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  • Weekend Challenge: Drop the Impurities

    We are a few days into the New Year. How are you feeling? Renewed…or ruined? If you are experiencing fatigue, allergies, digestive problems, headaches, sleeping troubles, stress, anxiety, bloating, or frequent sickness, the New Year is an awesome opportunity to give yourself a FRESH START and wipe the slate clean.

    To start the cleansing process, practice a new vigorous twisting flow with Jeanne Heileman. This online yoga practice will definitely render your mind, body, and spirit transformed! Release all the toxic accumulations of 2012. Drop all the mental and physical impurities that you may have absorbed and held onto. Don’t allow any of that garbage to stick to you. Abandon it all. Let the cleansing process commence! Seated Twist

    Twisting: Balancing the Nadis - Twisting is not only a great way to cleanse the body, but when done on a deeper level, it becomes a mental and spiritual cleanse. To twist properly, with safety to the spine, it must come from the center. So, you will start by awakening the center on a deep level to access that potency throughout your practice. This online yoga class begins with abdominal work and the cleansing techniques of Uddiyana Bandha and Agni Sara to really awaken your center. The breathing pattern of Samana Vayu is introduced to take this even deeper. Using that heat, you will move into twists from many perspectives to wring out your organs as well as to wring out your thought patterns. If you can change the way that you breathe, you can change the patterns of your mind. This can lead to space for new, positive habits and profound healing. The result of this type of practice is a calmer, more stable energy and more centering in the spine. End feeling lighter, more vibrant, and clear-headed. (75 mins.)

    Twisting flow with Jeanne Heileman

    Remember: Be patient with your cleansing process. Though it’s an awesome feeling to hit the mat hard and sweat it all out, don’t overdo it. Be gentle with yourself.


    Photo Credit: Twist with Tattoos via Awakened Lotus

  • Yoga with Joan Hyman on YogaVibes

    Have you practiced yoga online with Joan Hyman yet? If not, get on it!

    Joan, a distinguished YogaWorks Senior Teacher, is internationally recognized for her popular teacher trainings, workshops and retreats around the world. She has been teaching for over 20 years, beginning in her hometown of Philadelphia, where she earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in Exercise Science from Temple University. She discovered yoga in NYC where she pursued a career as a professional dancer. Her love for yoga took her out to Santa Monica, CA where she completed The YogaWorks Teacher Training with Maty Ezraty and Lisa Walford in 2002.

    Side Plank Variation

    As a dedicated ashtangi, she has traveled to India three times to study with the beloved Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois and many other world renowned teachers. She also studies Ayurveda, meditation, vegetarian cooking, and travels the world like it's her backyard!

    YogaVibes is deeply honored to partner with Joan – an incredibly open, authentic spirit. Joan continues to grow in her teachings by following her heart's intention and opening herself up to experiences that help her evolve in her own life. Her teachings come from an organic and intuitive place.

    "I am so blessed to be able to do what I love and stay deeply connected to my yoga practice. This is truly an honor, which I hope I can pass onto others.”

    Joan's online yoga videos provide a yoga experience that is intelligent and light, infused with a strong level of intensity that stems from her years of focused study. Her online offerings include Vinyasa, Restorative, and Pranayama practices:

    • Twist & Cleanse (64 minutes) Joan’s phenomenal instruction will take you through deep twists, inversions, gentle backbends, and hip openers.
    • Wind Down with Shoulderstand (57 minutes) Enjoy shoulder openers and a long Shoulder Stand to deeply relax at the end of a busy day.
    • 15 Minute End of Day Pranayama and Restorative (15 minutes) Wind down at the end of your day with a light pranayama practice to soothe the nervous system and promote relaxation.
    • Short Vinyasa Flow (20 minutes) Move through the Sun Salutations before exploring longer-held poses, hip openers, and standing balances. End this comprehensive online yoga flow with backbends and forward bends.

    To enjoy more of Joan’s awesome online yoga offerings visit her page on YogaVibes. There, you will find her complete selection of full-length online yoga classes and free online yoga videos.


  • 18 Winter Balancing Tips

    December 21st marked the official inauguration of winter. Even if you did not observe and celebrate the Winter Solstice, you are most likely observing the seasonal rhythms and changes of nature. To be in harmony with winter, it's necessary to cultivate awareness and shift with the season. It will serve you and your health to make some slight dietary and lifestyle adjustments during this switch.


    Winter is a season of Yin qualities: coldness, dampness, heaviness, darkness, and inertia. Because of this natural shift into stillness, it’s not unusual to experience lethargy, sluggishness, and the typical Winter Blues. Many people also suffer from a more extreme form of the Winter Blues: Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). To ward off the wintertime blues and depression, it’s important to practice radical self-care, feed yourself proper fuel, exercise your body, engage in intellectual stimulation, practice awareness, and follow some simple winter balancing measures:

    1. Choose warm foods and beverages.
    2. Wear a hat (over 60 percent of body heat is lost through the head) and a scarf.
    3. Use humidifiers.
    4. Include a self-massage into your morning ritual with warm oil such as sunflower, sesame or grapeseed oil.
    5. Avoid naps during the day.
    6. Regularly engage in stimulating physical activities such as vigorous, sweaty forms of yoga. To find heating forms of yoga online use our Class Search feature. Search "Crazy, Sweaty Flow." Favor Vinyasa or Ashtanga styles.
    7. Do things that make you feel good. Write down 10 self-supporting things (or more) that you love to do. Keep this list in a place where you can easily access it. Refer to it when you are feeling low on energy or depressed to help lift your mood.
    8. Surround yourself with bright, energizing colors like red, orange, gold and purple.
    9. Hydrate and moisturize to offset the dryness resulting from indoor heating.
    10. Do not hibernate! Turn off your TV. Get your booty off the couch. Engage in an activity that is self-supporting and stimulating. Take a yoga class or practice some yoga at home. Read a book. Go for a brisk walk. Do some jumping jacks. Dance. Practice an instrument. Do something!
    11. Incorporate warming spices into your diet such as garlic, ginger, cumin, black pepper, cloves, turmeric and cayenne.
    12. Take time to still your mind. Practice a short online meditation.
    13. Listen to invigorating music. Create an enlivening winter playlist to rock out to when you are feeling blue.
    14. Use warming essential oils like eucalyptus, cedar, and clove for aromatherapy.
    15. Be early to bed, and early to rise.
    16. Do emotional housekeeping to ensure that the Winter Blues aren’t invading.
    17. Introduce variety into your routine to avoid lethargy.
    18. Practice heating forms of Pranayama. Enjoy these free online yoga videos featuring heating Pranayana exercises: Breath of Fire, Breath of Fire in Chair Pose, Ujjayi Pranayama, and Agni Sara (Cleansing Breathing Exercise).

    Be in sync with the season.


    Photo Credit: Z is for Zen by Joel Robison

  • Yoga for Your Chakras

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the chakras recently, specifically my own. While I wish my chakras were seamlessly spinning and aligned to perfection, they most certainly are not. I know I’m in immediate need of some chakra fine-tuning. Perhaps you are, as well. If so, let’s get on it! Let's get in sync with our subtle wheels of energy.

    7 Chakra Energy Centers


    These featured online yoga videos will help to empower your 7 chakra centers, remove chakra blockages, and balance your entire energy system.

    Chakra Salutation Series with Shala Worsley - In this 30-minute online yoga practice, you'll flow through sun salutation variations, exploring and balancing each chakra as the series progresses. Practice this flow to balance and enliven you at any time. (29 mins.)

    Throat Chakra Opener with Gigi Yogini - Find balance in the way you communicate to the world and to yourself in this online yoga video. Enjoy this playful online yoga class with mantra and affirmative singing. You'll smile and maybe even laugh. (12 mins.)

    Heart Chakra Healing and Balancing Kundalini Yoga Set with Kiyomi Takahashi - This powerful Kundalini yoga set is perfect for your morning or mid-day practice to uplift your energy. The short meditation at the end of the class will induce the sense of calmness in your heart. This class is designed to remove energetic blockages from your Heart Chakra, so you can connect with yourself with true compassion, and allow yourself to receive the healing, love, and compassion that you deserve. The ending meditation adds clear perception to your relationships with yourself and others. May the increased healing energy from your heart penetrate and dissolve your pain, and the pain of others around you. You can increase the time for each exercise in the set and add the time for meditation from 3 minutes to 7 minutes, 11 minutes, 22 minutes and 31 minutes. Open and balance your heart to love yourself and all the creatures around you. This set ends with a Calm Heart Meditation, which can be used on its own. (49 mins.)

    Moving Through the Chakras: A Pranayama and Meditation Class with Annie Carpenter - Grab a couple of blankets, a bolster and a block as you start with a supported savasana and guided relaxation. Move on to deep breathing exercises and seated asanas to awaken the spine. Use specific breath techniques as Annie guides you on a journey up through the chakras. (59 mins.)

    Kripalu Yoga: Pranic Flow with Taj Paxton - This online yoga class is designed to open your chakras and free your energy. Have a block available, if possible. (25 mins.)

    Tantra Breath to Harness Sexual Energy with Psalm Isadora - Learn how to use your sexual/creative power to manifest your intentions and boost your energy. Pelvic floor and abdominal core exercises will tone your sexual chi, your belly, and organs. Stoke the fire of the second chakra to life to bring more energy to your heart and crown chakras. (16 mins.)

    That’s a bounty of chakra balancing yoga online! Start practicing to bring your internal forces of energy into line.


  • 5 Ways to Hit the Ground Running in 2013

    2012 will be shelved away shortly. For some, its passing may be sad. Others, I’m sure, can’t wait to send this year on its way. Despite how you feel about 2012, it’s about to be old news. Out with the old and in with the New Year!

    Washing away 2012...via

    The New Year always presents a lot of hype. I get it. It’s a good time to get your act together. In the spirit of the New Year and its new beginnings, here are 5 ways to kick off 2013.

    Yoga 2013 kick off...via LimeFlyPhotography
    1. Clear the cobwebs. Dust off any disorder, confusion, or mustiness that 2012 dragged into your brain, body, and spirit. One way to clarity, balance, and health is yoga. There are many ways to practice yoga. Most people come to yoga via asana – the physical practice of yoga. Yet, asana is not the only way. Keep in mind the other ways to enter yoga. Meditate. Practice pranayama or breathing exercises. Cultivate inner awareness and concentration. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Practice self-discipline. Stick to behavior that serves your mental, physical, and spiritual health. All of this is yoga. Devote yourself to the path of yoga to remain stable, fully alive, and spiritually aware. If you practice yoga, there’s nothing you can’t bounce back from in 2013 and beyond.
    2. Simplify, simplify, simplify. Take a good look at your life. Is there anything or anyone in it that is not serving you or your higher purpose? Are there emotional or physical remnants of your past to which you are clinging? Let 2013 mark your moment of release. Free yourself. Detach from all that which is not expanding and enriching your human experience. When you let go of all that negative, stagnating energy, you create space – space for beautiful, transforming, and expansive energy. Perhaps what fills that space is unfathomable to you now. All you can do it wait and see how your life will unravel. How exciting!
    3. Write it down. If you envision something you’d like to create or accomplish in 2013 or beyond, put it on paper. In fact, do it now. Snatch up a piece of paper and a pen. Now, write down 40 goals you’d like to fulfill in your life. Don’t be shy. Write all of it down even if it sounds silly. Now, of the 40 goals, choose 5 that you believe you can fulfill in 2013. Let all the other goals slip away for awhile. Once 2013 hits, act on those goals. See where this leads. Once you have managed to meet them (I know you will!), choose another 5 and so on... Life is a series of small wins. You can’t realize your goals all at once. Baby steps. Once you exhaust your list of 40, create a new list. Remember, however, that things change and goals change. Don’t get too attached to that list. Just use it to guide you.
    4. Connect. If you have already found a community, continue to build connections within it. If you haven’t found a community, it’s time to start looking. Put yourself out there in 2013. Find a mentor. Build more meaningful friendships. Network. Join a yoga studio. Join a Meetup. Start or contribute to a blog. Create your community. Create conversation and exchange. Enrich your life by surrounding yourself with a supportive, vibrant family of your choice.
    5. Flow. The promise of a New Year and all its new beginnings is exciting. I know I go a little crazy with my list of goals and all my 2013 plans, visions, and expectations. All the futuristic, goal-setting stuff is great. Don’t, however, lose sight of the present. Also, don’t get too attached to your visions and expectations of 2013. Life flows in unexpected ways. Sometimes all we can do is surrender and flow within the flow…

    To start off the New Year, I recommend two free online meditation videos with Kiyomi Takahashi: Meditation for a Stable Self and Meditation for Prosperity. The first meditation supports your radiance and pranic body - your life-force. This online meditation will remove reactions to fears and leave you feeling stable and steady. The latter is a perfect meditation to manifest prosperity, wealth, gifts, and blessings for the upcoming year and beyond.

    2013, bring it on.


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