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  • Affirmation Flow for Valentine’s Day

    yoga and love

    Not into candlelit dinners, "be mines," and copious amounts of chocolates?

    Eh, it’s all very overrated if you ask me...and any other single person out there for that matter.

    So, here’s a sweet alternative.

    How ‘bout an intimate V-Day date with a Valentine that’ll never let you down?


    Sure, it doesn’t send you temporary gifts of sweet nothings and flowers. Yoga, instead, sends gifts that last - gifts that keep giving again and again and again. It's the ultimate Valentine and the ultimate source of light, liberation, and love. And you know what’s underrated if you ask me: Love.

    So, just in time for this day devoted to love (as all days should be, by the way), here’s a beautifully unique online yoga practice to cozy up with led by the lovely Allyn Cioban: Affirmation Flow - I Am Loved.

    Along with yoga, Allyn has been practicing affirmations for many years. She firmly believes what quantum physics proves - we are, and everything is, made up of vibrating energy. She realized one day that she was reciting affirmations in her mind during her asana practice. It felt really good, so she continued to infuse the two, and eventually created "Affirmation Flow." She later found a book by Paramahansa Yogananda entitled "Scientific Healing Affirmations" which says, "Words saturated with sincerity, conviction, faith, and intuition are like highly explosive vibration bombs." Allyn was excited to learn that what she had created intuitively was rooted in ancient yogic philosophy!

    From all this, she developed one of her most powerful Affirmation Flow sequences: I am loved! This online yoga class will leave you feeling freakin’ amazing. It will nourish your soul, reminding you of the deep source of light and love that is always within you. (54 mins.)

    affirmations yoga

    So, no need to search for love.

    Because you got the love.

    Single or spoken for...

    You got the love.

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  • Show Off Your Guns: Yoga for Strong Arms

    peacock pose

    Want stronger, shapelier arms?

    One word: Yoga.

    A regular yoga practice is one of the best ways to build-up upper body strength, endurance, and awareness.

    Sure, yoga won’t have your biceps bulging through your t-shirt. If you want that bulky look, go grab some dumbbells or play with some heavy machinery.

    Yoga will, however, have your biceps, triceps, and shoulders looking stronger, more sculpted, and beautifully defined. You’ll undoubtedly be "gun show" ready.

    And while it’s cool to show off your newly yog-acquired guns, don’t be full of vainglory. It’s not just about appearances here. Strong arms are good for more than just gun shows. Cultivating upper body strength will allow your life and practice to roll with greater ease. You'll be able to lift and carry things like groceries, big boxes, or your own body weight like it ain’t no thing.

    So, let the arm-strengthening quest begin! For more powerful biceps, triceps, and shoulders, tune into Gwen Lawrence's newest online yoga class: The Right to Bare Arms.

    The yoga poses featured in this arm-centric online yoga video will put you on the path toward greater strength and endurance. The strong-arm tactics introduced will engage every part of your upper body and will also be extremely useful for toning up your core (an added bonus!). With regular practice of this Vinyasa yoga video, expect to confidentiality bare your arms and display new-found tone. (59 mins.)

    vinyasa yoga online

    Have fun busting out this challenging online yoga flow!

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  • Yoga for Travel

    yoga travels

    Are you getting ready to travel?

    Whether it's for business or pleasure, traveling is bound to induce a build-up of stress. When we travel, we feel a disconnect from ourselves as our physical/mental bodies become stagnant and stressed due to long hours of sitting, endless lines, delays, screaming babies, pushy people, etc.

    To maintain your cool and calm amidst the chaos of travel, bring yoga along as your travel companion.

    Instead of hitting up the nearest bar to kick back and chill out, whip out your yoga mat at the airport gate, train station, or car rental lot to break out a series of beneficial yoga poses. Have no shame!

    For guidance, tune into Sarah Ezrin’s online yoga class: Planes, Trains and Asana.

    This online yoga video features a strong set of forward bending postures to help you ground your energy and release areas of tension. This online yoga sequence is designed to release tension in the hamstrings and lower back while allowing you to truly land in your body and at your destination. Before you start, check out Sarah's free online yoga video demoing Three-Legged Dog to really get the most out of your Down Dog splits. (40 mins.)

    vinyasa yoga

    To avoid days and weeks of travel recovery, practice yoga online. YogaVibes frees you to take yoga wherever you are, whenever you want so you can get whatever you need. Stream online yoga at the airport, before hopping into your car, in your car, at the train station, and more!

    Do yoga to unwind, bliss out, and take the stress out of travel!

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  • Fresh Vibes: Ashtanga Yoga Sun Salutations with Kino MacGregor

    Get the latest vibes!



    Certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher, Kino MacGregor.


    Ashtanga Yoga Sun Salutations!

    A quick rundown of this foundational online yoga practice...

    The Sun Salutations are the basic element of the Ashtanga Yoga practice. This online yoga class takes you through Sun Salutation A and B as part of a daily practice. The Ashtanga Yoga Guru Sri K. Pattabhi Jois always said the Sun Salutations form a complete practice. If you're new to yoga this is the perfect place to begin. You won't be overwhelmed by any complicated or overly advanced postures.

    All students of the Ashtanga Yoga method start their practice with the Sun Salutations. If you are a more advanced student of Ashtanga Yoga, but don't have time for your full practice, this simple Sun Salutation video will be a great resource. (21 mins.)


    This online yoga video is set on beautiful South Beach in Miami, FL.


    Whenever you like! Your call. But if you're seeking some structure, the Sun Salutations are great to practice upon rising, as a general warm-up for any physical activity, and/or to get loose and limber for your personal practice.


    Build a solid foundation for your practice. Develop strength of the body and mind. Build flexibility. Calm your whirlwind of mental activity. Learn to intimately coordinate breath with movement. Build intense internal fire (the sun salutations are a guaranteed warm-up) and keep the continuity of your practice flowing!


    Easy. Click on the yoga video below to set about saluting the sun!

    ashtanga yoga

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  • Class Review: Yoga for Runners with Sage Rountree

    The Deets.

    • Filming Location: Carrboro Yoga Company, Carrboro, NC
    • Style: Vinyasa Yoga
    • Intensity: Level 1 = All-levels Beginner Yoga Video
    • Focus: Yoga for Athletes
    • Average Rating: 5/5

    yoga for athletes

    On the teacher.

    Sage Rountree is an endurance sports coach, a highly experienced teacher, and a continuing student of physiology. Her popular yoga classes and workshops for athletes draw students ranging from recreational athletes to Ironman triathletes, Olympians, NBA and NFL players, and NCAA players and coaches, including UNC men's basketball and football. To learn new ways to sharpen, focus, and relax for peak performance, take her online yoga classes!

    On the class.

    After a tough run, this online yoga sequence is the ultimate cool down.

    Specially designed for runners (but appropriate for athletes and all!), this accessible online yoga class offers a post-workout practice to build balance, core strength, and hip flexibility. Don’t be fooled by its beginner-friendly status. This hour-long practice will present a challenge!

    What people are saying.

    • "100% fantastic!"

    yoga for athletes

    For more of Sage’s athletically-focused yoga flows, check out her growing collection of online yoga videos on YogaVibes.

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