How Do You Want Your Flow?

Do you like it fast and hard...

Handstand Practice

or slow and steady?

Cat Cow Yoga Exercises

Are you the slow boat or speed racer? The tortoise or the hare? No matter. We have two newly added Vinyasa flows with Adri Kyser that are sure to satisfy your yogic desires.

For all you speed racers out there, you’ll want to join Adri for this energizing, empowering Solar Vinyasa Flow. Get ready to build strength and stamina. Honor your own authentic flow as you explore standing balance poses, arm balances, core work, and much more. This online yoga class is open to all levels of yoga practitioners, but some yoga experience is highly recommended. As you sweat and flow, enjoy an upbeat, elevating music playlist provided by Yogi-Tunes. (62 mins.)

Adri Kyser Yoga Online

For all you folks with the slow-and-steady-wins-the-race mentality, you will want to gravitate towards Adri’s Lunar Vinyasa Flow.

This is the perfect online yoga class for those of you looking for a slower paced Vinyasa practice. Give yourself time to slow down, draw the focus within, and experience total mind and body expansion. During this online yoga class, you will go through a series of grounding poses and deep hip openers to experience release and wow your entire being. In this class, you will practice using the breath to help you gracefully come into the practice and the poses. Learn to let go of forcing it, let loose, take your time, and savor the experience.

In this Lunar flow, Adri will offer modifications for experienced beginners, intermediate, and advanced practitioners. Enjoy a music playlist provided by Yogi-Tunes. Bonus: Guest musician Daphne Tse will serenade you during savasana. (59 mins.)

Adri Kyser Yoga Online

Maybe you want to move slowly and steadily to savor each spicy sensation, moment, and movement. Or maybe you want to advance your pace and practice to intensify and magnify your yogasm. Either way, we have your yogic desires covered.


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