Yoga for Athletes with Gwen Lawrence

We are excited to announce our expanding collection of online yoga videos with Power Yoga for Sports creator, Gwen Lawrence.

power yoga for sports

On top of being celebrated for her sports-specific training program, Gwen is also the yoga instructor for 5 pro teams in New York, including the New York Giants, New York Knicks, New York Red Bulls, and the New York Rangers, in addition to major college teams such as Yale and UNC.

Legit, right?

Why YogaVibes?

"I spoke with several channels to partner with and when I met and spoke to the founder, Brian Ratte, I instantly connected to his honesty and loyalty,” says Gwen. “I knew I could have a partnership and friendship that would be loyal and trustworthy. They feel like a family."

In the upcoming year, Gwen will be adding yoga videos of various lengths and themes to our online yoga collection. What’s more, Gwen will be offering YogaVibes subscribers exclusive access to the next phase of her Power Yoga for Sports video content. We will now be the *only* online realm sharing these strong, sports-specific workouts!

The 2014 lineup will feature the following:

  • Power Yoga for Sports - Pitchers Edition
  • Power Yoga for Sports - Basketball edition
  • Power Yoga for Sports - Wrestlers edition
  • Power Yoga for Sports - Skiers Edition
  • Power Yoga for Sports - Hockey Edition
  • Power Yoga for Sports - Equestrian Edition
  • Power Yoga for Sports - Swimmers Edition

“I am so excited to get more content out there for my practitioners and for my athletes all over the world,” says Gwen.

We are just as excited!!

In the meantime, check out Gwen's newest online yoga class - the Hips are Alive with the Sound of Breath and Stretch. Work your hips in every direction to ease knee pain, increase flexibility, and boost strength in this challenging, hour-long Vinyasa yoga video.

hip openers

Stay tuned for the special editions, launching soon!


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