Keep Yourself in Check: 10 Summer-Balancing Pointers

Oh sweet, sweet summer. Beaches. Sun-kissed skin. Warmth. Leisure. Bliss.

side plank Gigi Yogini in Vasisthasana (Side Plank) with Vrksasana (Tree Pose) variation...

The sweetness of the summer season is intoxicating. The abundance of sunshine inspires lots of activity and time spent outdoors to soak it all in. By all means, soak it all in, but do so sensibly. Take special caution to remain harmonious in the heat with these summer-stabilizing tips:

  1. Practice yoga at home in the early morning when temperatures are cooler. If you can’t work in a morning practice, the next best option is an evening flow.
  2. Choose loose fitting clothes (linen or cotton) to allow your skin to breathe.
  3. Limit your caffeine and alcohol consumption. I know an ice-cold beer and iced coffee are perceived to be very refreshing during this time. In reality, they are very dehydrating! Yes, summer is the opportunity to sip and enjoy these pleasures. So sip and enjoy, but do so in moderation.
  4. Reduce hot, spicy, fermented, salty, oily, and fried foods. All of these foods are heating and don’t jive too well with the soaring temperatures.
  5. Select cooling, hydrating foods, including peaches, nectarines, plums, pears, and other juicy fruits.
  6. Use cooling oils for self-massage, such as coconut oil. Not only is this awesome for skin hydration, but it is also super purifying!
  7. Before you retreat into savasana, treat yourself to a cooling herbal mist to hydrate and protect your skin. Organic rose water is a wonderful selection!
  8. This is an obvious one: Drink LOTS of water. LOTS. In fact, go down a glass right now.
  9. Meditate. Summer is a very stimulating season. Establish a regular meditation practice to renew and find calm amidst the intensity and excitement.
  10. Reserve time to relax and restore – to pacify the go-go-go. Ease up on all of the activity and try some restorative or yin yoga at home.

To celebrate summer, jump into this one hour online yoga class with Sarah Starr filmed on the beach! Take time to explore what makes you feel alive as you focus on detoxifying twists, core strength, and the joy of hip openers.

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May your summer be abundant with happy, harmonious vibes!


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