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  • Strike A Pose: Transitions from Side Plank with Jennifer Pastiloff

    This week, we bring you not one – but two! – free online yoga videos demoing super fun transitions from Side Plank Pose or Vasisthasana.

    Vasisthasana variation

    Join Jennifer Pastiloff, creator of Manifestation Yoga, at YogaCo in Santa Monica, California to strike these playful transitions – transitions that definitely spice up and add to the fluidity of a standard Vinyasa flow.

    First, explore a Side Plank variation (Full Vasisthasana) to Full Splits (Hanumanasana). This one is a toughie, especially if you haven’t realized Full Splits just yet. Make sure you open up those hammies with some deeper forward folds before you go leaping into this transition!

    side plank transition

    In the next online yoga offering, enjoy a more mild transition from Side Plank into Warrior I (Virabhadrasana I). Again, warm up before you go beasting through this one.

    side plank to warrior I

    Both transitions require a hefty supply of core engagement, so make sure you aren’t slacking on your Uddiyana Bandha (belly lock) action.

    OK. Now, go play!

    Dig this free online yoga video with Jennifer Pastiloff? Check out more of her challenging (and free!) yoga videos and full-length online yoga classes on YogaVibes.

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    Sometimes yoga is just plain confusing. That’s why we created our “Strike a Pose” section featuring free online yoga videos designed to break down the nuts and bolts of each pose. If you haven't explored it, we highly suggest that you get on it! Because why not? It's free!

    This super useful collection of free yoga videos offers alignment tips, fiery sequences, secret yoga tricks, short meditation and breathing exercises, and even instruction for the crazy pretzel poses like these...

    crazy pretzel poses

    This section is conveniently divided into different areas of focus to help you easily find poses and sequences that you'd like to add into your growing yoga repertoire.


    • Arm Balances + Inversions.

      Learn to strike some of the more fancy moves of the practice. Go upside down. Fly. Be crazy.

    • Meditation + Pranayama.

      Need a splash of calm? Find tips for discovering ease in meditation, short guided meditations, and breathing exercises to dive deeper into your practice.

    • Backbends + Heart Openers.

      Discover adjustments to feel more freedom in these poses. Also, find some great chest, neck, and shoulder openers.

    • Core Work.

      Sick of old school sit-ups? Check out this awesome collection of core exercises to sculpt, strengthen, and feel the burn!

    • Seated + Reclining Poses.

      Enjoy some excellent stretches and nervous system soothers to dissolve any tension you're clinging to. Explore yin yoga postures, stretching sequences for athletes, Thai Yoga instruction, and more!

    • Restoratives.

      Restoratives are deeply relaxing, hugely necessary, and often neglected. Treat your body and mind to these lovely, rejuvenating postures to complement a more intense practice.

    • Yoga Sequences.

      Find yoga warm-ups, chair yoga movements, transition demos, Exhale Spa Core Fusion exercises, advanced sequences, and more to love!

    • Yoga for Men.

      Specifically designed for men, these yoga videos cater to the unique strengths, weaknesses, and challenges you dudes face in the practice.

    • Yoga Demos.

      What is Yoga? What is Meditation? What is Mindfulness? Discover the answers to these questions and more in this set of educative online yoga videos.

    Delve into this abundance of free yoga online to give rise to a more intelligent practice!

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  • Strike A Pose: A Quick Warm Up Sequence

    warm up

    This week’s free online yoga video is brought to you by Danielle Diamond, founder of Xen Strength Yoga. In this short online yoga practice, Danielle will teach you some simple yoga exercises to get you warm and ready for your practice at home or on-the-go.

    All of the movements instructed in this video are intended to warm up the spine, engage the core, and create more space in the body. Begin rippling through some cat/cow exercises (some personal favs), followed by another exercise designed to set your abdominal muscles on fire (in a love/hate sorta way).

    It's important to wake up the core and align the spine before you get your flow on. It prepares you for the practice by centering your body and mind and it creates more fluidity in your body before you dive into a full Vinyasa flow.

    It should be noted that the exercises shared in this online yoga video are awesome to explore even if you don’t intend to rock a full practice. This warm up is versatile and can be applied to other physical and/or non-yogic endeavors. Rock these exercises pre-gym sesh, pre-run, pre-climb, etc. Rock out this sequence in the morning to ignite your day. Also, turn to this sequence anytime you need to break for some mental and physical equalizing.

    You can bring these exercises with you wherever you go and practice them whatever the circumstance. Airport. Home. Hiking trail. Yoga studio. No matter. Use these movements to feel fired up and set to tackle whatever is coming up next.

    Xen Strength yoga online

     Dig this yoga video with Danielle Diamond? Check out her growing collection of free yoga videos and full on flows at

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  • Strike A Pose: Chaturanga with Justin Michael Williams

    chaturanga dandasana

    This week's Strike-a-Pose yoga video is brought to you by Justin Michael Williams, a California-based yoga instructor. Filming from Gigi Yogini's Secret Studio, Justin put together a free online yoga video demoing the dos and don'ts of a core pose in the practice: Chaturanga.

    Chaturanga is a pose performed over and over and over again in a Vinyasa flow style class. It's the broken record of yoga poses. It's an incredibly powerful pose that builds heat, strengthens your arms, and tones your abs. It has a transitional quality to it, but that doesn't mean you should just brush it off and move through it with sloppy alignment. Over time, messy chaturanga-ing may potentially cause serious damage to your body, leading to aches, pains, and even injury. So, do it right. Since it's repeated so frequently in Vinyasa flow style classes, you want to get the alignment cues straight.

    This online yoga video with Justin will teach you everything you need to know to create the perfect Chaturanga. First, set yourself up in the perfect plank. "A perfect Chaturanga starts with a perfect Plank," says Justin. After you've established that solid plank, move into a solid Chaturanga. Also, review some common mistakes of this pose, including splaying of the elbows, dipping, etc. After you've watched this yoga video demo, you can say farewell to all of that nonsense. Now, you have all the information you need to stay aligned and safe during your home practice.


    Dig this free yoga video with Justin? Check out more of his free yoga videos and full-length online yoga classes on YogaVibes!


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