Yoga for Handstand Prep

Still on the arduous quest for realizing Handstand?

I empathize.

I’ve been hanging out with Handstand for awhile now (pretty much daily), and it still hasn’t allowed me to fully decode its ways. Hmmmph.

But rather than give up on my oftentimes frustrating hang out sessions with this asana frenemy, I’ll keep on hacking away at it until it decides to give. One day, my friends. One day.

I will say, that along the way, these hang out sessions have inspired some mini Aha! moments.


Oh man, the bandhas really do need to be engaged! Like whoa.


Oh crap, I really do need to square off my hips to avoid flapping around like a wet noodle.

And so on.

There was one pose, in particular, that really Aha’d! me and revealed the level of bandha engagement required to tackle Handstand. That pose is a close relative of Handstand. Its named? L Stand or L Pose.

Lucky for you, we now have a 15 minute online yoga video dedicated entirely to the L. As the name of the pose suggests, it merely requires the bodily representation of the letter, L. Easy.

All you need to rock an L is your lovely self, a sturdy wall, and a good, go-getter attitude!

Note: The L Pose is not to be confused or mistaken for as prep for Miley Cyrus twerking shenanigans. Handstand prep only, people. Kidding. But no, really.

say no to twerking So not this...

L Pose But this.

Yoga Video Deets: This online yoga class, led by Sigrid Matthews of Black Dog Yoga, is a practice that encourages confidence and self-esteem. The cool thing about L Pose is that it is 100% hazard-free and gives you all of the benefits of a full handstand. This online yoga practice is taught progressively for safety and introduces a series of prep poses to promote spinal alignment, better posture, and deep core integrity. Enjoy!

how to handstand

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