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  • Yoga for Digestive Health

    Words of warning: This isn’t the prettiest topic. People don’t normally jump at the opportunity to openly discuss gas, constipation, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, and inflammatory bowel diseases. Well, unless you are a Gastroenterologist. It’s not pretty to talk about this stuff or experience it. Yet, digestive ailments happen all too often. Back ups, organically occurring colonics, cramps, close calls…We’ve all been there. It’s no walk in the park.

    How do you bounce back from digestive system failures and misfortunes?


    Yoga offers countless health benefits, including improved digestive health. Yoga (combined with a balanced diet and meditation practice) has proven effective in relieving constipation, gas, and other tummy troubles. Certain asanas, in particular, work wonders to free up blockages and get things naturally flowing.

    Seated Forward Fold

    Forward folds deliver fresh blood and oxygen to your digestive organs upon release. Twists wring out the digestive organs promoting bowel movements and gas/bloating relief. Meditation and more restorative practices promote relaxation and stress reduction, which has proven effective in dealing with issues such as IBS and other inflammatory bowel diseases. If you struggle with any of these digestive concerns, consider this your inspiration to hit your mat regularly!

    To awaken your digestive fire (or calm it down), explore the following online yoga videos with a special focus on digestive health:

    Core Yoga for HealingThis is a unique and challenging online yoga class with Jeanne Heileman. Our center, known as the "kunda" or oven in Sanskrit, is where our internal fire is contained. We need this fire for healthy digestion of food, mental activity, and emotional experiences. We also need this fire to experience the vitality of life. This class will help you access, light, build and maintain your flame so that it shines through the spark in your eyes, the glow of your skin and expands your whole aura. You will practice a unique way of doing yoga poses and movements that focus on strengthening and stretching the entire torso, not just your belly. We will also address the third chakra, the Manipura Chakra, that dwells in this centered space. You will leave feeling peacefully powerful and sitting taller than ever before! (67 mins.)

    Twisting Sequence for Digestion and Elimination with Gigi Yogini - Filmed at Gigi's Secret Studio, this twisting sequence will allow you to let go of things that no longer serve you, physically and mentally. Use a blend of Kundalini, pranayama, core strengthening, twisting and hip opening to promote digestion and elimination. (29 mins.)

    Meditation: The Radiance of Your Inner FireEnjoy an amazing online meditation with Jeanne Heileman. According to Tantra, we have two fires in our belly. One, Jathara Agni, is needed to help us digest our food and process emotion. The other, Bhuta Agni, is a spiritual fire that burns our negative karmas, samskaras, and helps us access the Divine energy that dwells within us. This is why some spiritual souls are so bright: their inner fire is shining. This meditation begins with Nadi Sodhana and Pranna Shuddhi, to access the Third Eye, the eye that sees what we are meant to see. This Inner Light moves down to the Manipura Chakra where you are invited to feel the power of your inner flame and perhaps, become that flame. When we do this, we can be the light for others. (21 mins.)

    Restorative Yoga with Gigi Yogini - Deeply relax and restore with these long, supported postures. Activate the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for the rest and digest work of the internal organs. (62 mins.)

    Hit your mat regularly to get regular.


    Photo Credit: Paschimottanasana via http://whollyyoga.tumblr.com

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