Fresh Vibes: Get Twisted and Untangle Tightness

What's in store for your home practice this week? 

Lots of twisting. Lots of love. Lots of good vibes per usual.

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First, get ready to...

Twist it out like whoa.

  • Get twisted in Sean Gray's Twist to Open flow. Twists are a great way to build your core strength, keep your spine healthy, detox your insides, and increase body awareness. This online yoga practice is a mix of basic and advanced twisting postures that will open up your spine and get it moving fluidly. (50 mins.)
  • Move into more twists with Cristi Christensen in her Vinyasa slow flow. Also, take it upside down into Tripod Headstand and fly, fly away into Bakasana (Crow Pose). Enjoy a hamstring-opening and side body lengthening sequence ending in Hanumanasana (full splits) and Eka Pada Koundinyasana II. After that's all said and done, enjoy a long cool down with backbends and seated forward folds. (88 mins.)
  • Hurtin' from too much booze-induced fun? If so, Gigi Yogini's restorative online yoga class is just what the doctor ordered: Yoga for a Hangover. It's a quick and simple twisting class that will activate your kidneys and liver to help you cleanse out all the toxic crap. (18 mins.)


Treat your upper body.

  • Olynda Smith's prenatal online yoga video is designed for the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Create space in your torso, ease in your upper back, and soften and release any tension in your shoulders. You'll even do a little neck and jaw work. Work to open, align and strengthen these areas while inviting an experience of dwelling in the sanctuary of your heart - a place that is helpful to get more and more in touch with as you step into the mysteriousness unknowns of birth and motherhood. (29 mins.)


Unwind the tightness.

  • In Sage Rountree's short yoga for athletes (specifically swimmers) class and anyone, you will cultivate flexibility in the areas that can get tight from swimming: shoulders, chest, hips, and ankles. No experience is needed. Simply enjoy the attention to your body and breath as you relax into these longer holds of simple stretches. (26 mins.)

Intrigued by these fresh yoga videos? Act now. Gather up your yogic devices, press play, and get ready to raise yo' vibe. 

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