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  • How to Build a Safe L Pose by Sigrid Matthews

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    Alignment, alignment, alignment!

    Sometimes, don’t you just wish your teacher would shut up and let you go with the flow, literally? There is nothing like moving on the breath, flowing gracefully from one pose to the next, not staying too long anywhere - almost like dancing to great rock and roll in your bedroom.

    Yes, I’ve been there too and taught many a fun, sweaty, flow yoga class where everyone was grooving to tunes and meditating on their higher self. There is nothing wrong with this, but over the years of repetition and moving your body around unconsciously, you are at a higher risk for injuries, particularly in the shoulders.

    One of the most common complaints and recurring site of injuries in yoga these days is the tearing of the rotator cuff. It’s giving yoga a bad reputation and some are going so far as to say that yoga can wreck your body! Luckily, many of us know how many stories of healing the body are attributed to yoga. However you may want to consider fine tuning your practice to lessen the risk of injury in yoga poses like chaturanga dandasana, plank, vashistasana, handstand, and even, upward facing dog.

    L pose is a fantastic way to get the strengthening benefits of the above poses with a lot less risk.

    One of the main reasons people get hurt flowing from chaturanga to cobra or up dog is that they allow the head of the upper arm bone (humerus) to protract or “drop” forward in the shoulder socket. This protraction can also be accompanied with scapular protraction, but many students simply “pull” their shoulder blades back (retraction) without addressing the real issue of the forward upper arm bone. In fact, the shoulder blades can be somewhat neutral in plank. When you cleanly bend your arms, stopping just before the chest is lower than the elbows and keeping the front of the chest open, the shoulder blades will move towards one another as much as needed (you don’t need to do more). Keep the front of the shoulders open as you transition into upward facing dog.

    Okay, so problem solved. Well, as people do cycle after cycle of vinyasa they tend to get tired and sloppy and that’s when you see the pose beginning to break down. Rather than doing 100s of chaturangas to develop strength and tone, challenge yourself by working L pose for up to a minute at a time.


    To start working your L pose, tune into Sigrid's Focused Flow yoga video. Build confidence and self-esteem and receive all of the benefits of a full handstand as you practice this safe inversion utilizing the wall. This online yoga class is taught progressively for safety with all of the prep poses creating spinal alignment, posture, and deep core integrity. (15 mins.)

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  • Presenting Focused Flow Yoga® with Sigrid Matthews!

    We are super excited to feature a fresh series of online yoga videos with Sigrid Matthews.

    black dog yogaOn the teacher...

    Sigrid is both the director of Black Dog Yoga’s Teacher Training Program in Sherman Oaks, CA and the creator of Focused Flow Yoga®. She holds several certifications in yoga anatomy, LMU's yoga Rx program, massage, personal training, and aromatherapy. Compassionate, funny, and down-to-earth, Sigrid creates an online yoga experience that is highly accessible while encouraging mindful movement and personal transformation.

    Focused Flow Yoga® deets... 

    Focused Flow Yoga® combines a therapeutic approach to traditional asana, creating a strong foundation of core support and joint stability. Its methods allow advanced practitioners to challenge themselves by fine-tuning difficult poses and allow newer students to learn the poses safely. With regular practice, all students can expect to cultivate a stronger, more toned, and balanced body.

    Why YogaVibes? 

    “I am thrilled to be partnering with YogaVibes.com,” says Sigrid. “I love the idea of bringing yoga to people that may not have the time to go to a yoga studio where the options are usually for 90 minutes and can cost a pretty penny. YogaVibes’ online yoga classes are great for my regular students while traveling and I get to teach specifically tailored classes addressing a wide range of issues and aspects of yoga alignment for every body.”

    We've already launched four of Sigrid’s Focused Flow Yoga® videos, including Focused Flow yoga videos addressing weight loss, building a safe L pose (in preparation for handstand), stress and anxiety, and cardio. So, go check them out to revel in their therapeutic, healing benefits!

    And teaser alert! Five additional Focused Flow Yoga® classes are on their way and will be added over the next six weeks, including Focused Flow classes addressing lower back issues, digestion, grounding, stress and anxiety, and energizing. So, stay tuned as more Focused Flow yoga classes online are on the horizon!

  • Online Yoga Classes with Micheline Berry

    Another fantastic teacher at exhale spa's Exhale Center for Sacred Movement, Micheline Berry's classes bring you into alignment with your own personal potential to thrive both on and off the mat.

    Micheline's work in yoga and somatic dance integrates apas (water) and agni (fire), flow with dynamic stillness, power with surrender, challenge with skill, teaching you how to source deep, transformational states of 'pranic. To learn more about Micheline, visit her website www.zendancing.com.

    Today, how about trying Micheline's Soulful Flow online yoga class? In this 85 minute class, you'll explore the power of dual actions and experience Micheline's signature teaching style!


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