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  • Saddle Pose with Jennifer Beyt Coffin

    This week’s Strike a Pose yoga video is brought to you by Jennifer Beyt Coffin of The Glowing Body yoga studio in Knoxville, TN. In this free online yoga video, Jennifer will walk you through Saddle Pose – a yin yoga posture resembling Supta Virasana (Relining Hero Pose).

    Saddle Pose

    Saddle Pose can be a tricky yin posture because it is a fairly deep backbend. In this pose, you will deliberately apply pressure to the lumbar spine, which, for some, may feel like murder. For folks suffering from lower back pain, SI joint pain, and/or flattening or degeneration of the lumbar spine, the full expression of Saddle Pose may be problematic.

    Fortunately, there are many pose alternatives and options you can explore in Saddle to reap the long-term benefits. In this online yoga video, Jennifer will run-through these variations, which rely on the usage and support of bolsters, blankets, and blocks. So, make sure you have these handy before you begin your exploration.

    When you determine your edge and settle in, this pose can feel oh-so-delicious. As a total front body stretch, this pose is super beneficial to athletes and people who do lots of standing or walking. Connective tissue stimulation is felt in front body. The quads and hip flexors will be stretched. Pressure stimulation around the SI joints will create a deep opening in the lumbar-sacral arch of the spine. Sweet, sweet expansion!

    But remember: If the knees, ankles, SI joints, or lower spine protest, it’s very important to back off and prop up. As Jennifer says, “Don’t deny yourself the prop. Please!” Be okay with where you are at and accept your physical limitations. If you feel any sharp or burning pain, your body is signaling you to take it easy. Don’t create murder on your spine. Just don’t.

    Once you find your appropriate edge - your place of comfort - it is recommended that you hold Saddle for one to five minutes. Iyengar recommends 15 minutes. For most, this long of a hold will be too intense at this stage in the game. Consider it a goal.

    With time and practice, Saddle Pose has the potential to re-establish the natural curvature of the lumbar-sacral arch of the spine if any flattening or degeneration has occurred. It’s also a great pose to maintain the natural curvature of the spine and to simultaneously stretch and work many areas of the body: the tops of the ankles, the knee caps, the hips, quads, hip flexors, lower back, and upper chest (if you bring your arms up).

    Simply lay back, relax, and enjoy the stretch.

    Want a great bolster? Sign up for our annual subscription, and get a hand crafted bolster from Inner Space as your gift! Or you can take a look at all of Jennifer's creations at

    Saddle Pose


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  • Rekindle Your Calm with Yin

    Christmas is hours away! How are you feeling?

    If you are on a holiday high, (the result of excess decorating, shopping, traveling, carbohydrate consumption, and planning) you better watch out. You better pacify the high. You better slow down. I'm telling you why: Burn out is coming to town. If you don’t tame your holiday hypomania, supreme exhaustion is just around the corner.

    Rekindle your calm amidst the holiday commotion with a grounding and meditative Yin yoga practice at home. Treat yourself this Christmas Eve with an hour-long session. First, get the last of the gifts wrapped and the stockings stuffed. Put Santa’s cookies out and force the kids to bed. Then, unroll your mat in front of your beautifully lit and decorated tree and give yourself the gift of yoga.

    Seated Forward Fold with Mudra

    Yin for Your Soul with Tiffany Cantrell - Add more balance to your yoga practice and your life in this inspiring, nurturing online Yin yoga class designed to open your connective tissues in the low back and hip areas. Take a journey into the shadow side of yourself while you hold your poses long enough to begin to learn something new about your body, mind and spirit. (58 mins.)

    Opposites Attract with Jennifer Beyt Coffin - Connect with your biggest ally in your Yin yoga practice, gravity! This online yoga class explores Yin postures that treat tensed fascia at the deepest level and increase your joint's range of motion by making the joint capsule more pliable and hydrated. You will feel amazingly more mobile, spacious and clear headed after the lengthy holds in this Yin yoga class. A block, bolster and blankets are recommended. (43 mins.)

    Yin Deep Stretch (Class 1) with Shala Worley - In Shala's Yin yoga classes you will target the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis and lower spine. Postures will be held for several minutes at a time. Poses include several different pigeon variations, a reclining pose that will open the arches of your feet, and a cooling inversion. Shala cues modifications for all. You may want to have a block and blanket available. Music courtesy of Shaman's Dream. (60 mins.)

    Spinal Stimulation with Jennifer Beyt Coffin - Transform your body with this non-aggressive, Yin yoga technique. Practice spine stimulating postures in this online yoga class. Apply a slow, steady load to your connective tissues. Feel tension around the spine and through the core and hips dissolve as you learn to let muscular contraction release and develop sensitivity to much more subtle internal shifts. A block, bolster and blankets are recommended. (48 mins.)

    Use the Class Search feature to find additional online Yin yoga practices. Also, enjoy a variety of free online yoga videos featuring Yin asanas. After you’ve learned how to safely do a pose, set your timer for 2 to 5 minutes and settle in. Resolve to stillness, silence, and serenity.

    May you have a merry and magical Christmas Eve!


    Photo Credit: Image via Satya Is Truth

  • Runnin’ The Streets: The Finale

    The 6-week, cross country trek is sadly coming to a close in just 4 days. Presently, if I have it straight, Phoebe and Erica are livin’ it up in New Orleans. Last stop: Pensacola, FL. Then, the trip is complete. Success.

    I’ve really enjoyed watching these exceptionally cool, entertaining professional runners make their way across the US, hitting up some places I once hit up on my many cross country road trips in my white VW bug. I had some good runs in that beetle. May it RIP.

    Also – to my GREAT pleasure – they visited Yosemite National Park (my old stomping grounds!). They did it up right, too. First off, they ate at the Mobile. Yes, it’s a gas station – a gas station with the most delicious fish tacos and usually, some rather interesting company. Even more impressive, they zigzagged their way up the Mist Trail switchbacks, passing two amazing waterfalls – Vernal and Nevada – until reaching a climactic, 9,000 ft. view atop one of the most amazing rock structures in the world: Half Dome. Such bliss! I’m only a little bit jealous.

    Along the way, they’ve been doing lots of yoga online (among other things of amusement). When the driving got to be a little much, they turned to Yin Yoga – an amazing practice that works the deeper connective tissues of the body. What’s more, they were able to practice yoga online with their regular teacher, Jennifer Beyt Coffin. Sweetness. Some of their practice locations, again, only made me a little bit jealous. Zion National Park! Rocky Mountain National Park! New Orleans! Come on…It doesn’t get much better than that.

    Yoga in Zion National Park

    Yoga in Rocky Mountain National Park

    In a recent blog post, Phoebe shares some tidbits to help runners get the extra edge. One big tidbit (oxymoron alert)? Yoga. I can’t say that I’m incredibly shocked. Yoga is the cat’s pajamas…or something like that. Yoga is not only spiritually enlivening. It has some real physical benefits to runners and athletes desiring to improve their performance. Don’t believe me? Take it from Phoebe Wright – Nike sponsored professional runner, world record holder (indoor DMR and outdoor 4x1500), and 5-time NCAA champ. Dang, girl.

    Phoebe offers two, yoga-related tidbits for runners: active stretching and core work.

    Stretching. I don’t mean the touch-your-toes-before-you-run stretching, but the active I-actually-want-to-get-more-flexible stretching. I personally hate this due to my inflexibility. For the past 2 years I have found a way to trick myself into stretching. Yoga. My yoga instructor at the Glowing Body in Knoxville, Jen Coffin, has really advanced my running career more than she knows. I get to devote an hour and a half twice a week to stretching and core with a mental break. Yoga helps put me in the moment, and as runners (with our life dictated by time), we seem to always live in the future. It’s win win. I don’t feel like it is related to track, so it doesn’t feel like practice, but yet I get the core and flexibility work that help my running anyway. Plus, the run/yoga/brunch combo on Saturday mornings is the best ritual ever. Side note—on the road trip, I got to team up with YOGAVIBES! I can stream yoga online, so if I have service, I have yoga. AND Jen is on of the instructors. I will be doing some yoga under the trees in New Orleans this afternoon.

    Core. I hate core more than stretching, but it does help. Not the vanity core that micro-crunches give you, but that deep psoas core exercises that leg raises and yoga give you.  When my core is strong, I can lift heavier and my stride at top end speed feels easier and more fluid. I actually don’t do much core. I count Yoga and rock climbing as core.

    Are you a runner? Wanna get some active stretching into your training? Practice these free online yoga videos featuring Yin Yoga postures. Need to amplify your core regimen? No problem. We’ve got an awesome selection of free online yoga videos with invigorating core routines that you will love (and probably hate at the same time).

    Ladies, safe travels for the remainder of your journey!


  • YogaVibes Hits the Road

    2 runners. 6 weeks. 42 days. 7,200 miles. Boundless fun.

    We are thrilled to help support two professional, Nike-sponsored runners, Phoebe Wright and Erica Moore, as they trek across the United States on a six-week road trip to promote running and show track fans (and general hilarity fans) the real lives of real athletes on an unreal adventure.

    The Real Athletes, Phoebe and Erica

    Accompanied by one enthusiastic writer and friend, Phoebe and Erica will be documenting the inevitable fun and hilarity of their 42-day, 7,200-mile travels on the road. They set off from Knoxville, TN and have already tackled the daunting 22-hour drive to Denver, CO. From there, their journey continues north through Canada, down the west coast and across the southwest. Highlights include: Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, Vancouver, Seattle, Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, Vegas, the Grand Canyon, New Orleans, and more! I know I'm jealous. At each leg of their adventure, Phoebe and Erica are committed to embracing every physical opportunity and challenge presented.

    However, it’s not just runs, hikes, and climbs they’ll be documenting; they’ll also be featuring yoga.

    As devoted yoga students of Jennifer Beyt Coffin, Phoebe and Erica were disappointed that they would miss out on her classes during their road trip. Then, they discovered that Jennifer offered online yoga classes with YogaVibes. After catching wind of YogaVibes, they decided that online yoga would be a fun add-in to their adventures. Not only that, but it would continue to provide them with mental and physical support, benefiting their practice and performance on the track.

    “Practicing yoga has a dual purpose,” says Phoebe. “Physically, it allows me to be a better professional athlete by aiding in recovery and flexibility. More importantly, mentally it allows me to work on patience and living in the present. I carry these lessons off the mat and onto the track. For a large majority of my season, I do not have the luxury of practicing in a studio. My racing takes me all over the world, and YogaVibes brings the studio to me. “

    Phoebe and Erica will be blogging about their cross-country experiences, updating Facebook and Twitter, and uploading cool pictures and films. While on the road, they will keep on doing yoga with YogaVibes, practicing with their teacher, Jennifer Beyt Coffin. They will also be testing out some of Sage Rountree’s online yoga classes, which are particularly well designed to support and enhance the performance of runners and athletes.

    To follow their journey, check out their blog, Runnin’ The Streets, or follow Phoebe and Erica on Facebook or Twitter @RuntheSts. YogaVibes will also be following their journey, featuring one blog post per week to highlight the online yoga classes that Phoebe and Erica incorporate into their trek. So, stay tuned!


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