Weekend Intention: Wrap Everything in Love

During a very magical yoga class this past week, my teacher shared words with the class that I instantly connected with: Wrap EVERYTHING in love. I’ve been reciting these powerful words silently and aloud since they were shared with me. This newly acquired mantra keeps helping and reminding me to vibrate love in ALL different avenues of my life – to wrap all my experiences and my relationships with friends, family, strangers, yoga, pets, and myself in love. What a beautiful idea, right?


This weekend take some time to think about this mantra and the practice of love. Maybe you are wrapping certain aspects of your life in love and not others. The truth is all experience is an opportunity to share and receive love. I am a firm believer that love is all that truly matters and that’s why these words resonate so highly with me and, I believe, have the potential to resonate highly with you.

But let's face it…the practice of love, though simple, is not easy. Many of us are closed off to giving and receiving love. I was once incredibly closed. Many of us are holding onto past negative experiences, which creates blockages within and leaves no space to receive. I, too, was once packed with blockages. I’m still working through them. I’m sure I’ll always have work to do. I don’t beat myself up over them and nor should you. Love is not always something we lead with because, quite frankly, we don’t know how. Love is a practice. Love is an art. How do you learn it? You practice. You attempt to paint all your experiences and color all your relationships with love. Like any practice, it takes work. LOTS of work.

Without yoga, I’m not sure I would be writing this to you. Yoga opened me. Yoga created space within to receive. Yoga also helped me to let go of my emotional baggage and shed many toxic layers that were getting in the way of my ability to give/accept love. Yoga has so much potential to awaken your own access to love. You just gotta put in the work and allow yoga to do the work on you. It’s not easy work. It’s not always pleasant. It’s re-opening wounds. It’s facing all of that darkness. It’s a struggle, no doubt. But so worth it.

One way to bring light and positivity into your life is to set and state empowering intentions. The reason I resonate so strongly with this intention is because it facilitates the practice of love – and not a selfish or reserved love, but a love that encompasses everything.  Love isn’t something we dish out only to people or things we think deserve it. Love is for everyone and everything. Hence, wrap it all in love. Wrap your relationships in love. Wrap your yoga practice in love - each asana, every breath. Wrap your thoughts, words, and actions in love. Wrap yourself in love. Everything!

To increase your receptivity to this mantra and to love, practice some heart-opening, heart-healing yoga online this weekend. Here’s an offering of some amazing yoga videos I whole-heartedly recommend:

Vibrating love to you all,


Photo Credit: Love via www.beliveinyou.tumblr.com

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