• The Secret to Deepening Your Practice

    uddiyana bandha

    For the more seasoned of practitioners, you’ll already be familiar with this subtle, yet powerful energetic element of the practice.

    One word:


    Bandhas are extremely beneficial and hold the power to take your practice to the next level, inspiring many asana Aha! moments along the way!

    But first, if you’re unfamiliar, what the heck are these things?

    Bandha simply means lock. Bandhas are locks or points of engagement created in areas of the physical body during the yoga practice.

    These bandhas are a great way to align the body, connect mind and body with breath, strengthen the core, quiet the mind, and increase flexibility. The bandhas bring greater awareness to the practice, to the breath, and to the spine. By engaging these locks, you can greatly improve your posture while sitting, standing, walking, transitioning from pose to pose in the practice - anytime, anywhere!

    Sean Gray’s instructional online yoga video will shed light on two of the major - and probably most accessible - bandhas to further and deepen your personal practice.

    First, work with mula bandha - the root lock - which involves the engagement of the pelvic floor muscles or perineum. Next, work with uddiyana bandha - the belly lock - which engages the lower abdominal muscles. The belly lock helps to completely empty out the lungs. Get everything out so you can enjoy a full inhale, which allows you to receive more oxygen, more energy, and more prana! This bandha also helps to cultivate strength of the core. Both bandhas strongly lift and lengthen the spine.

    Using your breath to assist the process, you’ll take a look at some simple poses in this online yoga practice. Bringing the bandhas into play, you'll experiment with Downward Dog, Warrior I, Warrior II, Paschimottanasana, Janu Sirsasana A, and Konasana. Feel energy lifting up, promoting better alignment of the spine and more length in the posture.

    Experiment, engage, and enjoy the bandhas.

    Eventually, you'll see results in your asana practice and beyond!


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  • Sigrid Matthews on Tapas

    tapas yoga

    Tapas: Creating physical heat and enthusiasm to practice and burn out any limitations that are hindering your progress forward.

    Thirty minutes to cleanse your body, mind, and soul!

    So many times we decide not to do something (like practice yoga) because we feel pressed for time. We decide that we'll wait until we have a full 90 minutes to take class and then the days may get away from us and we haven't been on the mat in weeks. One of the most important philosophical ideas in yoga is tapas. Tapas is referenced in Patanjali's yoga sutras as one of the "self" (niyama) actions that we choose to do in our quest for peace and enlightenment. Yoga always asks us to be regular, dedicated, and practicing all forms of yoga (kindness, compassion, nonviolence, service, asana, pranayama, meditation, etc.) on a daily basis.

    Somewhere along the way it was decided that a daily asana practice had to be 90 minutes long. From a fitness standpoint, this simply isn't true. In fact, more and more scientific evidence points to 20 or 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity as the optimal way to enhance strength and endurance. And, the best part, is this is infinitely more achievable. As we get into the groove of a daily practice whether it be 15 minutes or an hour and a half the more we reap the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of this powerful practice.

    Focused Flow Yoga Cardio Boost was specifically designed to multi task so that you could skip your walk, run, or spin and raise your heart rate effectively while practicing asana and building strength. This particular online yoga class does get the large muscles of the legs moving to raise the heart rate (like you would on a bike) so the standing postures become flow postures as well as utilizing sun salutations to rev the entire system and tone the upper body and boost the core.

    The very essence of Cardio Boost, and the underlying theme is tapas and fire. We use kapalabhati (skull shining breath) and the image of fire throughout the practice to tap into the ancient wisdom of yoga. While it is so very important to keep the body fit and strong to take on what we must off of the mat, we always want to honor the focus yoga gives us on the mat to create a balance, serenity, and an attitude of gratitude off of the mat.

    I bow to the light in you. Shanti.


    To practice Sigrid's short, yet thorough online yoga practice, click on the yoga video below!  

    cardio yoga

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  • Fresh Vibes: Get in the Mood for Yoga with Jeanne Heileman

    Get the latest vibes!



    Los Angeles based Yoga teacher, Jeanne Heileman. She rocks asana and red boots and we dig it.


    A quick rundown of this alignment-based Vinyasa yoga slow flow…

    Jeanne's online yoga classes are typically strong, with clear instruction, and set in a playful environment, focused to discover a deeper meaning to one's practice. This online yoga class is no exception. Short and sweet, this online yoga practice will move your body in a gentle, yet energetic way. By the end of this practice, we promise that you’ll have a refreshed perspective on life and that your breathing will feel more expansive and effortless. This will help you to feel better all around. (17 mins.)


    This online yoga video was filmed in Gigi Yogini’s “Secret Studio” out in LA, California.

    yoga online


    Before a longer practice.

    When you don’t feel like getting on your mat.

    When you don't wanna yoga, but know you should yoga.

    When you’re short on time, but still need to work in some flow.

    When you have no juice left for a crazy, intense practice.


    To feel sweet and wonderful, to get in the mood for your personal practice, or to get in a practice when you’re swamped with work and other obligations.

    And finally…how?

    Easy. Click on the yoga video below to get it on with your practice.

    vinyasa yoga

  • Class Review: Master Sadhana Practice with Sri Dharma Mittra

    The deets.

    • Filming Location: Dharma Yoga New York Center, NYC
    • Style: Vinyasa Yoga
    • Intensity: Level 3 = Advanced Yoga Video (highly recommended for regular practitioners and yoga teachers)
    • Focus: Arm Balancing + Inversions Yoga, Backbends, Twists, Crazy Sweaty Flow
    • Average Rating: 5/5

    pinchamayurasana forearm balance

    Sri Dharma Mittra beautifully striking a Pincha Mayurasana variation.

    On the teacher.

    One word: Legendary.

    Yogi Sri Dharma Mittra first encountered yoga as a teenager before meeting his Guru in 1964 and beginning his training in earnest. In 1975, Dharma Mittra founded one of the early independent schools of yoga in New York City and has since taught hundreds of thousands all over the world. Now, you can practice with this bonafide yoga master, too!

    On the class.

    This online yoga class presents elements of the Dharma III-IV Shiva Namaskara Vinyasa: a challenging, yet graceful and meditative posture series steeped in 50 years of Sri Dharma Mittra's experience of the classical tradition. One of the joys of Master Sadhana is exploring variations of Sri Dharma Mittra's advanced postures you may not encounter anywhere else in the world today, as well as instruction on how to take the steps necessary to acquire these postures. This online yoga video features guided Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Deep Relaxation.

    Expect this online yoga practice to quiet your turbulent mind so as to experience the peace, contentment and realization of the Divinity already present within you. (74 mins.)

    What people are saying.

    • A complete and devotional practice. It has changed my life. From depressed and overweight to blissed and healthily in my body. It all turned around when I started practicing Dharma Yoga. Thank you Sri Dharma Mittra.
    • Thank you very much Sri Dharma Mittra and everybody involved in the realization of being able to take his class online...This will be exactly what will get me back on the track of yoga after being though an operation last year.
    • How wonderful to be able to practice with my teacher's words and Master postures anytime. This practice demonstrates the traditional essence of the yoga practice and success requires demanding reverence to the teacher as it should be. This is true Dharma and I am grateful.
    • beautiful class... I couldn't do a lot of the poses like scorpion or headstand, but I found the class inspiring and moving. I feel amazing.
    • Excellent class for those seeking a traditional eastern style of yoga with a bit more oomph than your usual American yoga class. As a Dharma student in NY, the class was very true to his regular teachings. Loved it!

     dharma mittra yoga

    For more inspiring practices with Sri Dharma Mittra, check out his ever-growing collection of online yoga videos.

  • Learn to Headstand!


    Supported Headstand (Salamba Sirsasana) is celebrated as "The King of all Asana" because of its incredibly powerful health and energetic benefits.

    Benefits of Headstand:

    • Calms a busy brain
    • Eases stress and softens mild depression
    • Stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands
    • Fortifies the arms, legs, and spine
    • Boosts lung strength
    • Tones up the belly muscles
    • Enhances digestion
    • Relieves symptoms of menopause
    • Provides good therapy for asthma, infertility, insomnia, and sinusitis

    With benefits such as these, why aren’t all yogis stop, droppin, and rockin’ Headstand all the time?

    One word: Fear.

    Turning your world upside down can be disorienting and scary. But it’s nothing that you can’t overcome with a devoted, dedicated practice.

    Now, there’s no shame in using the wall to support you in Headstand, but one day you gotta let go of that crutch. After awhile, the wall is no longer serving you. The following online yoga sequence, led by Justin Michael Williams, is designed to bring you away from the wall and into open space.

    In this online yoga video, you will learn the basics of how to Headstand, including how to create a strong, solid foundation, so you can begin practicing this pose in the center of the room. This online yoga class is suitable for all levels, but if you're new to practicing headstand, it is recommended that you practice against a wall (or with a trustworthy partner!) and slowly begin to move away as you build adequate strength of the body (especially the core!) and internalize the proper alignment. (16 mins.)

    how to headstand

    But don’t stay at that wall forever! Boooooring. Keep inching away until one day you float your feet up like it ain’t no thing.

    Image courtesy of Himalayan Connections Students

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