Class Review: Core Flow to Bhujapidasana with Sarah Ezrin

The deets.

Filming Location: Los Angeles, California Style: Vinyasa Slow Flow Length: 47 minutes Intensity: Level 2 = Moderate Intensity Focus: Arm Balances, Core, Alignment-Based Props: Block + Blanket Recommended Average Rating: 5/5

On the teacher.

Sarah Ezrin delivers what I’m going to call a “subtle a** kick.” Her Vinyasa flows, though slow moving and incredibly mindful, are surprisingly challenging. Plus, she’s an alignment-cuing queen. Her stellar and precise instructions, combined with her intelligent sequencing, will allow you to work into postures with greater depth and awareness.

flip dog pose

On the class.

  • A Plank Party. True to its name, this class is heavy on the core work. Get prepared to plug in the belly and settle into lots of plank holds.
  • Shoulder Snuggling Action. Spoiler alert: The peak pose of this Vinyasa slow flow is Bhujapidasana, which translates as shoulder pressing pose. Don’t worry. Before you reach the summit, you’ll do some preparative training to make this arm balancing asana more accessible. If you can’t reach the summit today, there are still places you can work and play.
  • Slow Your Roll. This class is an opportunity to slooooow down. This doesn’t, however, make this experience any easier than a fast moving Vinyasa class. In fact, in many ways, it ups the intensity. Expect to really settle into poses, deeply connect to your breath, and sustain longer holds to build your endurance.
  • Instruction Heavy. Expect lots of awesome cues and options for various modifications on more advanced poses. There’s a lot to absorb in this class, which is why I recommend practicing it more than once. It really sets the stage for solid alignment and proper core engagement.

ab workouts

What people are saying.

"This is a great video! It was pretty challenging, but not unmanageable. Sarah did a great job of explaining Bhujapidasana when it was time to try that pose!" ~ Nomnso K

From Sarah’s website: Based out of her hometown of Los Angeles, Sarah is a RYT-500. She is trained in Vinyasa Flow and the Ashtanga method, which is her daily practice. Sarah received the YogaWorks certification to conduct teacher trainings in early 2011. Internationally recognized, she teaches workshops and retreats across the globe.

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