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  • 3 Self-Supporting Flows to Keep You Grounded

    I’ll say it once, and I’ll undoubtedly say it again: This glorious time of holiday cheer can be completely nuts! Though it may be, we don’t want you driving yourself completely nuts in all the madness. We’d like to see you keep your calm amidst the holly jolly folly. Happily, there’s a pretty awesome resource at your service.

    Getting Grounded with Yoga via Atha Yoga

    Enter yoga online.

    Stay grounded and cool this holiday season with the help of these awesome yoga videos:

    • End of Day Pranayama and Restorative Flow with Joan Hyman (15 minutes) Wind down at the end of your day with a light pranayama practice to soothe your nervous system and help you relax. This new online yoga class is open to all levels, so click and come on in! Be sure to have a blanket on hand.
    • Get Grounded with Joan Hyman (50 minutes) This standing pose sequence is a great online yoga practice to offset your upcoming holiday travels. It offers a delicious stretching component to release tension stored in the legs and body. It also promotes grounding in the feet. This online Vinyasa yoga class welcomes all levels. So, yogis of all experience are invited to practice this awesome flow to drive out negative accumulations stored in the body and mind. Enjoy a restorative sequence at the end to replenish and restore.
    • Meditation: Getting Grounded with Jeanne Heileman (30 minutes) I highly recommend you catch this lovely online meditation class. Life is so uncertain during the holiday season and beyond. The instability of the present and future are related to the Root Chakra, Muladhara Chakra. When we get stressed, fearful, angry, and struggle with the constant changes, we naturally start to pull away from the ground and move the tension to higher areas. This online meditation gets you rooted into your body and mind. It draws out negativity, releasing it in a safe manner. You are left feeling grounded, stable, and solid. This is a great meditation to do in troubling or stressful times.

    Support yourself this holiday season. Make your mental, physical, and spiritual health a top priority. Practice yoga at home to guide and support you. Commit yourself to radical self-care and self-love.


  • Friday Features: Vinyasa Flavors of the Week

    In case you’ve been up to your ears in all your various work commitments and life responsibilities, I wanted to cue you in to what’s hot and happening on the online yoga scene. An abundance of wonderful new material surfaced this week, including new, full-length online yoga classes and free online yoga videos – all for your pleasure and practice!

    What’s Hot?

    Vinyasa. No surprise. The fall and winter seasons desperately cry for Vinyasa. Escape the cold, shivering body sensations in this very warming practice. Create fervor and fire in the body to sweat out all that wintery stagnation. But hey, if you like the cold, by all means, practice outside. You wouldn't be the first!

    Snow Yoga...Not so hot.

    First up on the online yoga menu is a sweaty Vinyasa flow – a delicious Heart, Hips and Twists class. In this 75-minute online yoga class, Michelle Johnson will lead you through grounding hip openers, creative twists, and heart openers. This flow starts with a series of hip openers followed by lunges and Sun Salutations that incorporate twists, and ends on the ground with more hip opening and a choice of inversion. You'll leave this online yoga flow feeling clear, cleansed, and restored. Why not top of your week with this flow? Let all the frustrations of the week dissolve, so you can ease into your weekend.

    Sample more Vinyasa flavors with Joan Hyman in Wind Down with Shoulder Stand. Grab a blanket and a strap for this 60-minute online class focused on yummy shoulder openers. End with a long Shoulder Stand to help you wind down and deeply relax at the end of your Friday before you carry on with your weekend pleasures.

    To appreciate even more Vinyasa goodness, explore Joan’s free online yoga video demoing Plow (Halasana) and Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana). Discover ways to safely practice Plow Pose and Shoulder Stand, especially after a vigorous Vinyasa flow practice.

    Lastly, savor a sweaty Vinyasa session – an Invigorating Morning Flow. Begin your Saturday morning with Ashley Turner in this 90-minute, luxurious opening sequence of two invigorating kriyas to wake up the physical and pranic bodies and flush out any stagnation or lethargy from sleep. Then, dive into a strong, comprehensive standing sequence of twisting and balancing poses to wring out every corner of the body. Finish this online yoga class feeling energized, cleansed, clear, and awake for the day and weekend ahead.

    Get a little taste of Vinyasa. Fire up the body and mind. Free yourself from the frigid air. Feel full of energetic vibes. Flow.


  • Conquer Crow Pose with Joan Hyman: New Yoga Videos

    Crow Pose (Bakasana) may be considered a baby arm balance in light of the meatier, deeper twisting and hip opening arm balancing postures. As the foundational arm balance, it is, in a way, the baby. Crow is usually the first arm balance we master. (I say usually because you could be weird like me – I understood Eka Pada Koundinyasana before I ever fully realized Crow Pose). Because Crow is the primary arm balance we usually attempt, it’s by no means easy. It comes with its own set of obstacles.

    Bakasana Crows in Crow Pose (Bakasana) by Gosia Janik Photography

    Crow Pose requires a decent amount of strength and intelligence in the body. Not only that, it requires you to let go of any fear that you are holding onto. I know I was all hung up on the fear of falling on my face. No one wants to face plant on his or her yoga mat. I get that. However, no one has ever advanced in their practice without taking a crack at the unfamiliar and suffering a few minor slip ups. Sure, you may be one of those people that understands and masters the pose right off the bat. Kudos to you! Or, you may be someone like me. This arm balance may require some serious consideration and practice for you. No worries, though. You’ll get it with a little time and devotion!

    There are various ways to practice and attempt Crow Pose. I want to share a Bakasana approach that generated success for me:

    Go ahead and settle into a low yoga squat (Malasana). Extend the arms out in front. Squeeze the legs into the upper arms, striving for the armpits. Keep the booty low. Engage the arm muscles. Press all digits firmly into the mat. Gaze forward. Find a dristhi – a focus point – to set your attention on. I usually gaze at the top edge of my mat. Lean forward, bringing the weight into the hands. Draw your navel to your spine. Drop the booty! Curl the spine. Now, go for it! Squeeze everything into the mid-line of the body. Try lifting both feet or one foot at a time off the ground. The BIG trick is starting in a low squat, dropping the sit bones, and curling the spine. Don't send your booty too high! That's where face planting comes into play...

    For more Crow craziness, revel in this new online yoga class with Joan Hyman: Crow Time! This 60-minute online yoga class features a Vinyasa core flow leading to Bakasana on a block, with a block, and jumping back. Twisting Crow will be taught, giving you the strength and confidence to lift up and stay up! Be sure to have a block on hand for this online yoga class.

    Vinyasa Core Flow

    If you just want to get in and get out of a Crow Pose practice quickly, check out Joan’s free online yoga video featuring Bakasana in a nutshell.

    Get cracking on your Crow!


  • Secrets to Beating Seasonal Sickness

    I've been noticing a rising of sickness – colds, flu-like symptoms, coughs, sneezes, sniffles, and allergies. You name it. What is up? Okay, well, I have an idea.

    via The Green Yogi

    Remember that seasonal shift stuff I was commenting on earlier? Yeah, you do. Well, it’s happened. It’s happening. The seasons are a-changin’ and with that comes an oftentimes disastrous immune response. During these times, we need to take a little extra care not only for ourselves, but also, for the sake/health of others. Yesterday, I set up my mat between Ms. Sniffles and Mr. Incessant Sneezer. I was happy to make it out of there alive. So far, no disastrous immune responses. Hopefully, I’m in the clear. Fingers crossed.

    That being said, if you do get sick, it’s (in my opinion) the perfect time to practice yoga at home. It’s not only out of consideration for the health of others. It’s outta convenience for you, too. You have to admit that it’s pretty uncomfortable blowing your schnozz at full force in the presence of others. Plus, getting up again and again to retrieve more tissues is interrupting to your practice and the practice of others. What’s more, holding back the throat clearings and chocking back coughs in Savasana (the time where these things always seem to inconveniently break loose) is miserable. Keep it at home if you can. That way, you can shoot your schnozz without hesitation and sniffle, cough, and hack to your heart’s content.

    Now, if you do have a case of the seasonal shift sickness, what to do? There are different camps of thought on this. Some yogis like to get down with a hot, sweaty Vinyasa practice to detox and cleanse. Others (present company included) prefer some R&R - to relax and restore.

    When your immune system is compromised and operating on overload, I think your body is urging you to slow down. Here are some relaxing, restorative online yoga videos to get intimate with during a temporary spell of sickness.

    Slow down in this 62-minute restorative flow with Gigi Yogini. Deeply relax and restore with long, supported postures. Activate the parasympathetic nervous system that is responsible for the rest and digest work of the internal organs. Use props, including bolsters, blocks and blankets. You can also use household items like pillows, beach towels and phone books. Get prepared for total Zen.

    Don't have much time? Feel stressed out and tired? Try this short and sweet 20-minute online yoga restorative practice. Rest easy with Joan Hyman’s soothing voice and thorough instruction on how to set up for restoratives. Bring an eye pillow and dim the lights down low to enjoy this online yoga video. Time to go in!

    Practice a more active restorative session with Hala Khouri as she teaches a well-rounded, level 2 online yoga class. You will start with a floor warm-up, work the abdominals, and, then, move into standing poses. The focus in this 67-minute yoga video is on opening up the hips and shoulders, as well as strengthening the core and legs. Get ready to unwind.

    Other words of advice: Be sure to eat warming foods, drink lots of green tea, utilize your neti pot (yeah...I know it’s not sexy), stay warm and comfy, give yourself warm oil massages, gets lots of rest, and do the things that make you feel good. Watch Sex & the City (guilty confession #1) or Grey’s Anatomy (guilty confession #2), take a bath with sea salts and candles lit, read your favorite book(s), and listen to calming music. Be gentle with yourself. Treat yourself with love. As my Mom always says: This too shall pass.


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