Class Review: Heart, Hips + Core Flow with Laura Burkhart

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The deets.

  • Style: Vinyasa
  • Intensity: Level 2 = All Levels Online Yoga Video
  • Focus: backbends, Core exercises, hip openers
  • Average Rating: 5/5

On the teacher.

Laura's creative and intelligently sequenced online yoga classes are known for being challenging, with a smooth and rhythmic flow. Her extensive studies under Shiva Rea and primary mentor Jason Crandell, have greatly influenced her intuitive, spontaneous and eclectic instruction style. Though her classes can be challenging, her beginner classes are fun for students new to yoga, helping to lay a strong foundation toward a life-long yoga practice.

On the class.

Build toward deep backbends, hip openers, and core work in this all-levels, comprehensive online yoga class. Also, touch upon poses that lengthen the hamstrings, open the shoulders, and challenge your balance. Filmed live at Yoga Tree, this online yoga video is designed to deliver a well-rounded opening of the body in just 60 minutes!

What people are saying.

  • One of my favorite classes, wish there were more from her.
  • Laura - I love your style. This was a beautiful's going into my favorites. :) I'm hoping to see more classes from you!!
  • delightful! perfect pace
  • Laura's class flows smoothly and is easy to follow! I enjoyed it thoroughly! Looking forward to more videos from Laura!


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