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  • Strike A Pose: Hanumanasana with Xen Strength Yoga

    This week’s "Strike A Pose" yoga video is brought to you by Danielle Diamond, founder of Xen Strength Yoga. In this free online yoga video, Danielle will instruct the basic alignment principles of Hanumanasana or full splits. In this free online yoga video, you will learn various modifications and ways to mindfully warm up to this deep posture. So, grab two blocks and get ready to take a mighty leap into this beneficial asana.

    full splits in handstand

    Hanumanasana (Monkey Pose) Benefits:

    • Awesome therapy for sciatica pain reduction and prevention of sciatica.
    • Offers a great stretch for the hamstrings, groins and thighs.
    • Very stimulating to the abdominal organs.
    • Keeps the legs nice and supple, reducing your risk for injury during activities such as jogging, sprinting, cycling or climbing.
    • Opens up the hips and the groin regions, increasing your overall flexibility, balance and alignment.
    • Enhances the circulation of blood to all areas of the body, especially to the abdomen and skin. The increased blood flow boosts digestion, expels toxins from the body, and keeps you looking fly and fresh.
    • Relieves stress.
    • May cure insomnia.

    I know you want a piece of that, yogis! So, without further ado, hit the floor to explore this powerful asana and to tap into its strong, healing properties.

    xen strength yoga online

    If you dig Danielle Diamond’s online yoga video demoing Monkey Pose, you’ll definitely want to check out her complete collection of free yoga videos and full-length Xen Strength yoga classes.

  • Strike A Pose: Goddess Pose with Danielle Diamond

    This week's Strike A Pose yoga video is brought to you by Danielle Diamond, founder of Xen Strength Yoga. In this free online yoga video, Danielle will instruct the basic alignment principles of Goddess Pose. After proper alignment is established, you'll be instructed to grab two light hand weights to amplify the pose.

    fiery angle pose

    Goddess Pose, also called Utkata Konasana or Fiery Angle Pose, is an asana bursting with benefits...

    • Stretches the hips, groins and chest
    • Strengthens and sculpts the core muscles
    • Builds up the quads, glutes, and inner thigh muscles
    • Fortifies shoulder, arm, and upper back strength
    • Generates heat
    • Boosts circulation
    • Preps the body for childbirth by creating more space in the pelvis

    Adding weights into the mix only adds to the strengthening, fiery powers of this pose.

    Tune in, step onto your mat, and experience the Xen Strength Yoga burn.

    free online yoga videos

    If you dig Danielle Diamond's Goddess Pose demo, you'll definitely want to check out her complete collection of free yoga videos and full-length Xen Strength yoga classes.

  • Class Review: Xen Strength Cardio Challenge with Danielle Diamond

    The deets.

    Filming Location: Montclair, New Jersey Style: Vinyasa Yoga with Weights Length: 41 minutes Intensity: Level 2 = Moderate Intensity Focus: Crazy, Sweat-Inducing Flow Props: Pair of light hand weights (3-5 lbs.) Average Rating: 5/5

    On the teacher.

    For over fifteen years, Danielle Diamond has been teaching a kick-asana yoga class. With heavy focus on alignment and breath, Danielle creates a creative sequence, designed to make you smile as much as you'll sweat. Her program, called Xen Strength Yoga, is a modern twist on yoga combining a powerful Vinyasa flow with light hand weights.

    Extended Side Angle

    On the class.

    • Work toward your edge. This sequence is designed to challenge you. Expect sweat!
    • Honor precise alignment and your skill level. Danielle inspires her students to challenge themselves without sacrificing alignment and safety.
    • Mix it up. This flow creatively weaves in light hand weights to up the ante of a standard Vinyasa flow. Get a taste of something new. Expand your idea of yoga!
    • Get pumped. Experience a killer cardio challenge. You’ll be working every muscle group while burning lots of energy.

    Xen Strength Yoga Online

    What people are saying.

    "This was a great workout...loved it!!! I can't wait for more videos from Danielle to be recorded!!" ~Debra G

    "Excellent!" ~Nomnso K

    "Loved it very much !!!!!!! Thank you, Danielle!" ~Silvanne P

    "Wow! Quick + sweaty with a good cool-down stretch... that's how I would describe this one. My only wish is that it would be a bit longer in order to (possibly?) incorporate a slightly longer warm-up with the vinyasa flows and then some more with the weights - maybe extend the main sequence or add a shorter one that specifically gets at the triceps/biceps? Still, I liked this!" ~Amanda S

    From Danielle’s website: Xen Strength Yoga with Weights is a revolutionary method that combines a creative yoga flow with strength training, to provide a transformational workout designed to sculpt, lengthen, and challenge every muscle. Yes, you’ll not only get a hot yoga body, but according to those smarty-pants doctors at Harvard, you’ll also build muscle mass, increase bone density, and help prevent osteoporosis when practicing both yoga and strength training!

    Find more online yoga classes with Danielle Diamond HERE.  

    Get more on Danielle Diamond at www.xenstrength.com, find her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.


  • Fresh Vids + Vibes: Stand Strong, Crank Up the Intensity, and More!

    What’s the latest on YogaVibes?

    Sloooow the Flow.

    cat cow exercises

    • Harnessing Energy for Transformation Slow Flow with Cristi Christensen at Exhale Spa // Holding onto internal garbage? Harness your energy for personal transformation and cultivate awareness to help you shed light on what you need to let go. Start seated and prepare for a short meditation and breath of fire pranayama practice. Wake up the spine and generate heat with Sun Salutation variations, a side plank series, and core work. Enjoy lots of opportunities to open the shoulders and chest with binds. Explore a standing balance sequence complete with dancer pose and hanumanasana. Finish with reclining hip openers. (88 mins.)
    • Slow Flow Restorative with Alexa Lane // In this online Vinyasa flow you will warm up the body and move into a round of slower-paced Sun Salutations. This class focuses on floor and seated postures to open the hips, including gate pose, cow face pose, half pigeon, and bound angle pose. (26 mins.)


    That Time?


    • Yoga for your Menstrual Cycle with Ashley Turner // Bloated? Cramping? Irritable? Fatigued? Sounds like a bad case of the monthlies. This restorative online yoga sequence is designed to relieve menstrual cycle discomforts and promote hormonal balance.


    Stand Strong.


    • Warrior Flow with Tiffany Russo at Exhale Spa // In this SmartFLOW yoga class with Annie Carpenter's assistant, Tiffany Russo, you will warm up the body slowly with core work, a cat and cow series to lubricate the spine, and Sun Salutations (mostly at your own pace and on your own breath). A standing Warrior series is followed by some plank work and opportunities to practice handstands and crow pose (bakasana). Finish with bow pose variations, seated twists and forward folds. (78 mins.)


    Crank UP the Intensity.

    xen strength yoga videos

    • Xen Strength Yoga with Weights Core Balance Challenge with Danielle Diamond // This yoga with weights segment requires extra engagement of the obliques as you balance while stretching the side body. Balancing acts blended with cardio bursts will give you a solid kick in the butt. End on the floor with a longer cool down, including one eagle variation on a sit-up, savasana and pranayama. Use light hand weights or do it without! (25 mins.)

    Slow things down or speed things up. Stand strong or take it to the floor. Your practice. Your call.

  • Strike A Pose: Join Xen Strength’s 30-Day Yoga Challenge

    Starting tomorrow, join one of our awesome partners, Danielle Diamond, on a 30-day yoga journey. Snap a picture of yourself striking a pose each day to enter at a chance to win some awesome prizes from wellness brands including Prana, Kind Bars, Satya Jewelry, Yogi Teas, Artware Fundraising, and yours truly!

    The Rules via Xen Strength’s Blog:

    Strike. Snap. Share.

    Follow @XenStrengthYoga on Instagram HERE, @xenstrengthyoga on Twitter HERE and/or like us HERE on Facebook, where we’ll be posting the picture of the day.

    Each day, starting August 1st, check out the posted pose, and snap a pic of yourself rockin’ it out. Grab a friend and take a picture of each other, take a picture with your yoga class, your kids, or your partner- or use a phone app with a timer to take your own pic.

    No pressure for perfection- show us YOUR version of the pose.

    Tag #xenstrengthyoga and #30dayyogachallenge in your post on any /all social networks, and check out others who are posting too. ( the more places you post the more chance you have of winning!)

    xen strength yoga online

    We’ll be searching our social media networks to find our favorite photos each week and sharing them here on our page. Winners will be chosen based on creativity, scenery, expression of the pose and dedication.

    Participate as much as you can, posting each day of the challenge. One of the 5 winners will be awarded with the biggest prize for the most photos taken, so even if you miss a day, go back and take pics of the poses you missed. They will all be posted here in order daily.

    Yoga is all about being light, and having fun creates lightness.. if you fall over when someone took the pic, show it to us- and let us see that smile of you laughing.

    Make sure that your account isn’t set to private or we won’t be able to see your pictures! We’ll announce a winner each week, and the grand prize winner on September 4th.

    Encourage your friends to play along, yogis. Share the good vibes!

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