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  • Weekend Intention: Give Your Lower Body (& Self) Some LOVE with Gigi Yogini

    deep lunge

    This upcoming weekend devote 30 minutes of your time to lend your lower body some love and support. Why the lower body?

    Let’s ask the joyful and inspiring Gigi Yogini:

    When I first started practicing yoga regularly, I was slightly intimidated. The image of yoga women looked half my size. But it wasn’t long until I realized that yoga had benefits for everybody’s shape, big or small.

    I started to appreciate my body for all the incredible things it could do, even if it didn’t look like the images I saw on the cover of yoga magazines. I felt incredible relief from hip opening and started to get stronger with lunges and warrior poses.

    Now that yoga is my full-time business, I’m committed to helping people strengthen their mind-body relationship and love the body that they have. In the short video, Lower Body Love, I encourage you to practice love for your legs because they carry you from point A to B with ease every day.

    Enjoy this practice as a way to appreciate your legs, warm-up or cool down before or after a run, or to get a quick stretch in the middle of your day.


    Feel the love with some deep lunges and stretches in Gigi’s lovely 30-minute online yoga class: Lower Body Love. Practice gratitude for your legs and release any self-judgment you're clinging to so you can continue to gracefully and confidently move around the world.

    lower body yoga

    Happy Friday, yogis!


    To learn more about Gigi Yogini, visit her Teacher Spotlight page on YogaVibes or visit her website at www.gigiyogini.com. Click here to view Gigi's "Strike a Pose" free online yoga videos.

  • A Threefold Xen Strength Yoga Experience

    The best things in life come in threes like friends, dreams, memories…and Danielle Diamond’s Xen Strength Yoga classes.

    Yoga with Weights Xen Strength Yoga Founder, Danielle Diamond

    Xen Strength Yoga classes strategically incorporate light hand weights (3-5 lbs.) into a playful Vinyasa flow, for a yoga experience designed to strengthen, sculpt, lengthen, and challenge every muscle group. Now that spring and the not-so-distant summer are upon us, these yoga videos might be just what the doctor ordered.

    Check out Danielle’s newly added online yoga with weights classes, targeting 3 (there’s that number again!) sections of the body - the upper body, mid-body, and lower body:

    Xen Strength Warm Up, Upper Body and Core Sequence  (Segment 1)

    A rigorous warm-up prepares you for a blasting upper body and core strengthening session in this online yoga with weights class. Get the intense calorie burn you want without sacrificing precise alignment and all the benefits of yoga that you love. Do this as a stand-alone practice or combine it with Segments 2 and 3 for a full, hour-long online yoga experience. (23 mins.)

    Yoga with Weights

    Xen Strength Intense Core and Detoxifying Twists (Segment 2)

    Intense core moves deliver balance training, functional fitness, and a slimming detox/twist routine in this yoga with weights class. In this online yoga experience, you will be encouraged and inspired to work toward your edge and to challenge yourself while still honoring your current skill level. Do this as a stand-alone practice or combine it with Segments 1 and 3 for a full hour-long practice. (20 mins.)

    Yoga with Weights

    Xen Strength Bottom Line, Lower Body Focused Routine (Segment 3)

    The bottom line routine melts inches off your glutes, gets your rear in gear, lengthens and tones your legs, and ends with a restorative cool down. Do this online yoga practice as a stand-alone practice or combine it with Segments 1 and 2 for a full hour-long practice. (28 mins.)

    yoga with weights

    Challenge yourself and your idea of yoga with Danielle Diamond.


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