• Beginner Yoga Video: End of Day Practice

    end of day yoga

    You’ve made it to the end of another long, busy day.

    OK. Now what?

    Well, before you put on your comfy yoga pants and morph into a couch potato with your de-stressor substance of choice, or before you hit the hay, give your body, brain, and spirit a chance to marinate in all of the bliss and benefits of yoga.

    Join Yoga Tree teacher, Stacey Rosenberg, for the ideal end of the day online yoga practice. In this relaxing yoga sequence, you will reconnect to your breath as you unwind and release all of the tension and madness of your day. Featuring engaged core work and hamstring, hip, and shoulder openers, this online yoga video will help you regroup and reclaim your energy to settle into your evening with ease in preparation for a deep, delicious sleep. (33 mins.)

    end of the day yoga practice

    Relax your energetically-charged body.

    Quiet the winds of your mind.

    Melt stress.

    Sleep sweet.

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  • Fresh Vibes: Meditate. Integrate. Elevate.

    meditation online

    Dear Yogis,

    How ya'll doin'?

    Thanking whoever you thank for Friday? Psssh, I bet.

    There's lots of deliciousness on our updated online yoga menu, so go ahead and...

    Experiment. Experience. Enjoy.

    Legs for days.

    Legs Rule Supreme with Gwen Lawrence

    Sculpt and strengthen your stride! Join Gwen for a creative flow with a hybrid functional strength feel. This more energetic online yoga class will guide you to link breath with movement through a set of postures, dynamic holds, and core exercises. Target your legs, quads and hamstrings. Find stability and openness in your legs to protect your knees and hips. Practice this challenging, yet accessible, Vinyasa yoga class to get your heart rate going and your energy flowing! (62 mins.)


    Vinyasa Yoga to Connect to the Beauty of the Invisible with Jason Bowman

    According to classical yoga, the body and mind are inseparable from each other. The asana practice is a tool to disentangle the internal knots that make it difficult to appreciate the intimacy in which these two things relate. In this intermediate Vinyasa yoga video (filmed live at Yoga Tree), you will develop awareness of patterns of sensation in the body. Learn how to take residence in your body by simply feeling all the things that are invisible inside. Teach the nervous system how to remain graceful in all the movements of life. (78 mins.)

    Take a peek inside.

    Guided Meditation with Kino MacGregor

    Sometimes even the asana practice that we all love can be so physical that it is distracting for the deepest state of concentration and absorption. Tune into this guided meditation to begin the inner journey of mental fortitude that is the end goal of all yoga practice. Take the time to quiet, steady, and calm your mind. Anyone can benefit from meditation, not just advanced yoga practitioners. A calm mind makes for a happy life and we all want that! (15 mins.)

    yoga videos online


    The Complete Yoga Core Strength Program with Kino MacGregor

    Deep core strength is a key component in every yoga practice. Developing your core muscles helps you to maintain good posture and a healthy back. No matter how beginner or advanced you are, this online yoga video offers you a comprehensive practice to boost your core strength. For regular yoga practitioners, this will be an intense practice aimed at burning away obstacles along the inner body. For new students, this will be an intro into the power of true core strength. Get ready to sweat! (52 mins.)

    Invert yo’self.

    Opening to Pincha Mayurasana: SmartFLOW Level 2/3 Practice with Tiffany Russo

    This well-rounded, alignment-focused SmartFLOW is perfect if you’re looking to deepen or challenge your practice. Focus on inner thigh work and shoulder openers, as you move through this booty kickin’ practice which preps you for the peak pose of forearm balance (pincha mayurasana). (88 mins.)

    Enjoy your practice!


  • Class Review: Morning Quick Flow with Justin Michael Williams

    The Deets

    • Filming Location: Gigi Yogini’s Secret Studio, Los Angeles, California
    • Style: Vinyasa Yoga
    • Intensity: Level 1 = All-levels + Beginner Yoga Video
    • Focus: Crazy Sweaty Flow 
    • Average Rating: 5/5

    radiant warrior pose

    On the teacher.

    Justin Michael Williams is a yoga instructor and social media guru. He is fun, playful, and offers a powerful workout not only for your body, but for your mind and spirit as well. His online yoga classes balance ecstatic energy and sweet relaxation. By incorporating elements of Pilates, strength training, and traditional Vinyasa yoga, he provides a truly unique online yoga experience that will transform your body and take your personal practice to the next level.

    On the class.

    Okay, the sun is up. You’re up. Now what?

    A shot of espresso? News perusing? The snooze button?


    Rise and shine with movement and breath!

    This dynamic online yoga class will open up your energy channels so you can begin your day with strength and clarity. If you’re a yogi on the go and craving a quick, yet effective way to kickstart the day, this is the perfect morning yoga routine for you! (27 mins.)

    What people are saying.

    • Great way to start the day - even for a real beginner like me. Thanks, Justin!
    • Even a good afternoon pick me upper!!!!
    • A lovely, joint lubricating start to the day.
    • A nice, light energizing practice to start the day. Perfect for tight, cold muscles. I love Justin's calm demeanor and positive vibe.

    vinyasa yoga online

    For more of Justin's energizing yoga elixirs, check out his expanding collection of online yoga videos on YogaVibes!

  • Special YogaVibes Discount: 20% Off Annual Class Pass!

    filming yoga videos

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    That means 365 days devoid of excuses not to practice. Because YogaVibes puts virtual nirvana at your fingertips and offers yoga online appropriate for just about any occasion!

    YogaVibes frees you to take yoga wherever you are, whenever you want so you can get whatever you need. No more worries about making it to class or getting in your practice - you can stream our online yoga videos at the office, at home, at the airport, on vacation - anywhere, anytime!


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  • Yoga for Killer Legs

    warrior poses

    Want that strong, sculpted, sexy stride?

    Well, step away from the squat rack and onto your yoga mat for a powerful leg workout.

    There’s no need to be an eternal slave to the gym and all of its strength-building machines and trinkets. All you need is your own body weight and a set of standing and balancing poses to shape up your lower limbs.

    Unlike weightlifting, which tends to target particular muscle groups, yoga's standing and balancing postures work to condition all muscles of the legs, often strengthening and stretching the muscles simultaneously. This simultaneous action overtime (eccentric contraction) gives your muscles that sleek, elongated yogi look as opposed to that compact, bulky weightlifter look. What’s more, standing poses have therapeutic applications. These yoga poses strengthen the muscles that protect the knee, hip, and ankle joints to help strengthen your physical foundation.

    To power up your legs, join Gwen Lawrence in her newest online yoga video: Legs Rule Supreme.

    Gwen’s signature style of creative Vinyasa combines a hybrid functional strength feel. A more energetic style of yoga, this leg day workout will guide you to link breath with movement through a challenging sequence of postures, dynamic holds, and core exercises. Placing heavy emphasis on standing postures, this online yoga class will target your legs, quads and hamstrings. Work on finding your stability and opening up the legs. Strengthen the muscles that protect your knee and hip joints. Anticipate a challenging, yet accessible, online yoga experience designed to get your legs burning and your heart pumping. (62 mins.)

    yoga for legs

    Keep up this legs-for-days flow and you’ll walk away with a strong, sexy stride in no time!

    Image Credit: Warrior II by Christine Hewitt Photography (

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