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  • Weekend Intention: Leave Your Ego at the Door

    "After the demands of the ego and its greed surrendered, the struggle for fulfillment of personal desires lessens; life takes on a new zest like a breath of fresh air." ~Swami Sivananda Radha

    Leave the Ego at the Door

    The ego is bound to creep its way in while you’re on the mat. As human, there’s really no way to permanently escape it. It is your sense of self or I am-ness or, as my neuroscience professor coined it, it is your I-function. The I-function is the part of the self that wants and desires. It functions as the doer, the storyteller, the maker, the feeler, and the thinker. It is YOU.

    The problem with your ego is that it can make everything about YOU. It makes everyone and everything seem totally separate and disconnected from your self. The goal of yoga, however, is unity and oneness. The goal of yoga is to realize our profound connection with all creation. Yoga reveals that it's not all about YOU.

    In your practice, how do you deal with the ego? How do you break away from it? How do you leave it off the mat? And how do you experience this sense of profound oneness?

    One word: Nonattachment. Nonattachment is the practice of breaking free from all of your wants, desires, things, and emotions. Nonattachment is not allowing yourself to get pulled down or distracted by the things unfolding in your external world. Nonattachment is all about quieting those ego demands.

    Okay, so how do you go about doing that?'s a pretty heavy process. The first step, however, is fairly simple. Just become more aware of what you cling to in your practice. Make note of your distractions, feelings, thoughts, annoyances, etc. Through heightened awareness, you can start to loosen the ego’s grip a little bit. Also, as you begin to identify those things you are clinging to, you being to realize that it’s really not those “things” that are the problem. The problem is YOU. Yoga is about getting rid of everything that causes you struggle. Interestingly enough, your own ego creates your struggle because it tells a false story - a story of disunity and disconnect. Bad ego!

    To practice leaving the ego at the door, get sweaty with some flow this weekend. Practice one of two strong online Vinyasa flows taught by Elisabeth Halfpapp and Jodi Carey, both filmed at Exhale Spa. Link breath to movement to create a steady and consistent flow from pose to pose, encouraging a moving meditation. In these online yoga videos, be prepared for mental and physical challenge. Also, be willing to let go. Let go of those ego demands and limitations!

    Elisabeth Halfpapp Yoga

    Jodi Carey Yoga Online

    Also, practice Kia Miller’s free online yoga video exploring an Ego Eradicating pose combined with Breath of Fire. Because, come on...who doesn’t need a little bit (if not A LOT) of ego eradication?!

    Ego Eradicator with Kia Miller Yoga

    During your practice, cultivate awareness of all the things that make you lose focus, cause you upset, etc. See what pops up. Post practice, put some pen to paper to record what surfaced. Do these things pop up a lot on mat? Off the mat? Why are they popping up? Just take inventory to get a feeling for your ego’s sneaky ways.

    Do yoga to loosen the ego's grip and be free of its limits. Do yoga for your soul; not your ego.


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