• 10 Reasons to Go on Gigi Yogini's Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

    side plank pose

    You've tuned into her online yoga videos time and time again.

    And you want more.


    Because if you've practiced yoga online with Gigi Yogini, you know she's a joyous, empowering force, emitting a sea of good vibes that can be felt even through this virtual yoga-sphere.

    So, you can only imagine what it'd be like to practice with her in the flesh.

    Probably awesome, right?

    No, definitely awesome.

    Well, here's your chance. If you're seeking an adventure jam-packed with elevating vibes, Gigi's upcoming retreat is calling you!


    Going on my first yoga retreat to Costa Rica in 2008 was a major turning point in my life. I was so inspired that now I lead annual yoga adventures for my students around the world. These are truly transformative experiences and I believe that anyone who enjoys a lifestyle of health and wellness can greatly benefit from a yoga retreat.

    Here are 10 Reasons to Join Me in Costa Rica:


    1. Take your yoga to the next level. Practicing yoga regularly can be challenging if you have a busy schedule. But when you’re on a retreat with me, you’ll have 2 classes offered each day so not only will your practice progress but you will also see the positive effects more quickly.
    2. Get a new perspective. Going to a new place creates an opportunity to see the world, and yourself, in a new light. Experiencing the unknown, whether it's a new place, schedule, food or activity, is an accelerated way to grow and learn.
    3. You'll *actually* meditate. When you have extended free time, it’s a lot easier to meditate. No cell phone buzzing or boss reminding you about deadlines. On a retreat, it feels a lot more natural to breathe deeply and be present in the moment.
    4. Enjoy a digital detox. One of my favorite things about a retreat is shutting off my technology. While the retreat center where I'm hosting my retreat has wifi, you won’t feel the constant need to  check your phone to tweet, text, update facebook or call friends. It feels good to unplug.
    5. Relax and de-stress. Sometimes we have to be far from home to give ourselves the permission to truly relax. Being on a retreat allows you to listen to your body, rest when you need it, and be free from external stress.
    6. Eat well without the work. My retreats are all inclusive and guests get three healthy and delicious meals a day without the need to find recipes, go grocery shopping, prepare the food, or clean up. Getting the nutrition you need has never been easier. All the work is done for you.
    7. Replace old habits. The best way to break a bad habit is to replace it with a new healthy one. When you get out of your regular routine for a week, you can replace unhealthy habits with conscious new behaviors that support you in being your best self.
    8. Make new friends. Undeniably, you will meet individuals with similar interests. Even if you go alone (which I did my first time), you have a chance to make friends with people from around the world who you might know for the rest of your life.
    9. You'll appreciate home. While a week in paradise is always nice, we often come home with a refreshed appreciation for life. You feel happier, healthier, and re-energized to jump back into your routine with new vigor. Heck, it might even feel fun.
    10. You deserve it! Thoreau said: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.” While this quote might be on your refrigerator, chances are you make excuses about why you can’t YET. Often times the excuses are about money, time or circumstances but guess what, you deserve a break. You work hard for a reason and you can always find reasons why you should or should not do something. The key to happiness is deciding what you really want and making it happen. No excuses.

    You deserve to invest in yourself.

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  • Fresh Vibes: Backbending Basics, Core Workouts & More!

    We have a new line-up of online yoga videos bound to satisfy just about any yogi.

    Alignment-based? Check.

    Vinyasa? Check?

    On the restorative side? Check.

    Core workouts? Check.

    Awesomeness? Check!

    Delve into the Backbending Basics...


    Transforming the Body and Mind: Yoga Basics Asymmetrical Backbends with Darcy Lyon

    Backbends open the lungs, expand the chest, free the spine and support new patterns of lightness and fullness within. Asymmetrical backbends are particularly informative as they reveal imbalances you may not know you have in your physical structure. In this foundational online yoga video filmed live at Yoga Tree, you’ll balance steadiness with expansion as you journey through progressive asymmetrical backbends. (57 mins.)

    Backbends, Belly Backbends & Nataraja with Sarah Faircloth

    Welcome to the first of three backbend classes in a series that will take you through the basics of the level 2 syllabus of the Anusara Yoga style. In this online yoga class, you will practice backbends, belly backbends and Nataraja arms: mermaids, pigeons and dancers. This class is challenging, yet the accessible teaching style of step-by-step instructions will make the poses approachable and doable. (87 mins.)

    Fire Up Your Navel yoga classes

    The Complete Yoga Core Strength Program with Kino MacGregor

    The integration of deep core strength is a key component in every yoga practice. Developing the muscles that line the interior space of the pelvis will support the torso to help you maintain good posture and a healthy back. No matter how beginner or advanced you are, this online yoga practice offers you a complete yoga program to develop and train your core strength. For regular yoga practitioners, this will be an intense practice aimed at burning away obstacles along the inner body. For new students, this will be an intro into the power of true core strength. (52 mins.)

    Lighting the Flame with Kate Duyn Cariati

    This Divali-inspired Level 2/3 online yoga flow (with Rama references throughout) features Archer Pose and creative bow variations. Twist into revolved standing and arm balancing poses to awaken the fire of your navel center. End in Yoga Dandasana and an asymmetrical scorpion variation. (87 mins.)

    Take it sloooooooow…

    Restore & Balance: Slow Flow with Cristi Christensen

    In this slow moving Vinyasa flow, Cristi will guide you to honor new beginnings and lift barriers so you can connect more fully with the divine essence of yourself. This is a great practice to kickstart your day! Start in a supine, restorative position and warm up with slow Sun Salutations and a standing flow. Finish with a long pigeon pose, seated twists and savasana. (90 mins.)

    Slow Down & Reset with Stacey Rosenberg

    Press your reset button in this deeply grounding online yoga practice filmed live at Yoga Tree. Working literally from the ground up, you will open your hips in an innovatively sequenced practice that utilizes long holds and dynamic engagement in poses. Find ease and freedom by strongly working the foundation of poses. (71 mins.)

    What strikes your fancy? 

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  • Yoga to Relieve Cold Symptoms

    viparita karani Legs-Up-the-Wall pose is good for almost anything that ails you, including respiratory ailments and headaches.  

    Are you a sniffling, sneezing mess?

    I feel ya.

    I’ve been hit hard. Real hard.

    Body aches. Headaches. Scratchy, dry throat. Low energy. Exhaustion. The works.

    And it sucks hard. Real hard.

    But what sucks even more is not being able to keep on keepin’ on with a normal yoga practice. Because when a plague like this hits, it’s super hard to practice yoga at a normal pace or intensity as I'm sure you've discovered or will discover at some point.

    While my natural tendency is to assume the no-pain-no-gain mindset and bust out my practice anyways, I know (thanks to the heightened awareness that yoga has granted) that this would not be in my best interest.

    Heck, I can’t even breathe through my nose! And when you can’t breathe, that’s a telltale sign that it’s best to back off.

    But that doesn’t mean you have to back off from your personal practice entirely. In fact, a bit of yoga could do you good and work wonders for your healing process.

    So yesterday, instead of doing the sweaty, intense Ashtanga Yoga practice I so craved, I listened to my body’s needs and tuned into Ashley Turner’s restorative online yoga class: Yoga to Relieve Cold Symptoms.

    This short online yoga practice is designed to help you increase the flow of oxygen throughout your body and get your prana moving when hit with a cold. You will practice a series of gentle yoga poses that can be held for longer periods (up to 15 minutes) if you are able. The therapeutic postures introduced in this online yoga video will help to:

    • Bring energy to your head and respiratory area.
    • Unclog your sinuses.
    • Expand your chest area to facilitate breathing.
    • Quiet your internal organs.
    • Relax your mind.
    • Release physical and stress-based tension.

    Be sure to listen up to your body and take extra breaths if necessary. Expect to finish feeling more energetic, less congested, and less foggy. Before you press play, make sure to grab all of your prop comforts, including a bolster (or bed pillow), one or more blankets, and/or an eye pillow. (yoga video time = 21 mins.)

    yoga for colds

    Take it easy & be well! 

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  • Strike A Pose: Hanumanasana (Yoga Splits!)

    Ready to stretch it out? Like really stretch it out?

    Well, here’s your online yoga opportunity to bend it like it's hot.


    Tune into Kino MacGregor’s free online yoga video demoing Hanumanasana - the Yoga Splits - a movement that is introduced in the Ashtanga Yoga Third Series and is meant as a preparation for deep backbends.

    In this online yoga video you will explore the traditional way to enter and exit the yoga splits in Ashtanga Yoga.

    Instead of just hanging out in the posture - as is oftentimes the case - you will practice the splits in combination with a full Vinyasa and conscious breathing.

    In doing so, you will build strength and structural integrity, cultivate a deep connection to your core, and create more openness in your hips to bring more energy into the pelvis.

    Be careful and conscious about over-stretching. Don't try this unless you are open enough and have enough body intelligence. If you are ready and open, don’t rush the process! Proceed cautiously and consciously without force or strain. And most importantly, keep breathing!


    ashtanga yoga video

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  • Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners

    New to the practice of yoga?

    New to the Ashtanga Yoga method?

    Don’t know where to start your journey?

    Easy. Start here.

    Below, find 3 beginner-friendly Ashtanga yoga videos led by the awe-inspiring, Kino MacGregor.

    yogavibes yoga videos

    First, learn the basics...

    Try Kino's Ashtanga Yoga Basics, exploring the sun salutations and standing postures.

    This is the perfect place to learn the basics of the Ashtanga Yoga method. The Sun Salutations and Standing Postures form the fundamental postures and practice of all Ashtanga Yoga students. Kino MacGregor will lead you through the postures with a focus on healthy alignments and coordination of breath with movement. The Ashtanga Yoga practice is built on three points, known in Sanskrit as the Tristana method. The postures, the breath and the focal point give your mind and body a specific set of instructions to train the body and calm the mind. Use this online yoga practice to build up your Ashtanga Yoga Basics. Be prepared to sweat! (32 mins.)

    And when you’re ready to take it a little deeper...

    Try Kino’s full Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series for beginners.

    This is the perfect online yoga class for when you are ready to up the ante, but do not consider yourself ready for the full on Ashtanga Primary Series. Kino talks you through the practice at a nice easy pace with lots of instructions and modifications as needed to make the Ashtanga Yoga practice accessible for all levels. You will start off with the Sun Salutations, continue with the Standing Postures, explore a few key Seated Postures, try out Backbends and end with basic Closing Postures. Fit beginners who are inspired to try a one hour practice, are encouraged and welcome to start with this Ashtanga yoga sequence. (63 mins.)

    And for a more therapeutic experience...

    Try Kino’s Ashtanga Yoga Therapeutics class, focusing on opening up the inner thighs.

    Discover all the secrets of your pelvis and find strength and flexibility in your hips. If your inner thighs are tight, this can lead to injury in the knees, tightness in the hips and tension in the inner organs. Key meridians for the kidneys, pancreas, and gall bladder all run through the inner thighs. By targeting the inner thighs in this online yoga class, you will free up stuck energy in the body and become healthier and more flexible. Opening your hips is part of the inner journey that awakens your natural state of flexibility and strength. Take this beginner yoga sequence as an addition to a regular Ashtanga practice or as a therapeutic practice on its own. Appropriate for all levels. (50 mins.)

    Don't put off your practice any longer. Take a leap of faith and dive in!

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