3 Unique Arm Asanas

In most styles of yoga, it is a rare case in which an asana is dedicated to just one piece of the body. This is not so in Universal Yoga. Universal Yoga offers many unique asanas designed to specifically target one region of the body. For example, yoga asanas for the arms are strategically incorporated into each Universal Yoga flow. As a teacher and a student of yoga, I’m very intrigued by these arm asanas and will totally be weaving them into my own sequences.

arm asanas

The following arm asanas are instructed by Universal Yoga founder, Andrey Lappa. And guess what? These yoga videos are FREE! Oh yeah.

1. Lotus: Eka Bhuja Padmasana

In this online yoga video, Andrey will teach you how to easily practice lotus for the shoulder! Lotus pose for the shoulder? Who knew?! He will guide you through the correct alignment of the pose and target the "don'ts" of this unique arm asana found in every Universal Yoga class.


2. Eka Bhuja Swastiyasana One

Andrey will teach all the “dos” and "don'ts" of this fundamental arm asana found in every Universal Yoga class.

yoga asanas for the arms

3. Eka Bhuja Swastiyasana Two

If you liked Eka Bhuja Swastiyasana One, you are going to love the following variation, also found in every Universal Yoga class.

arm asanas

Switch things up a bit in your home practice and bring the awareness to your arms. Perform these asanas to create more freedom and harmony in the shoulders, upper back, and chest - typical areas of tightness. What's more, if you're a yoga teacher, learn these arm asanas to treat your students to a taste of something fresh.


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