Dive Deep into the Hips

  yoga for the hips

Oh, the hips. They are such a notorious region of tension and tightness. Yet, issues of the hips extend beyond the physical realm. The hips are very telling in terms of what’s going on with you emotionally. Hip-opening postures may prompt emotional releases – releases that usually involve shedding some painful piece (or pieces) of your past.

Working the hips deeply can be emotionally confusing, even alarming. My best advice is just to roll with it. Roll with your emotions. Allow them to bubble up to the surface. This process is basically an emotional detox. You are literally spewing past accumulations of emotional toxicity. Sure, it may not be the result you desired or expected from your yoga practice. Sure, it probably won’t feel comfortable. But rather than fighting it, embrace it. Allow the yoga to work on you.

To release physical tension and tightness in the hips, dive into these online yoga practices focused on hip-opening asanas. Both of these practices provide an opportunity to observe and assess your emotional health. Are you still clinging to elements of your past? Are you ready to face an unresolved issue? Are you ready to let it go? Are you ready to create more emotional space to realize greater possibility and potential? Go find out.

Diving into the Hips with Ashley Turner

Dive into your hips from every angle in this slow flow, Vinyasa yoga class. Enjoy a slow warm-up to bring heat and energy to your hips, and then work to continue opening the hips through standing poses, arm balances, and seated and reclining poses. (89 mins.)

ashley turner yoga

Yoga for Happy Hips with Gigi Yogini

Get in a quick and well-rounded hip-opening practice, complete with a warm-up, standing postures, balancing poses and restorative hip openers. Release tension to receive the numerous physical and energetic benefits of this online yoga practice. (28 mins.)

gigi yogini yoga

Happy hips equate to a happier you. Jump into these online yoga practices to really start working on yourself physically and emotionally. Give your hips some TLC to ultimately move through the world with greater lightness, freedom, and ease.


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