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  • Class Review: Core Fusion® with Elisabeth Halfpapp & Fred DeVito

    The deets.

    Style: Core Fusion® Yoga Online Length: 58 minutes Intensity: Level 2 = All-Levels Online Yoga Video Focus: Core-Infused Props: Participants must wear socks. Recommended: Set of light dumbbells and a strap. Average Rating: 5/5

    On the teachers.

    With years of collective teacher expertise, Fred DeVito and Elisabeth Halfpapp co-founded Core Fusion®, a highly-acclaimed and publicized mind-body experience.

    core fusion yoga online Elizabeth Halfpapp and Fred Devito via Exhale Spa and James Wvinner Photography.

    On the class.

    • A combo class. This online yoga class fuses the disciplines of core conditioning, Pilates, the Lotte Berk Method, interval cardio training, and yoga.
    • Whole body. These transformational online yoga classes consistently deliver results. Strengthen. Stretch. Sculpt.

    core fusion yoga video

    What people are saying.

    • "Breathing, sweating, and stretching with some deep muscle activity as well. What more could you want?"
    • "A great workout for toning all parts of the body. An impressive group of students in this class too, though seeing a couple beginners was helpful since I needed some modifications."
    • "I have taken live classes in Boston and own 3 core fusion dvds and this class was great. This was just what I needed to mix it up!"
    • "I have all the Core Fusion DVD's and do them regularly, but I was sore for 3 days after doing this class! Sore in a good way, of course. I miss living near an Exhale Spa, but this is the next best thing. More Core Fusion classes please!" 

    ABOUT EXHALE'S CORE FUSION: Burn. Sculpt. Breathe. Evolve. This heart-pumping, soul-seeking, energy-inducing fitness program focuses on core strength for the ultimate full body workout. Using weights, balls, bands, and your own body weight as resistance, this program will keep you burning calories long after the class is over. Prepare to sweat, shake and melt the fat away as you lengthen and tone your body, and revive and refocus your mind. Your journey towards mind body transformation starts here…

    Sample more Core Fusion yoga videos on YogaVibes.

  • Weekend Intention: Leave Your Ego at the Door

    "After the demands of the ego and its greed surrendered, the struggle for fulfillment of personal desires lessens; life takes on a new zest like a breath of fresh air." ~Swami Sivananda Radha

    Leave the Ego at the Door

    The ego is bound to creep its way in while you’re on the mat. As human, there’s really no way to permanently escape it. It is your sense of self or I am-ness or, as my neuroscience professor coined it, it is your I-function. The I-function is the part of the self that wants and desires. It functions as the doer, the storyteller, the maker, the feeler, and the thinker. It is YOU.

    The problem with your ego is that it can make everything about YOU. It makes everyone and everything seem totally separate and disconnected from your self. The goal of yoga, however, is unity and oneness. The goal of yoga is to realize our profound connection with all creation. Yoga reveals that it's not all about YOU.

    In your practice, how do you deal with the ego? How do you break away from it? How do you leave it off the mat? And how do you experience this sense of profound oneness?

    One word: Nonattachment. Nonattachment is the practice of breaking free from all of your wants, desires, things, and emotions. Nonattachment is not allowing yourself to get pulled down or distracted by the things unfolding in your external world. Nonattachment is all about quieting those ego demands.

    Okay, so how do you go about doing that?

    Man...it's a pretty heavy process. The first step, however, is fairly simple. Just become more aware of what you cling to in your practice. Make note of your distractions, feelings, thoughts, annoyances, etc. Through heightened awareness, you can start to loosen the ego’s grip a little bit. Also, as you begin to identify those things you are clinging to, you being to realize that it’s really not those “things” that are the problem. The problem is YOU. Yoga is about getting rid of everything that causes you struggle. Interestingly enough, your own ego creates your struggle because it tells a false story - a story of disunity and disconnect. Bad ego!

    To practice leaving the ego at the door, get sweaty with some flow this weekend. Practice one of two strong online Vinyasa flows taught by Elisabeth Halfpapp and Jodi Carey, both filmed at Exhale Spa. Link breath to movement to create a steady and consistent flow from pose to pose, encouraging a moving meditation. In these online yoga videos, be prepared for mental and physical challenge. Also, be willing to let go. Let go of those ego demands and limitations!

    Elisabeth Halfpapp Yoga

    Jodi Carey Yoga Online

    Also, practice Kia Miller’s free online yoga video exploring an Ego Eradicating pose combined with Breath of Fire. Because, come on...who doesn’t need a little bit (if not A LOT) of ego eradication?!

    Ego Eradicator with Kia Miller Yoga

    During your practice, cultivate awareness of all the things that make you lose focus, cause you upset, etc. See what pops up. Post practice, put some pen to paper to record what surfaced. Do these things pop up a lot on mat? Off the mat? Why are they popping up? Just take inventory to get a feeling for your ego’s sneaky ways.

    Do yoga to loosen the ego's grip and be free of its limits. Do yoga for your soul; not your ego.


    Photo Credit: Image via www.healingthroughdoing.tumblr.com

  • 4 Butt-Kicking Yoga Videos

    Don’t laugh (or judge). One of my desires for the New Year is to manifest more derriere muscle. It’s not a vanity thing. It’s a yoga thing. It’s more about increasing overall strength and less about achieving the oh-so-trendy “yoga butt.”

    I'm not gonna lie, though. I think yoga butts are trendy for good reason. They do look pretty darn good. I think it’s important to realize, however, that a yoga butt is really about boosting strength and health and less about re-enforcing self-image. It’s an earned representation of full-body strength that a disciplined yoga practice may offer, which is, what ultimately, makes it desirable to me.

    Peacock Pose

    It’s also just as important to realize that a “yoga butt” really doesn’t exist. It’s a mere human creation and, as such, it’s something you shouldn’t be too hell-bent on. There’s nothing wrong with desiring self-improvement and enhanced strength. Just make sure you have a healthy, sensible intention backing your desire to boost your backside.

    What’s more, I don’t think we (as a society) take advantage of our glutes – the largest muscles of our bodies – enough. The poor guys are used more often as cushions rather than the forceful dynamos they were intended them to be. I intend to use mine less often as cushions and get my ass in gear via more yoga.

    Any physical practice of yoga may add to the appearance and strength of these meaty muscles. Warrior I, Warrior II, lunges, Chair Pose, and Bridge Pose are among many of the yoga poses that are especially booty-enhancing. For a solid butt-kicking practice, enjoy the following yoga videos that specifically target the gluteal muscles:

    • Glutes with Sage Rountree - In this yoga for athletes class, build glute strength in standing lunges; move through a series of planks and stretches for the core; then finish with a sequence to stretch the glutes and IT band. Throughout, pay attention to your breath and its relationship to the poses. (76 mins.)
    • Core Fusion® Outer Tabletop Position - Join Core Fusion® co-creators Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito in this free online yoga video. Learn a glute strengthening exercise to make your butt look amazing!
    • I.AM.YOU. 360° Athletic Yoga - Hips, Abs, Butt and Mind with Laura Imparato - A 360-degree sensorial, personal, and exclusive kick-your-ass yoga experience that will rock your mind and body. Link breath with creative and athletic movements that are designed for all levels. This online yoga class is athletic vinyasa that is creative and funky while being strongly rooted in tradition. Please refer to Lauren's studio website, www.iamyoustudio.com, to find music suggestions to go along with her classes, as well as break-downs of common poses. (60 mins.)
    • Yoga Booty with Sarah Ezrin - You won't have to rely on yoga pants to achieve a "yoga booty" after this 30-minute online yoga class. Targeting your hamstrings and glutes, this sequence will tone your backside while also strengthening and lengthening the muscles of the back body. Strong detail on alignment will help you to practice the poses safely and effectively. (30 mins.)

    Transform your booty into a dynamic powerhouse and make it look darn good, too!


  • Yoga for Core Empowerment

    The holidays can really impair the core strengthening and toning process. I wouldn’t dare ask you to forgo on the sweets, so what’s the solution? Yoga. Lots of yoga. Lots of core-focused yoga.

    Navasana Boat Pose

    Stay strong and toned and activate your inner power in the following selection of core strengthening yoga videos. Did I mention that all of these online yoga offerings are free? Yes, totally free and totally awesome. There’s no excuse to let your core suffer this holiday season. Hit the mat to activate and engage your center of power.

    Core Fusion® Waist & Oblique Exercises - Join Core Fusion® co-creators Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito as they take you through a challenging core sequence that targets the waist and obliques. You can use any ball or yoga block for these exercises.

    Core Fusion® Core Conditioning Series - Again, join Core Fusion® co-creators Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito as they instruct a core sequence that includes plank, side plank, their signature move called The Curl, and a posterior core sequence.

    Core Series with Adri Kyser - Enjoy this short and sweet online yoga series, exploring some highly accessible core exercises.

    Boat Pose (Navasana) with Adri Kyser - Learn the correct alignment for Boat Pose – a challenging asana that will surely enliven and strengthen your core. Try alternating between Navasana and half Navasana 10 times. For the grand finale, hold Navasana for 10 breaths. Make it count!

    High Plank Pose with Chad Moline - Learn the fundamentals of High Plank Pose. After you master the proper alignment, set your timer and settle into the pose for 2 minutes.

    Core Sequence Using Plank Pose with Sage Rountree - Now that you’ve mastered the proper alignment for Plank Pose, spice it up with some challenging variations.

    Dolphin and Dolphin Plank Pose with Gail Grossman - After you gain intelligence in these poses, set your timer and settle into each pose for 2 minutes. Challenge yourself!

    To maintain your strength and move forward, you gotta put in the work on your mat. Core strength will support all of your movements in your yoga practice and beyond, which is why it's super important not to skip out on it. I know it might feel excruciating now, but after lots of repetition you'll eventually realize more ease in your practice.


  • Yoga for a Cause: Hurricane Sandy Relief

    Though the storm is long gone, damage and devastation remains. Many individuals struggle daily to fulfill even basic human necessities.

    You might ask yourself: How can I contribute? How can I help? 

    It's simple: Do yoga.

    The following yoga videos were generously filmed to support the Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort. Each time you stream one of these special online yoga classes a donation will go to one of three charities: The Mayor's Fund, Robin Hood, or Off the Mat, Into the World/Sandy. All you have to do is hit your mat to give your support and help those in need.

    Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort

    Live Music Flow to Open the Heart with Cristi Christensen - Enjoy this deep, slow, live music flow, opening the hips, hammies and heart! Opportunities for arm balancing and inversions will be provided combined with live music by Masoodalikhan. To learn more about them visit their website. (90 mins.)

    Core Fusion® Barre Open with Fred DeVito - Fusing the disciplines of core conditioning, Pilates, the Lotte Berk Method, and yoga, this highly acclaimed transformational fitness experience incorporates 50 years of collective teacher expertise. It allows you to work from the inside out, consistently delivering results, including washboard abs, a tighter and higher backside, and a perfectly toned body. This online yoga class is open to all levels. No experience is required, but socks are! (58 mins.)

    Exhale Vinyasa Flow with Elisabeth Halfpapp - This online yoga class is geared toward the seasoned student who likes to sweat and be challenged both physically and mentally. A strong emphasis on linking breath to movement creates a steady and consistent flow from pose to pose, encouraging meditation in motion. Each flow class offers an inspiring message and a deeply relaxing finish. Leave the Ego at the door and be willing to let go! (75 mins.)

    Core Fusion® Open with Elisabeth Halfpapp - Allowing you to work from the inside out, this transformational online yoga class consistently delivers results. This is an athletically paced class suitable for beginners and all levels. Experience continued emphasis on the basic Core Fusion® positions with longer duration, variations, and interval cardio training. Participants must wear socks. You may want to have a set of light dumbbells and a strap available for this practice. (62 mins.)

    Gratitude & Giving Practice with Shiva Rea - Enjoy this special Prana Flow class with Shiva Rea. Take time to cleanse your body, feel gratitude for all of your blessings, and help those in need. (106 mins.)

    Backbends: Opening to Your Highest Potential with Adri Kyser - In this online yoga class, you will awaken the meditative state of your practice by moving to slower rhythms to increase vitality and energy. You will dive and submerge into the divinity of back-bending while opening your heart to its fullest potential. Adri created a special playlist for this class, which you can learn more about, or purchase through YogiTunes. (60 mins.)

    To enjoy more yoga classes provided for this relief effort or to participate in the live-streaming of the Off the Mat, Into New Jersey event being held in Atlantic City, New Jersey on December 22nd, please visit StudioLiveTV.

    Thank you to all of the teachers for these awesome online yoga contributions!


    Photo Credit: Off the Mat Philly & South Jersey via Instagram

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