New Anusara Yoga Series!


Dig Anusara Yoga? 

Well, here's an early Christmas gift for ya! 

We are excited to launch a new series of Anusara-inspired yoga videos with Sarah Faircloth.

Known for her fun and innovative approach to the practice, Sarah elegantly weaves challenging, empowering, playful, and innovative asana with an expertise in the flowing wisdom and subtleties of yoga philosophy. With over a decade of teaching experience, she inspires each student to embody the exquisite teachings of yoga.

Her newest online yoga teachings present a comprehensive alignment-based series designed to take you through the basics of the Level 2 Syllabus of the Anusara Yoga style.

“I started teaching a series of classes to cover the principles of Anusara Yoga a couple years ago,” says Sarah. “Since then, I have left the Anusara school. My style now is more eclectic with simpler alignment cues. However, I still feel that these 5 principles are one valid way of lining up the body. They can help students get a little deeper into poses. I'm excited to share the completion of this project with YogaVibes students.”

We are equally as excited!

Why YogaVibes?

“I chose to partner with Yogavibes because they are bringing yoga into people's homes and hotel rooms in a way that gives students a feeling of connection to a real live class. There are many reasons why someone would be taking a class online. I like being able to reach students who may not otherwise make it to a yoga class. Having a plethora of classes taught by a diverse group of teachers, filmed in various studios, is a recipe for a virtual yoga tour of the country.”

For a virtual experience of Anusara yoga online, embark upon the full range of intermediate level Anursara poses. Though challenging, Sarah’s accessible teaching style and step-by-step instructions will make this series - broken into 8 online yoga classes - approachable and doable.

Start out with online yoga class #1 - a Lotus-themed flow. Tune in as Sarah clearly instructs Lotus Pose in many different positions (standing, sitting, hand balancing, etc.). (78 mins.)

anusara yoga online

But not so fast! Be on the look out for the upcoming 7 classes launching soon! Explore backbends, arm balances, hamstring openers, hip openers, and more!

More on Sarah...

Sarah Faircloth teaches yoga workshops, trainings and retreats, and is honored to serve students and teachers in expanding their practice and understanding of yoga. She was certified in Anusara yoga in 2003. She taught at Anusara Yoga's First Grand Gathering in 2008 and the Grand Circle at Wanderlust Vermont in 2011. Yoga Philosophy is a great passion and foundation of Sarah's teaching, and she continues to study actively with Douglas Brooks and Bill Mahony.

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