3 Reasons to Strengthen Your Core

One of the newest additions to the YogaVibes roster is the fantastic Justin Michael Williams. Meet Justin:

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Isn't he awesome?!? Yeah, we think so, too.

In addition to his classes, we'll be periodically sharing blogs from Justin. Here's his first, on core strength:

Three Reasons to Strengthen Your Core!

There are so many benefits to strengthening your core that I’ve lost track of them all! Many students ask why we spend so much time building core strength in my yoga classes. This is what I tell them…

Working your core builds self-confidence. Did you know that core exercises balance your third Chakra? The third Chakra (also known as the “Manipura” chakra) is located near the navel and is your energetic center for power and self-esteem. An imbalance in this area can cause fear of rejection, oversensitivity to criticism, and a depletion of self-image. Balancing your third Chakra will help you stand tall and move through life with grace and confidence.

Building core strength deepens your practice. A vinyasa flow yoga practice requires a significant level of core awareness. I often witness students who are mentally and energetically ready to attempt advanced asana variations, but their core isn’t prepared to support the challenge. For example, inversions like headstand and handstand require an incredible amount of core strength. Taking a few minutes each day to build core stability will help take your practice to new heights.

A strong core is anti-aging. Really! Building core-strength supports your spine. When your spine is supported, your entire body is aligned and functioning properly, which delays the aging process. One of my favorite teachers always said, “You’re only as old as your spine is healthy.” Working your core will keep you standing tall, vibrant, and ageless.

Thanks, Justin!

Enjoy Justin's core focus in action with his short and sweet 20 minute Ab Kickin' Quick Flow class:

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