Class Review: Power Yoga for Sports (Runners Edition) with Gwen Lawrence

The deets.

  • Style: Power Yoga for Sports (Vinyasa)
  • Intensity: Level 1 = All Levels Online Yoga Video
  • Focus: Athletes, Runners, Beginners, Hip Openers, Yoga for Men
  • Average Rating: 5/5

pincha mayurasana

On the teacher.

Gwen's unique combination of dance, massage and yoga training experience, coupled with her extensive knowledge of anatomy and nutrition, offers students overwhelming benefits. Gwen is the yoga instructor for 5 Pro teams in New York, including the New York Giants, New York Knicks, New York Red Bulls, and the New York Rangers, in addition to major college teams such as Yale and UNC. She is well-known for her sports-specific Power Yoga for Sports flows (many of which are featured in our online yoga collection!) and training programs.

On the class.

This online yoga class is the perfect complement for all runners, from the avid runner to the weekend warrior. Running can create a very tight lower half and can take its toll on the body. This yoga video features deep stretches and long holds, so you can really dig in, dissolve tension and tightness, and get faster results. You will learn to notice imbalances, so you can address them before they lead to injury. (28 mins.)

What people are saying.

  • "My legs are always more relaxed after this class, thanks!"
  • "Great practice. Excellent stretch for very tight lower body. Gwen has a great voice…" 

yoga for runners

For more sports-specific flows with Gwen, check out her ever-growing collection of online yoga classes.

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