Post Turkey Day Detox Flow

chair twist detox pose

We thoroughly hope you enjoyed all of your turkey, canned cranberry, stuffing, and mashed potato shenanigans yesterday.

Once you awaken from your food coma (and before you dig into the leftovers), we'd like to suggest this damage-control flow - a turkey hangover curative if you will - led by the lovely Ashley Turner.

In this newly added online yoga practice, you will embark upon a core detox, arm balancing journey. This invigorating online yoga class teaches you how a galvanized core lights up arm balances and sets a strong foundation for arm balancing poses. But first, start with a Kundalini Kriya to awaken tapas (the inner fire of purification). Follow with a strong standing flow of detoxifying twists and variations on core work, which creatively roll into arm balances. Note: There will be arm balancing variations for all levels featured in this online yoga video, so don’t shy away! (91 mins.)

Ashley Turner yoga videos

It might take a little self-coaxing today to get your body and mind on board. But trust me. You’ll feel much better, lighter, and energized after you twist out and sweat off that turkey hangover. Then, you can go ahead and gobble up those leftovers...

And can run through this flow all over again tomorrow! Ohhhhhhh yeah. 

Happy eating! Happy cleansing!

Image Credit: Parivrtta Utkatasana (Chair Twist) via 

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