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  • Fresh Vids & Vibes: Core Crazes, Learning Your Limits, and More!

    Core Infernos. core exercises

    • Core Stability Flow with Alexa Lane // In this Vinyasa flow class, focus on core stability, strength, balance, and stretching the hamstrings. This online yoga class includes Half Moon Pose, Warrior III, Side Plank, Monkey Pose, and Boat Pose. Enjoy a seated cool down followed by savasana. (31 mins.)
    • Core Focused Flow with Gigi Yogini // Strengthen your core with the use of a block (or other creative prop) between your thighs to activate your lower abdominal muscles and pelvic floor. Challenge yourself by using this online yoga class as a regular practice to increase your overall strength. (14 mins.)
    • Xen Strength Yoga with Weights Core Balance Challenge with Danielle Diamond // This yoga with weights class focuses on building core strength while challenging your balance with a creative combination of standing poses and extra hip opening asana. Add upper body strength moves to sculpt your arms, plus cardio bursts to elevate your heart rate, and create core strength and balance like never before! Relax with a long cool down, savasana, and pranayama exercise. Practice with light hand weights or none at all! (72 mins.)


    Prenatal Restoration.

    prenatal yoga online

    • Second Trimester: Hips Open! with Olynda Smith // Focus on poses that are fantastic for the second trimester, but can also work well for anytime during pregnancy. After a prenatal specific warm-up,  focus primarily on hip openers. These grounding poses can help bring calmness and peace during periods of great change. They also prepare the body for the great transformation of the birthing process. Feel grounded, calm, refreshed, and connected to your body and baby. (30 mins.)


    Know Your Bounds.

    Lunge Twist

    • Learn Your Limits with Sage Rountree // In this online yoga for athletes class (and everyone!), work on learning where your limits are, and what might cause them. Along the way, develop the wisdom to discern between what you can control and what you cannot. Start with an innovative belly-down sequence to work the spine, hips, and shoulders. Then, move to a surprisingly tough sit-to-stand-to-sit exercise. Assess the range of motion in your hips in standing balance poses, then release your hips deeply in lunges on the floor. Finally, practice surrender in a resting position appropriate to your body's unique needs. (74 mins.)


  • Feature Friday: What’s New?

    Here's a sampling of this week's fresh awesomeness.

    Hips Don’t Lie...

    hip openers yoga at home

    Check out one of two aumazing hip-opening online yoga flows:

    • Diving Into the Hips Dive deep into your hips from every angle in this slow flow, Vinyasa yoga class with Ashley Turner. Enjoy a slow warm-up to bring heat and energy to your hips, and then work to continue to open the hips through standing poses, arm balances, and seated and reclining poses. (89 mins.)
    • Hip and Leg Openers from Every Angle Start with reclining hip and leg openers with a strap in this slow flow Vinyasa yoga class with Cristi Christensen. Move on to a core series, Sun Salutation variations, and a standing sequence that mirrors the floor strap work from the beginning of the practice. Practice some twists in order to prepare your body for side crow and then cool down with backbends and seated forward folds. (83 mins.)

    Keep the Peace!

    • Join Gigi Yogini for a Peaceful Warrior Flow. Learn the components of the peaceful warrior flow to find confidence in this cardiovascular online yoga practice. (30 mins.)

    Bun in the Oven?

    • Stand strong. Here's a practice with Olynda Smith especially fantastic for the second trimester. Focus on standing poses while you tap into and cultivate the sense of power and strength in the body by opening to the support available through connection. This online yoga class is appropriate for all levels and all stages of pregnancy. (29 mins.)

    Enjoy your weekend practice, yogis!

  • Prenatal Yoga for the 1st Trimester

    Pregnant? The first trimester (from fertilization to the 13th week) can come with so many challenges. Your body is now pumping out tons of hormones, resulting in dramatic changes such as nausea, utter exhaustion, and potentially, a flurry of emotions.

    yoga during pregnancy

    Though it's no walk in the park, being pregnant is no reason to stop with your practice. However, your practice will constantly change as your body constantly changes. Patience and a shift in perspective (and practice) are essential. Though the intensity of each practice during pregnancy will vary, it is important to be extra mindful of how you’re feeling and what kind of practice is supportive and reasonable. Maybe this means substituting your typical, vigorous home practice with a slow, grounding flow.

    If you do desire a more restorative experience, Olynda Smith’s new online yoga class is the perfect prenatal yoga offering.

    First Trimester Yumminess

    This yummy all-around online yoga practice won't deplete your energy and will help work out common issues that arise during this totally amazing and potentially difficult time. Discover some great ways to open the front of the body to help counteract tension from nausea and morning sickness, get some deep opening in the legs and hips to help your body keep up with all the rapid changes. They focus is inward so you can have a little time to ground, get present and relax. Have lots of props available - bolsters, blankets, straps and blocks for this renewing online restorative yoga experience. (25 mins.)

    1st trimester yoga

    For more prenatal yoga online, please use our class search feature. When you go to 'Choose a Class', click 'Prenatal.'

    Stay tuned for more prenatal yoga classes to be added soon!


    Photo Credit: Yogi Leila Zinni via www.dhyana-yoga.com

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