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  • Simple Spring Detox Tips

    The spring season is a natural time to detox. We welcome the shift from heavy, warming foods to more fresh greens, sprouts and berries and start to spend more time in the sunshine! Tap into the momentum of this season with these simple detoxification tips: Hit up your local farmers market for some interesting greens. Instead of getting the same old spinach and kale, try out some spicy mustard greens, colorful chard varieties, mild mache, and more. Take a break from heavy processed foods. Feeling light and energetic isn't necessarily about weight loss. Decreasing the burden on your body to handle those heavy meals will leave you with more energy! Turn your workouts up a notch. Spring is kapha season, which means that there's more stamina available. Fire up your digestive juices with kapalabhati, breath of fire. Keep a tissue handy, especially if you have a runny nose from allergies. Use your Yoga practice to support your bodies' detoxification practice, twists support your liver and digestive tract. Here's a few yoga classes specifically focused on detoxification:

    Spring Detox Flow with Heather Lilleston

    Deep Twist and Hip Detox Flow with Laura Burkhart

    Detox & Flow with Joan Hyman

    Find the rest of our detox focused Yoga classes here.

  • Seeds of Intent: Challenge Your Perceived Limits

    Challenge everything. Do anything.

    challenging yoga poses

    Truth is, most (if not ALL) limits you think you are up against are illusions. Finding release from the bonds of illusion is what yoga is all about. The practice allows you to work through and break down mental habits, thoughts, and behaviors that are not serving you and your higher purpose.

    To begin unveiling your unlimited potential, you gotta throw yourself into the fire. You can’t just sit around and expect great things to unfold. You have to do something. Conquering your perceived limits in the practice and beyond means you must keep challenging yourself in mind, body, and spirit for without challenge, there is no change.

    This month, we’re heading a 30-day yoga challenge to get you conquering your limits on the mat. Interestingly enough, the obstacles that are holding you back on the mat are oftentimes the same obstacles holding you back out there in the “real world.”

    Take a second to think about it:

    What limits are you creating? What destructive thought patterns are getting in your way? How will you get them out of your way?

    First step, as always, is cultivating heightened awareness of your mental ways. Yoga is good for that. Changing those ways isn’t clear-cut. It takes work. It requires you endlessly challenge your perceptions, thoughts, and actions. The path to limitless possibility and liberation is uniquely yours, yet totally within your power.

    Embrace challenge to realize greater possibilities.

    For the details on this month’s 30-day online yoga challenge, click HERE.

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