Class Review: I.AM.YOU. 360° Athletic Flow with Lauren Imparato

The deets.

  • Filming Location: I.AM.YOU Studio, NYC 
  • Style: Vinyasa Flow
  • Intensity: Level 2 = A Moderately Intense Yoga Video 
  • Focus: Hips, Abs, Glutes, & Mind
  • Average Rating: 4/5

                                                                                                                               On the teacher.

Lauren Imparato turned to yoga - hesitantly at first - as a way to diversify her Manhattan treadmill workouts. She soon realized that with regular practice, on and off the mat, yoga can change you from the inside, out, as well as from the outside, in. She is now revered as one of New York's Top Yoga and Lifestyle experts.

I.AM.YOU yoga online

On the class.

This online yoga class is a 360-degree sensorial, personal, and exclusive kick-your-ass yoga experience that will rock your mind and body. Link breath with creative and athletic movements that are designed for all levels. This online yoga experience is an athletic Vinyasa that is creative and funky while being strongly rooted in tradition. 

yoga for athletes

What people are saying.

  • "Great incorporation of twists into challenging static strength poses and dynamic flow--very unique approach that condenses so much into each movement. I love this class because while it may only be 60 minutes, you feel as though you've done a full 90-minute sequence because of the way she's managed to bundle such multi-dimensional focus into each part of the sequence. What can I say but give us more! In the meantime, this goes great paired with the half-hour ab/back sequence also from"
  • "This is one of my favorite classes. I really like (love) how Lauren teaches; clear instruction and the flow is soooo great, I am a sweaty awesome mess whenI'm done. Thanks Lauren, from Calif."
  • "this class is killer! super good cardio workout plus great twisting"
  • "perfect blend, speed and esprit. More classes by Lauren, please. Lissi, Copenhagen, Denmark"
  • "Obsessed!"

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