving, or at a computer. Open up the joints in the shoulders and wrists while stretching the delicate muscles of the neck. This restorative practice is suitable for beginners and those with injuries.

    Yoga Therapy for Healthy Joints (21 minutes)

    Bring synovial fluid back into all the joints of the body. In this online yoga class, learn simple exercises to get the creaky, snap-crackle-pop out of the joints! This restorative practice ends with some targeted movements to strengthen the lower back and open the front of the chest. It’s suitable for all levels, beginners included.

    Basic Sun Salutation (18 minutes)

    This is a slow flow aimed to make Sun Salutations accessible to beginner yogis, those with injuries, and those desiring to build strength. It is also a great reminder for more advanced students to bring their practice back to the source. Get ready to ground, open the heart, and move forward with stability in some Vinyasa yoga online.

    Sun Salutation Preparation (12 minutes)

    This online yoga class is great for beginners, but also those with wrist or shoulder injuries that need modifications for Sun Salutations. The goal is to strengthen and prepare the body for Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation), but it can be practiced on its own over and over again. This class is great for women looking to build upper body strength and anyone looking to find a strong foundation and ease in their practice.

    YogaVibes also offers free online yoga video with Margaux, featuring a collection of restorative Chair Yoga classes. Enjoy an easy chair yoga sequence to boost your energy, stretch your hamstrings and lower back, exercise your wrists, elbows, and shoulders, and release tension in the neck. These online yoga videos are perfect to practice at home, at the office, or anywhere you wish!

    Heal, grow, and transform with some yoga online!


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