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  • Yoga for Cardio

    yoga for cardio

    Cardio conditioning has countless benefits. It increases metabolism, improves heart health, detoxifies the body, and leads to greater sustenance in your yoga practice.

    Boost your cardiovascular system with a dose of yoga online!  Here are 3 online yoga videos specifically designed to get your heart rate elevated.

    1. Cardio Quick Flow  with Justin Michael Williams This online yoga class takes the pain out of cardio and brings it to a place you love (or will come to love) - your yoga mat. Be guided through a simple building-block sequence to increase your heart rate and build up your cardiovascular strength. Be ready to sweat and move! (28 mins.)
    2. Cardio Flow with Psalm Isadora Break down the components of the Vinyasa flow, then put them back together. Drilling the vinyasa components creates strength and confidence in your alignment as you build the pace and flow. You will work the core, creating stability and grounding in the vinyasa and preventing typical injuries that can come from weakness and poor habits in this key portion of yoga practice. You will also benefit from greater strength in the arms and legs while warming up the hips and spine. This yoga video is short, sweet, sweaty and to the point! (47 mins.)
    3. Xen Strength Cardio Challenge with Danielle Diamond In this online yoga with weights class with Danielle Diamond, you will be encouraged to work toward your edge and challenge yourself, while still honoring precise alignment and your current skill level. Danielle incorporates light weights into a playful Vinyasa flow and in this online yoga class, you will experience a cardio challenge to sculpt, lengthen, and work every muscle group while burning lots of calories! Have a pair of light weights (3-5 pounds) available. (41 mins.)


    Get movin’, yogis!

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  • Presenting SmartFLOW Yoga Online with Tiffany Russo

    We are incredibly excited to offer SmartFLOW yoga classes online with Tiffany Russo, a senior SmartFLOW teacher at Exhale Spa in Venice, California.

    exhale spa yoga online

    Born and bred in Southern California, Tiffany Russo credits yoga for supplying the yin in her life to counter Los Angeles' yang-like energy. Tiffany completed her 500-hour SmartFLOW teacher training certification under the guidance of her teacher and mentor, Annie Carpenter (another one of our awesome yoga teachers!), and is now honored to share SmartFLOW teachings around the country and on YogaVibes!

    Why YogaVibes?

    “I’m excited to work with YogaVibes, a great online company that has made it possible for anyone and everyone to take a yoga class, right in their own home, or office - whenever," says Tiffany. "It is different from a home practice, in that you are actually following along with your desired teacher as if you were in the real class and, if you don't have a full 90 minutes, there are some great shorter classes for those with a busy day.”

    Follow along with Tiffany in her Warrior SmartFLOW, a well-rounded, evenly-paced Vinyasa practice with detailed alignment instructions. In this online yoga class, Tiffany will instruct a slow, mindful warm up complete with core work, a cat and cow series to lubricate the spine, and Sun Salutations. A standing warrior series will be followed by some plank work and opportunities to practice handstand and crow pose (bakasana). End this online yoga experience with bow pose variations, seated twists, and forward folds. (78 mins.)

    exhale spa yoga online

    To find more SmartFLOW offerings with Tiffany, check out her ever-expanding collection of online yoga videos on YogaVibes.

    To learn more about Tiffany Russo, visit her website

  • Yoga Made Plain and Simple

    “Manifest plainness, embrace simplicity…” ~Lao Tzu


    Featured below, are 3 yoga videos for beginners teaching and embracing simplicity.

    Though simple, these online yoga classes are not necessarily easy. They will, however, formulate the basics in a plain and simple, approachable, and beginner-friendly fashion.

    1. Simple Sun Salutes Join Justin Michael Williams for a breakdown of the foundational elements of the Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar). Surya Namaskar A and B create the backbone of every Vinyasa based yoga practice, so learning these sequences will allow you to step into any yoga class with confidence. Justin will guide you through each pose slowly, followed by an integrated flow practice. Be ready to build up some heat and sweat it out. This is the perfect online yoga class for beginners or intermediate students who are ready to take their practices to the next level. (20 mins.)
    2. Detox Yoga: Simple Twists Dive into a twist series with Margaux Permutt to stimulate internal cleansing. This online yoga practice offers beginning to intermediate twist options sure to leave you feeling "wrung out" and refreshed. This practice emphasizes letting go of that which isn’t serving you, allowing new energy to replace stagnant, unproductive ways of being. (23 mins.)
    3. Ashtanga Made Simple Unlock the magic of Ashtanga Vinyasa in this Ashtanga yoga video exploring breath, bandhas and movement. In this practice, Michael Gannon helps make Ashtanga accessible to all students, including beginners. (65 mins.)

    Even if you aren’t a newbie to yoga, it's still beneficial to take it back to the basics. The more solid your foundation, the stronger your practice.

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  • Halloween Yoga

    To commemorate All-hallows Eve – a tradition filled with mystery and magic – treat yourself to some yoga online before you usher in ghostly vibes, costumes, and sweets.

    yoga skeleton

    Some Magic...

    Primal Core Activation

    This online yoga class, filmed at Bhakti Yoga Shala with Gigi Yogini, awakens Shakti, the manifesting energy of the Universe, with chanting, powerful core strengthening, a dynamic warrior flow and more. It is an exploration of the breath as it rides sacred sound waves and intentional movement, helping us removes obstacles (ghosts perhaps?) like magic. (75 mins.)

    Jivamukti Magic 10

    This online yoga experience with Hollie Sue Mann is a good daily warm-up for a longer asana practice. Also, the Magic 10 is a fantastic way to get in a daily home practice if you're always on the go. It takes about 10 minutes and covers standing asanas, spinal alignment, twists, forward bending, and an inversion! The handstand should be done at the wall, not in the center of the room on a mat, and the neck should hang heavy and long - this is to encourage relaxation and reverse the flow of apana, or downward-flowing prana. Get it all in before trick-or-treating! (10 mins.)

    Some Mystery...

    Forrest Yoga: Journey to the Core

    In this online yoga video, Ana Forrest takes you on a physical and mental journey deep into the core of your own being. You will achieve a heightened sense of awareness through breath and asanas. Use this Forrest Yoga video to connect to your core, shed what is haunting you, keep what is of value and "with a breath of kindness blow the rest away." Challenge and move your core energy into those areas where it has yet to be. Come sweat, breathe deeply and enter the incredible mystery of your core. You will feel cleansed, revived, and alive. Explore Part 1 and Part 2. (147 mins. total)

    Happy Halloween! 

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  • Warm Up for Fall!

    sun salutations


    Get warm and cozy this fall with some yoga!

    Here's a featured lineup of online yoga classes designed to warm up your body in preparation for whatever is coming next, be it a long trail run, a tough climb, a gnarly surf, a hardcore yoga practice...whatever it is that you do.

    1. A Vinyasa Warm Up with Kiyomi Takahashi

      This online yoga class is quick and energizing. Practice first thing in the morning to start the day off strong or practice mid-morning/mid-afternoon for an energy boost. This uplifting flow will surely bring heat to the body and increase your vitality! (19 mins.)

    2. A Spine and Core Warm Up with Danielle Diamond

      Warm up in preparation for a full Vinyasa yoga practice. In this free online yoga video, Danielle will share several yoga exercises to strengthen your core and align the spine. Feel centered in mind and body. (2 mins.)

    3. A Shoulders & Hips Warm Up (Yoga for Dudes) with Chad Moline

      Warm up those tight shoulders and hips! Chad will teach simple shoulder openers, lunges for the hips, and twists for spinal lengthening – all great movements to practice before surfing or other physical activities. (18 mins.)

    4. Warm Up the Body: A Pre-Workout Sequence with Desi Bartlett

      Warm up the muscles – especially the lower extremities – to prep for a run, workout, or yoga practice. In this free yoga video, Desi will share a Sun Salutation variation intended to counterbalance repetitive forward motion. (2 mins.)

    5. Yoga for Runners with Sage Rountree

      Designed for runners, this online yoga class offers simple yoga exercises to practice before a run or other physical activity. Enjoy a dynamic warm up to get the glutes firing and the lower legs ready to run. Practice alignment and concentration exercises to help sharpen your focus during a run or workout. Move through longer holds of poses to stretch the quads, hip flexors, outer hips, inner thighs, and hamstrings. (23 mins.)

    Stay toasty, yogis.

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